While You Were Here 2015

You are here. You are at the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. For the past four years, you have been walking the streets of Greenwich Village and writing the story of your college life. And for all the time you have spent at NYU, the word “student” does not even begin to encompass going to college in this city. When you walk out of your dorm you are part of the city. You have done it all — the jobs, the internships — but most importantly you have connected with those around you. The friendships, relationships, break-ups, drunken adventures have all become a part of you. These moments will follow you wherever you decide to go. Over the past four years you have made your mark on NYU and it has made its mark on you. You are here. You are on the precipice of life outside the college bubble. As you leave these four years behind you, I hope this issue serves as a reminder of your experiences while you were here.



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