From Chinami Yamashita to graduating student Takeshi Yamashita, (Stern Business):

“To my son, Never forget that we all love you very much! Be happy, spend time with people who are always there. Be brave, find your passion , stand up for what you believe in. Congratulations ! We are so proud of you my son ” Love, Mom, Papa and Shinji.”

From Mollie Machado to graduating student Tania Pena, (CAS Biology / Global Public Health):

“Soul Sister! 

Yay! We made it Tania! You deserve to have all of your dreams come true and I’m so happy for you! I wish you nothing but the best today and always! Love you and cheers to all of our memories! CONGRATULATIONS!!



From Nick Fustor to graduating student Tara Hardy, (Steinhardt Higher Education and Student Affairs Masters):

“Congratulations, Tara! I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and will be cheering you on for the exciting years to come. Love, Nick”

From Pratibha and Rajiv Shukla to graduating student Tara Shukla, (CAS Politics):

“It’s a great feeling to see our little girl turned into a kind, smart and courageous woman. We are so proud of you, Tara. Congrats!!

Love you, always.

Mom & Dad”

From Rajiv Shukla to graduating student Tara Shukla, (CAS Politics):

“Apply learned skills to make a path and walk confidently on this planet earth together.”

From Kathy Driver to graduating student Tarah Driver, (Tandon School of Engineering):

“Congratulations Tarah from your entire Ohana with lots of love and aloha. We are so proud of you! With much gratitude and aloha! Kathy Driver”

From Paula and Nick Anthony to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch School of the Arts):

“Dear Tatianna,

Congratulations on your achievements. You are a special person with a special gift and we know your life will be full of achievement and success. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating when we are past this quarantine!

We send you all our love and lots of hugs,

Paula and Nick Anthony”

From Carla Smith to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch School of the Arts):

“Congratulations to my granddaughter. I couldn’t be more proud of you . And wishing you more success in the future . Love You ❤️🎁”

From Corinne and Jonathan Katz to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch School of the Arts):

“Congratulations to our beautiful Tatianna! Love you so much and so proud of you!”

From Jimmy Dumas to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch School of the Arts):

“Hello Tatianna,

Here are a few words of encouragement:

Stay humble but stay true to yourself.

Sometimes your greatest accomplishments can happen right after some of your biggest challenges.

Life is not always linear. At times you have to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Remember today is a gift, so don’t wait because tomorrow will never come.

Continue to learn, follow your dreams, and enjoy the ride.


From Howard Sims to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch Film and Television):

“NYU Purple is the cherry on top of the brilliant beautiful person you are. Never forget where you come from, people you have crossed and challenges that have made you a better and stronger person. Let NO ONE extinguish your flame and remember everyone has a happy ending eventually BUT if you’re not happy then it’s not the end! Congratulations to my baby girl all grown up now – love dad 

AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 2020 – YOU DID IT…EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT WALKING ACROSS THAT STAGE, YOU-DID-IT! Now go take over the world and turn it purple by doing something GREAT!”

From Eugenia Sims to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch Film and Television):

“I’m so proud of you. You have grown into a beautiful, talented and kind young woman. May God continue to guide you on this journey. Love you always, Mom!”

From Darryl and Devra Pierce to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch Film and Television):

“We are proud of your accomplishments Tatianna! You are a talented young lady that will exceed beyond your dreams reach high and stay humble.”

From Tatianna Sims, graduating from Tisch School of the Arts, Film & Television:

“Congratulations to my fellow 2020 graduates! (In my Legally Blonde voice) We did it! I am so proud of what we were able to achieve over our four years. It may not be the celebration we wanted, but be proud of the individual NYU has made you become. You are walking away with an incredible degree, esteemed in all industries. COVID-19 doesn’t get to win you do…because of our hard work and dedication to get us here, to this very moment.

Thank you to my family, friends, and professors for your love and support. Shout out to Mary Lambert, who will forever be my mentor, and Sam Pollard for letting me produce my thesis film and letting me be my tenacious self. Thank you Joe Gilford and David Irving for the best feedback in the world! I will dearly miss you all.”

