Sophia Di Iorio
Sophia Di Iorio is a first-year in LS. A life-long Midwesterner, she can often be found panicking as she jaywalks. She loves documentaries, cartoons and sweaters. When not sleeping, she pursues her passions of drawing and illustration. While she is still figuring out her future, she one day hopes to work on a magazine (if any remain after the computer apocalypse). Contact her via carrier pigeon or a brick through a window.

Sophia Di Iorio, Creative Director

May 05, 2019
‘Identity in a Pot’ and ‘Do Do Don’t’ (Media)
Mar 04, 2019
NY-YouTube (Media)
Feb 28, 2019
171 Years of Black History at NYU (Media)
Feb 20, 2019
Housing Guide 2019 (Media)