Taking Time

This interactive video plays off of the Fringe theme of taking time for yourself while handling the hustle of city life, allowing you to engage with two videos simultaneously.


By Claire Feng, UTA Video Producer

“Taking Time” is an interactive visual insight into the Fringe Fall 2019 Issue’s theme of finding time for yourself — a sentiment often overlooked and ignored in the overwhelming life of a New Yorker. 

“Taking Time” consists of two separate videos created to be watched in tandem, with the final product showing how city life and personal life go hand in hand. With the same models and the same framing, but different settings and aesthetics in both videos, “Taking Time” highlights the juxtaposition of how each individual finds time for themselves while also going about their busy New York lives. 

As you watch the video, click on the screen to switch back and forth between the two videos, allowing yourself to experience the craze of city life and the peaceful nature of down time.

Directed by: Claire Feng

Director of Photography: Isaiah Rivera

PA: Jennifer Sanchez

Model 1: Lu Limanowski

Model 2: Isabella Wang

Model 3: Noah Chang

Model 4: Veda Lakshminarayanan

Music: Lo Fi Instrumental by Profound Beats

Email Claire Feng at [email protected]