From Teddy Murphy to graduating student Tatianna Sims, (Tisch):

“Tatianna congratulations on this huge accomplishment. I’m so very proud of you and continue to do amazing things Superstar! Love always uncle Teddy”

From Ayanna McNeil to graduating student Tayllor Johnson, (Center of Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement):

From Danielle Joyner to graduating student Tayllor Johnson, (Center of Experimental Humanities and Social Engagement):

“Congratulations Tay! I am so proud of you and all the hard work you’ve done to get to this point! I remember us speaking on the phone and even though there were times you wanted to give up you pushed through! You inspire me every day! I am so proud of my best friend getting through grad school. I cannot wait to come down so we can celebrate! I love you always bestie! I’m so proud of you! YOU DID IT!!”

From Taylor Seegmiller, graduating from Silver School of Social Work, MSW:

“Well NYU, it’s been interesting to say the least.. I think I grew more in these last two years than I have in the past decade. I’ll never forget the friends that I’ve found here that have become my family or the opportunities I had to engage with and learn from some of the most incredible professors. I‘ll never be able to thank my family enough for all of their support from all different parts of the country. It’s also important that I acknowledge the value of a good public cry near the fountain in Washington square park and lest I not forget to give a major shout out to my therapist she’s been a champ. This tribute is to me, my five little sisters, and to all of us, (the resilient) class of 2020!”

From Tenzin Kunphel, graduating from Wagner PNP Finance:

I want to thank uncle Xi Ping of CCP for this once in a lifetime graduation experience. I dedicate this graduation to my wife, son, and late mom.” 

From Tenzin Bhutia to graduating student Tenzin Kunsang, (Rory Meyers Adult Geriatric Primary Care):

“Congratulations you can officially be a Nurse Practitioner!!! We are all so proud of you. We know it hasn’t been easy for you working on the frontline as an ICU nurse during this Covid-19 pandemic and trying to balance school work. We are so proud of you and all the wonderful nurses on the frontline.”

From Taylor Rooney to graduating student Tess Rooney, (Counseling for Mental Health & Wellness):

From Christine Resnick to graduating student Thomas Resnick, (Gallatin Evolutionary Psychology and Human Enterprise):

“To My Amazingly, Brilliant Son Thomas:

Congratulations on graduating from NYU!!! I am so very proud of you!!! You have worked so hard at accomplishing your goal at earning your Bachelor’s degree at such a prestigious, world renowned university. It is now your time to shine bright and look forward to attaining new goals in this ever changing world. Remember to stand tall and make your presence known, because you have so much to offer. Today is your day; Your mountain is waiting! So….. get on your way!!

I love you with all my heart and soul. 

Love, Mom”

From Tiago Machado, graduating from Tandon Computer Science:

“The Ph.D. has come to an end, but the learning journey is a lifelong project. Thank you, my family, for your faith, encouragement, and for halting everything whenever I needed to study :)”

From Zhennan Chen to graduating student Tianzi Laing, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Wishing you have a bright future. Love you!”  

From Center for Student Life to graduating student Tigui Diakaby, (Steinhardt International Education):

“Congratulations on your well-deserved success! We couldn’t be happier for you as you begin your next adventure! -Center for Student Life”

From Jayant & Yogini Shroff to graduating student Tilak Mehta, (CAS Economics):

“Congratulations and best wishes, Tilak.

We are so proud of all your accomplishments. We wish you a lot of happiness and success in all your future endeavors. Love – Nana and Nani”

From Pankaj and Sangita Mehta to graduating student Tilak Mehta, (CAS Economics):

“Congratulations Tilak! We appreciated your hard work and good grades in obtaining your degree in Economics. We wish that we could have attended Graduation since you are the first grandchild to receive a degree from NYU. We wish you a brilliant career and much success in the future. Love Grandpa and Grandma”

From Radhika and Seth Bair to graduating student Tilak Mehta, (CAS Economics):

“Dear Tilak, Congratulations on your graduation! We are so amazingly proud of you and all your hard work. We cannot wait to hang out again in NYC! Love, Masi, Uncle Seth, Ashima and Santosh”

 From Viraj and Ojas Mehta to graduating student Tilak Mehta, (CAS Economics):

“Congratulations to our fiercely loyal, determined, charming, and adventurous son. We celebrate your accomplishments on this auspicious day of your graduation with the Class of 2020 from NYU. There is nothing you cannot accomplish when you put your mind and spirit to it. We will remain mesmerized as we watch your upward trajectory. You have our endless love and support!”

