The City That Never Sleeps: What It’s Like To Live In New York

Frank Sinatra crowned New York the city that never sleeps, and boy does it live up to its reputation. Click here to learn what life in the bustling metropolis is like. Sponsored by Ocere.


By Ocere

New York has earned a reputation for being a fast-paced, multicultural, yellow taxi, and bagel-filled city with tons of curb appeal – although that curb appeal often comes with an eye-watering price tag. Or are those stereotypes? A report on Renthop shows the average cost of a 1 bed rental in New York is $3150 a month. The national average is $1098. Is the experience of living in New York worth the price? Let’s explore what it’s like to live there.

The Property Market

New York has a thriving property market – you could argue one of the best in the world in terms of diverse real estate. From studio apartments to penthouses with bathrooms as big as the square meterage of a studio apartment to houses in the suburbs – there’s a never-ending list of real estate adverts showcasing what New York has to offer.

According to the New York Post, there has never been a better time to consider buying or renting in the city, especially in Manhattan, as real estate prices are still lower than before the pandemic. The pandemic deflated real estate prices to a blissful low. Buyers are enjoying a 10-20% drop in prices, and renters are experiencing reduced monthly fees. Although, this shouldn’t last too much longer. The market is already experiencing a steady increase.

A Buyer’s Market

The New York City property market has been, for a while now, a buyer’s market. What that means is there are more active properties for sale than there are to buy. From January to June, the average cost of a house in New York was $466,000. That’s a 22.5% increase from the same monthly period in 2020. Although the housing market is typically pricey, homeowners insurance NY is lower than the national average – costing around $1287 per year compared to the national average of $1,173. And, it’s definitely advisable to have home insurance in New York.

If you can afford to buy or rent in New York, there’s never been a better time if you want to catch a bargain!

The Dining Scene

Arguably one of the best things about New York is the dining scene. Yes, New York is famous for bagels, sandwiches, and enormous pizza slices, but there’s so much more to offer than that. TripAdvisor recommends budgeting up to $30 per person for a casual dining experience without drinks, so it’s not necessarily cheap, but not as crazy as you’d think. And, the price of breakfast and lunch is around $10 per person, which is really not bad going and very comparable to the rest of America.

Of course, there’s more to New York than casual dining. New York is home to 67 Michelin star restaurants – according to Fine Dining Lovers. Time Out rated Kochi the best restaurant in New York, and it just so happens it was recently awarded a Michelin star. There, there’s an $85 price tag for the prix-fixe menu. Rezdôra is another firm favorite with the locals, serving the most tantalizing Italian dishes you could ask for, whipped up by world-renowned chef Stefano Secchi.

Of course, there are the standard Appleby’s, Chilli’s, IHOP’s, and all the other classic chains we know and love. And, if you were to live in New York, although there is a huge social culture that means people dine out regularly, there’s the option of saving money and cooking at home. It’s not all about going out every week.

The Nightlife

If anything gave New York its title of the city that never sleeps, it’s the nightlife. The lure of New York’s nightlife is simply infectious. There’s an awesome atmosphere full of people from all walks of life that mingle together to form a wild night. It’s also a hotspot for the wealthy and the famous. Recently, the rapper G-Eazy was arrested for punching someone in a club (there’s always some drama!).

Here are the nightclubs that made Culture Trips top list of clubs in New York:

  • House of Yes
  • Output
  • Black Flamingo
  • 1 Oak
  • Bossa Nova Civic Club

There are other popular clubs, such as the 40/40 and Paradise club. No matter where you go for a night out in New York, you’re destined to have endless fun, meet a variety of eccentric people, and possibly spend too much money. There’s also a lot of famous guest appearances in these clubs to watch out for. Recently Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Megan The Stallion took a trip to New York to celebrate the club 40/40’s birthday.

We would argue that New York is one of the best places to live. The vibe, the culture, and the people are electric. The city that never sleeps means there’s always something to do. Whether it’s dining out or having a wander around Times Square, New York will grab you by the horns and won’t let you go.