Hanna Khosravi
Hanna Khosravi is a sophomore studying English, History and Film. She is from the San Francisco Bay Area, and despite loving New York City, will adamantly argue for San Francisco in any debate regarding which city is actually cooler. When Hanna isn’t strolling the lengths of New York because of her strange obsession with traversing the city in its entirety, she’s probably drinking copious amounts of black tea, reading (and trying to align what she is reading with the ideally matched Spotify playlist) or snacking on roasted almonds out of her purse like some sort of ravenous squirrel. She enjoys hiking, watching “Cheers,” and she may or may not be found in her kitchen making granola at 11 p.m. on a Thursday night while listening to Supertramp on repeat.

Hanna Khosravi, Opinion Editor

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