From Ting Li, graduating from School of Professional Study, Integrated Marketing:

“I experienced the best two-year in NYU. I will miss it in the future. Let me start a new trip.”

From Landau Family to graduating student Towanda Bentley, (Nurse Practitioner):

“To our amazing niece, congratulations on your accomplishment. 

We are proud of you.

Welcome to the family of strong heroes (NURSES).


Landau Family”

From Alounso Gilzene to graduating student Tyler-Ann Gilzene, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations Tyler!!! You have made us so proud. you have worked hard and now are moving on to the next phase of your life and we couldn’t be more excited for you. You are such a smart, talented, and driven sister and daughter and we are incredibly blessed to be able to see you succeed and thrive. When we get through all of this craziness, we have to have a big celebration for you because you deserve it. Continue making us all proud. We love you! From Zo, Mom and Dad.” 

From Zo Gilzene to graduating student Tyler-Ann Gilzene, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Hey there little sis, Who would’ve thought back all those years ago we’d be where we are today. It has been inspiring to watch you grow all these years from a little girl who was so sassy to the strong willed and brilliant woman you are today. You inspire me, and make me really proud to be your older brother. You continue to climb and perform in ways I could never imagine and you excel at every single thing you touch. You are incredible little sis. Congrats of graduating, I love you. – Zo”

From Patricia Gilzene to graduating student Tyler-Ann Gilzene, (Silver School of Social work):

“All the dreams I prayed you’d be , are all the things you are, You were once my little girl and now my shining star.”

From Winsome Gilzene to graduating student Tyler-Ann Gilzene, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Dear daughter, I am proud of you and wishing you a bright future. You are loved!”

From Holly C. Emukah to graduating student Uzoma ‘Spencer’ Emukah, (Tisch Writing/Directing & Production):

“I love you and all of your hard work and determination. I am so proud of you and I know this is only the beginning despite the circumstances in the world you are entering, you are going to succeed! I am sure of it! You did it despite the extreme challenges we faced together as a family. Your wife Holly and beautiful children Micah, Patricia-Grace and Robeson.”

From Farod Preston to graduating student Uzoma Emukah, (Tisch School of the Arts, MFA):


Words can’t fully express how extremely proud I am of you! Through all of the challenges you’ve faced during your journey to this point, you’ve not only endured but thrived. I believe that everything happens in its own time, and right now is YOUR time! I love you and know that you will continue to shine and show your greatness to the world. I look forward to everyone finally recognizing what those closest to you have known, and I see nothing short of excellence and success in your future! You did it bro!!! Keep going!”

From Jorge Nieves to graduating student Valeria S. Nieves, (SPS- M.S. Public Relations and Corporate Communication):

From Victor Gonzalez-Hernandez to graduating student Vanessa Gonzalez-Hernandez, (SPS Masters in Tourism Management):

“Dear Vanessa Gonzalez-Hernandez,

I am truly amazed by your accomplishments, you inspire me to work hard and to be dedicated to your goals in life. I remember when you first told me you were going for your master, and now you have accomplished it. God bless you and that you continue to grow and accomplish all your goals. Love your husband Victor.”

From Veronica Lu to graduating student Vanessa Lu, (Biology):

“Congrats, Vanessa! You slayed your thesis defense and earned high honors! We’re all extremely proud of ya. Good luck finding a job though this summer…lol”

From Ella Kostinsky to graduating student Veronica Kostinsky, (English / MCC):

“Very proud of our first graduate in our family!!!”

From Sidney Montague to graduating student Victoria Sferra, (GPH / Sociology):

“Many congratulations to my lifelong friend. I hope that we can take another sweaty birthday picture next year to add to the collection. Always proud of you, Vic, more than ready to see you take on the world.”

