Just for Laughs: Developing a Fantastic Marketing Campaign

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Managing a business is often associated with stress and anxiety due to how serious the work can be. Keeping a company afloat in a competitive landscape involves many different aspects, with one of the most crucial being the use of marketing campaigns. After all, even if you have an effective line of products, a lack of relevance can sabotage the success of your company.

Fortunately, the use of social media is often enough to provide a foundation for marketing. This then raises the question: what is the ideal marketing campaign? It might come as a surprise, but humour and levity tend to succeed more often than not. Here are a few examples of fantastic marketing campaigns delivered through creativity and fun.

Subtle humour can help push brands

One of the reasons that some campaigns focusing on fun tend to fail is due to how abrasive they can be. When the humour is a too aggressive, it can end up backfiring. An excellent example of an effective marketing campaign comes from an ad by Kia Motors. It makes use of Melissa McCarthy, a well-known comedian.


While employing her posed the danger of making the ad too aggressively funny, they instead decided to use McCarthy in a subtle manner, by having her drive their latest model with a number of beautiful shots. Of course, it was still humorous as they set up McCarthy in a few hilarious situations, but whenever she was in the car, all she did was drive. This is an example of how mixing subtlety with humour can go a very long way.

Cute dogs and television

Perhaps one of the greatest pairings can be found with television and man’s best friend. Considering how so many people cannot help but have their hearts melt in the presence of a furry companion, it is no wonder why so many businesses make use of them. For example, Heinz Ketchup made use of a Wiener Stampede advert in which dachshunds dressed in hotdogs buns race down a hill.

The use of dogs can be quite helpful even for businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with hotdogs – or any other dog pun. Recently the company Antibodies have seen plenty of success thanks to their little mascot, Penny, gracing social media.

Alleviating serious matters through humour

There are many examples of charity movements that make use of humour to try to connect with audiences about serious issues. Testicular cancer is no laughing matter, but the charity “Balls to Cancer” has made effective use of humour to try to keep morale high. Similarly, the Movember charity gets men to grow moustaches over the month of November in order to raise awareness about the serious matter of the ongoing mental health crisis amongst men.

While it might not always be a laughing matter, a business can always make use of a marketing campaign based on humour. With a bit of innovation, even the most unlikely products can benefit from fun.



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