From Saoirse Healy to graduating student Victoria Sferra, (GPH / Sociology):

“Congratulations on finishing your undergrad degree in only 3 years! I feel so blessed to have met you in Ghana and you are and will always be one of my best friends. Thank you for keeping me sane this year and always having my back. Love you lots vic!”


From Taylor Jazrawi to graduating student Victoria Tavdy, (CAS, Psychology, Pre-med):

“Dear Victoria,

You have been such an amazing friend that it makes saying goodbye to our nights at bobst, our sessions of trying to understand physics and our runs to açaí bowls all the more memorable. You are the hardest working girl I know and I can truly only see the most successful and brightest future for you. You are truly inspiring, and I know that you will be a comedian one day with your one of a kind sense of humor.

Shoot for the stars!!

Taylor Jazrawi”

From Gabriela Acobo to graduating student Vivian Han, (NYU College of Dentistry):

From Tiffany Han to graduating student Vivian Han, (NYU College of Dentistry):

“Vivian, congratulations! You did it! We are all so very proud of you! You are an amazing, beautiful, brilliant, and passionate dentist! We love you so much!”

From Sauda Ali to graduating student Walida Ali, (Tandon Biomolecular Science):

“To the girl who I get to call my sister, I’m proud to see you come so far. From the constant fights and arguments to becoming my best friend, words can’t express my love and gratitude for you. You’ve always shown me how much you can achieve by putting in hard work and pushing me to do my best. Though I would‘ve loved to be that person to scream your name as you walked across the stage, I’ll always cheer you on. You deserve the best and will continue to do great things. Thank you for being my role model <3 – Sauda”

From Anisa Islam to graduating student Walida Ali, (Tandon Biomolecular Science):

“Time flies past so quickly. It feels like just yesterday my daughter was born. She has finished her journey and with every step she has made me proud. She’s achieved many things and has continued to be successful. She’s a talented, hardworking and bright person, and I have much respect for the things she has accomplished. May god grant her a better life and keep her safe. Words and numbers can’t express how much I love you. – Mom”

From Zora Middleton to graduating student Wanheng Zhang, (Steinhardt TESOL/Mandarin):

“Heidi, thank you for always being so helpful. You are a great teacher and I loved every moment as your student. I wish you luck in your future endeavors. Congratulations!”

From Benjamin Rizkin to graduating student Weiqi Chen, (Polytechnic, Chemical Engineering, PhD):

“Dr. Chen. You are a scholar and a gentleman. Your dedication to work and family (Yao) was truly inspirational. There are great things in your future.”

From Sherry Adams to graduating student Whitney Helton, (ELPA Masters- Steinhardt):

“Whitney, I am so proud of you. Continue to reach for the stars. You have made us all so proud ! Continue to keep God with you always along your journey. I love you with all of my heart. Congrats on your second masters.”

From Helen Kocaoz to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“Many congratulations to William on your graduation. Wishing you every success for your future career and life ambitions. With love from Helen and Olcay in Turkey.”

From Jean Unsworth to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“Congratulations William! Wishing you happiness and success in pursuing all your future goals .I am so proud of you! Much love Nana xx”

From Linda Unsworth to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“Dearest William, we’ve watched you, over these last four years, strive to be the best student, best human, that you can be and we hope that you’re as proud of your achievements as we are. Thank you for taking us along on this journey – we’re excited to see where we go next! With all our love, Mum and Dad xxxx”

From Richard Unsworth to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“Congratulations on your graduation William from your New Zealand family! Proud of your achievements and excited to see what the future brings for you and what you bring to the future. All our Love, Rich, Sarah, Ruby and Jake x”

From Tiger Beaudoin to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):


We’ve enjoyed many adventures together – from paddling in the BWCA to summiting Mt. Whitney. But watching you navigate life in New York City from afar has been my favorite. 

You’ve developed into such an accomplished, insightful & considerate human. I hope you grow up in a world that’s as kind and decent as you are. May you be truly happy.”

From Will Winter to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Genius Scientist):

“We have been following your footsteps for a long time and we are so proud to know you! We can’t wait to see the next step! You give us hope for the future! This is a big day!”

From Claire Bohn to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“William, sending this message from across the pond , to let you know that your British family are so very proud of you and your achievements. Huge pat on the back and look forward to seeing where life takes you . Congratulations,love you loads xx”

From Ella Beaudoin to graduating student William Beaudoin, (Gallatin):

“Congratulations. I’m really proud of you. If I was there I would probably be crying and hugging you too much. So since I can’t do that in person here it is from the last time I saw you graduate. I love you lil bro. Congratulations again!”

From Seth Jeong to graduating student William Jeong, (College of Dentistry):

“Ayyyy my brother, my twin, my weaker half (muahaha). You’re the first in the family to graduate from graduate school and in dentistry too, so be proud of that. I think I’m in a pretty unique position compared to most people because instead of seeing you grow and mature to become the man you are today, I was there growing alongside you. You’ve come a long way and I’m excited to see what you’ll do in the future. Congrats on becoming a dentist brotha! Proud of you!”

From Giuliano Pichini to graduating student William Jeong, (College of Dentistry):

“Hey bro, congrats on getting through these four years and making it through to the next level! Although I only got to know you during this past year, I got to see how awesome you are. It started off with how helpful you were when it came to the ICP presentation and how we ended up killing it, which was a huge relief given how I had seen D3s getting wrecked by Berk the precious 2 years. And then beyond that, I got to see how much of a genuine, kind hearted, compassionate, and funny person you are beyond clinic, as well as how cool, calm, and collected you are in clinic and how well you interact with patients. It’s unfortunate that I won’t get to hang out with you next year, but it’s your time to move onto the next phase and start that GPR at an amazing program. You’re going to make a great dentist and whoever is going to see you as their dentist is in great hands!”

From Jacqueline Sze to graduating student William Sze, (Stern Finance & Accounting):

“CONGRATULATIONS WILLIAM!!! I’m so proud of you Son! Though we are not able to have your graduation ceremonies in person, we hope that it will happened soon. Me, your Papa and the whole family are so proud and happy of your accomplishment! Stay the course, be upright and soar. We love you!!! Love….Mommy”

From Xianghua Ji, graduating from SPS Schack Institute of Real Estate:

“Sending warm thoughts and big congratulations to a graduate we’re so very proud of.”

From Jacob Zarate to graduating student Xiaofeng Zeng, (SPS Management & Systems):

“Xiaofeng, you are a friend for life and an excellent travel companion. Without you, I would not have visited two Chinese hospitals in a week! If we were in charge of the world, China-Mexico-Spain-US relations would be strong! While I wish I could have been in there in person to congratulate you and celebrate your accomplishments, I am happy that I can make this small gesture of appreciation for who you are and what you have done. You are the catalyst for so many happy times (and in so many places!) in my life, I am glad you are the charismatic and adventurous person that you are and that I am your wai guo ren friend.”

From Xiaoting An, graduating from Law LLM Corporation:

“Hi, this is Xiaoting (Annie), from NYU Law. Really glad that we made it for this precious and unforgettable year. I still remembered clearly last year August the first time when I stepped onto the Law School’s yard. All the amazing memories happened after that. Here, I met excellent professors and classmates, I learned so much and more importantly, I have grown from last year’s law student to this year’s corporate lawyer. One year is short but it can be valuable to my entire life. I will carry on with NYU Law’s spirit and grow stronger and better in my future career life. Hope next time when we reunite with professors and classmates, we will shine much brighter in our own way and give each other a big hug and smile, “Glad to see you again in person!” ”

From Xinying Huang, graduating from Steinhardt Performing Arts Administration graduate program:

“Life is real and nearest. Always trust yourself, be true to yourself, and chasing your dream. During my time at NYU, I learned to find and appreciate the best in others. Today, I am officially moving to the next chapter of my life.”

From Yao Wang, graduating from Integrated Marketing:

“Life is a game and a dream. Every day we are now, is the youngest day of the rest of our life. Best wishes for all my loved ones: the futures that we have been restless and curious will be bright. 人生海海,功不唐捐。

Everyday we are now, is the youngest day in the rest of our life. Best wishes for all my loved ones: the futures that we have been restless and curious will be bright. Congratulations!”

From Dogu Narin to graduating student Yasemin Narin, (Steinhardt Applied Psychology, CAS Economics):

“Yasemincim, we are very proud of you and your well earned success!! You have completed not one but two degrees!! You can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. Congrats and best of luck for a successful career. We love you so much.”

From Layla Walker to graduating student Yasemin Narin, (Steinhardt Applied Psychology, CAS Economics):

“Congratulations on your considerable achievements while at NYU. I am so proud of all the hard work you’ve done and can’t wait to see where the future takes you. Go Yasemin!”  

From Julia McKenna to graduating student Yasemin Narin, (Steinhardt Applied Psychology, CAS Economics):

“My amazing girl, you did it. After nights of sitting in my room or driving around crying, worried about graduation and school , you can finally take a huge breath. This is such a huge accomplishment especially a degree from NYU! I am so proud of you. And I’m also so thankful that NYU brought me you , in evil college writing the essay. Besides our amazing memories together at NYU, you have achieved and learned so much from being independent to African dance. I love you so much. Give yourself a huge hug. We have just started! Although you say goodbye to NYU, you don’t say goodbye to the lessons and memories. I would reference Nicki Minaj but not sure if that’s allowed. Go squan ! YOU DID IT”

From Sibel Narin to graduating student Yasemin Narin, (Steinhardt Applied Psychology, CAS Economics):

“My baby girl with the brightest smile, it was just yesterday celebrating your graduation from high school and going through the deep emotions to think how am I going let you go ALL the way to East Coast, so far away from us. And here you are fast forward in 4 years, graduating not with one but with two degrees. I am so very proud of you and watching you to become the young successful woman you are becoming! Love you to the moon and back, Yiso💕”

From Farah Razack to graduating student Yasmeen Razack, (Steinhardt Applied Psychology & Global Public Health):

“Dearest Yasmeen, Congratulations!!!! We are so proud of you and happy for you as you move forward on your incredible journey. We love you and are always here for you ❤️

With all our love, Mama, Papa, Ayesha, Imran, Anisa and AJ”

From Yinan Xu, graduating from School of Professional Study, Management and System:

“Yinan, Hope You Always Be In The Prime of Your Life”  

From Yinglong Zhu, graduating from SPS Integrated Marketing:

Happy Graduation!”

From Yiou Li, graduating from SPS – Management and System:

“Congratulations! Graduation is just the beginning of your life. Hope you have a wonderful future!”

From Yuchen Feng, graduating from CAS Economics:

“Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and Best wishes for our next adventures! I am looking forward to celebrating our accomplishments at Washington Square Park with all my friends and classmates in the brighter future. Love and peace always.

— Yuchen Feng, CAS”

From Weishi Wang to graduating student Yunlu Xie, (Department of International Relations):

“Whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.”

It is my honor to meet you at NYU, and become one of your friends.


看尽四季 一直有光



From Robyn Cohen to graduating student Zachary Cohen, (CAS Economics):

“We couldn’t be more proud of Zach. He has accomplished everything he set out to do when he left California for New York 4 years ago. In selecting NYU, he was explicit in his goals – “get out of his comfort zone and take on the biggest city in the world”, play college baseball, and to get a great education. Zach was selected as a leader by the Academic Affairs, earned multi year Eastern Collegiate Conference honor roll and NYU Academic Student Athlete Honor Rolls, studied abroad in Florence, and was selected the captain of the NYU Baseball team, along with his achievements in the classroom. 

He has made lasting friendships and touched so many lives as people were drawn to his kind heart, thoughtfulness, artful video gaming, and leadership qualities. While we know the abrupt end to the school and baseball season has been especially hard, he can never look back and say he has not ‘licked the bowl clean’ for what he could do in his time there. We hope he will reflect with a sense of satisfaction on his journey to date. We know if the past is prologue, the future only holds bigger, bolder, and more beautiful things for Zach.”

From Rick Maeda to graduating student Zahin Ahmed, (CAS Neuroscience):

“Dear Bushu my lover, Since Day 1, you were always there through the ups and downs of NYU (much more of the latter, especially sophomore year). You have always worked so hard and I’m already so proud of you, even though I know you’re going to do even greater things in the future. Please take care of me and do check-ups for me once you’re a Doctor (strictly, non-invasive, very general medical examinations). Thank you. Love you always. Rick”

From Jian Wen to graduating student Zhentai Coleman Yang, (Stern Business School):

“Congratulations on graduating from Stern Business School. Wish you the best as you step ahead towards new challenges and may all your dreams be fulfilled!”

From Lenore Dweck to graduating student Zoe Dweck, (Steinhart Violin Performance):

“Dear Zoe, 

We have watched with amazement as you have grown into the person you are today, and we will be watching with great anticipation to see what you will become. Kind, generous, resilient, and hardworking are just a few adjectives to describe you. We are so very proud of your accomplishment today. With your talent and determination, we just know the sky’s the limit. Explore, Dream, and Discover!

Congratulations Zoe NYU Class of 2020!!!!!”

From Amanda Reynolds to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

From Dominique Crisden to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

From Stephen D. Middleton to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

“To Zora my amazing talented Niece! You have always had a hunger for knowledge and the ability to achieve whatever you set your sights on. I remember the smile that came to your mother’s mouth when you were about to graduate with your Bachelor’s degree. She was truly proud of you then and she would be even more proud of you now.

Your drive and ability to reach the highest levels are what is going to make you a success in your life. You have only just started on this journey we call life. There is so much more out there for you and completing this step made it that much easier for you to realize it. I am so very proud of you and what you have achieved so far. I look forward to the many successes you will have because you have earned that opportunity. Congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment, just a moment to reflect on what you have done and be proud. I love you very much and wish you the very best in life. 

Love your Uncle

Stephen Middleton”

 From Princess Agina to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

“Congratulations Zora!!!! You are such an amazing woman and friend. I’m so happy to partake in this joyous occasion with you, from afar…hopefully next year by this time you can try to visit me in Mexico again and I can treat you to a celebration shot of tequila! ¡Espero que disfrutes de tu gran momento! Hasta entonces, saludos. -Princess”

From Sindy Nuesi to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt- TESOL K-12):

“Zora, you are a star that shines bright in any room you enter! In such a short time we have grown so much love for you & you are always down for adventure. We love you!”

From Mary Middleton to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt- TESOL K-12):

“It is with pleasure that I take this opportunity to congratulate my niece, Zora N. Middleton, on her latest achievement, a Masters Degree in Education. I congratulate Zora for setting a goal, keeping her eye on her goal and continually working toward it. Life has a way of interrupting your plans as you are pursuing your goals; no one would have faulted her if her plans had changed because of these interruptions. No, the woman she was growing to be accepted the things she could not change and turned her head back to her goal. Zora is the type of person we want teaching and motivating our young people to work and learn.
Undergrad, Peace Corp and now Masters; I am very proud of all she has accomplished so far and am looking forward to the next chapter. I have to say that your mother, Yvette, would be very proud of you too – she always knew what special children she had and cherished you. With Love, Aunt Bonnie”

From Caroline Taveras to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt- TESOL K-12):

“Zora, I am beyond proud of you!!! You have worked so hard this year to achieve this amazing goal! I look forward to seeing all you accomplish and I am beyond proud and honored to have you on my team! Love you and CONGRADULATIONS!!!!”

From Anna Diva and Sayre to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

“Zora. Girl im so proud of everything you’ve accomplished you really are a go getter forsure. congradz from the whole fam here. you know you always have our lo e and support. you are such a great person and a great friend!”

From Taria Pleasure to graduating student Zora Middleton, (Steinhardt TESOL K-12):

Happy Graduation day. Everyone is so proud of you !! Through the many obstacles that have been thrown your way, you have faced them all with courage, a smile and ended it with great style. As you venture on to next part of your life remember were always behind you, and love you!!

Love Taria!!”