From Beverly Clarke to graduating student N’ya Clarke, (Story Telling/Integrated Digital Media):

“Dearest N’ya: Two of your college years came with severe challenges, some of which could have derailed your college career. However, you persevered and triumphed over the setbacks and emerged a stronger person from the struggles! To say I am proud of you is an understatement. As you embark on the next chapter of your life, I pray that you excel in all of your endeavors. Continue your journey with God as your Guide and you will never go wrong! I love you more than I could ever express in words. Remember to always be true to yourself, don’t forget to straighten your crown and keep moving ahead. Congratulations my wash-belly and galang go do yuh ting!”

From Nadezhda Solovyeva, graduating from the Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP Program:

“It may have been tough, but all the years of hard work that you spent in this program will always remind you how far you’ve come, how far you can go, and most importantly, it will remind you to stop along the way and enjoy the unforgettable memories.

Today you are a little stronger, smarter and better than you ever were before. You believed you could, and you did! So be proud of all the work that you have done, the person you have become, and the difference you will make. Congratulations to all NYU Graduates!”

From Dagla Rodriguez to graduating student Nagla Radwan, (Steinhardt):

“Although this wasn’t the commencement you pictured, nonetheless, be proud of all you have accomplished. It feels incredible to have watched you work so tremendously hard my whole life long, balancing all aspects of life and giving 100% to each role and all the while doing it all perfectly. It baffles me how one person can do so much, persevering through stress and exhaustion to be the best in all they do. You are the walking definition of strength and integrity, never compromising your values or work ethic for anything. You are the strongest, most capable person I know and hope to be even half the woman you are. Enjoy this achievement; you deserve to savor every moment of it. You’ve been working your whole life long to get here; I’m glad the fruits of your labor paid off. I thank you, I love you and congratulations.”

From Angel Rodriguez to graduating student Nagla Radwan, (Steinhardt):

“Congratulations, my dearest, on your graduation. As for your future is concerned, I’m sure you are going to make it a successful one. You’ve worked extremely hard to achieve your goals. This achievement is well deserved. Nothing can stop you now we Are all so proud of you, but I’m exceptionally proud of you I love You


From Taufiq Hasan to graduating student Nahiyan Maisha Taufiq, (CAS , Global Public Health):

“Congratulations to our little princess for your hard work,dedication and becoming NYU class of 2020 graduate. Today we are very proud of you. Wish you a very bright future ahead. Keep making us proud. Love you.”

From Beverly Long-Quinland to Naisha Solomon, (Art, Education & Community Practice): 

From Cathy Fabrizi to graduating student Nancy Fabrizi, (CAS, English major):

From Cathy Fabrizi to graduating student Nancy Fabrizi, (CAS, English major):

“Congratulations Nancy! So proud of you!!! We know it was not easy but you pushed through and finished!! You should be very proud obtaining an NYU degree!!! It will open the door to many opportunities. We wish you much success and happiness. Love,mom,dad, Christine xo”

From Sophie Shevardnadze to graduating student Nanouli Shevardnadze (Tisch, Acting):

From Nancy Walsh to graduating student Joe Walsh (Tisch, Film & Television):

“Congratulations NYU Class of 2020!

We are so proud of you Joe Walsh!

May all your dreams come true!

Love you always, Mom & Dad”

From Gisele Blassing to graduating student Natalie Asalgado, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Mirtha Asalgado too graduating student Natalie Asalgado, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Natalie Asalgado, graduating from Silver School of Social Work, Masters in Social Work:

“I am so thankful for all of my family members, friends, classmates, professors, co-workers, and countless others who have supported my journey to attain my Master of Social Work degree. I could not have accomplished this feat without each and every one of them. This degree is for my parents and my sister, who have encouraged me day and night and have shaped who I am today. Despite the distance, I feel the energy of my loved ones cheering me on to celebrate my graduation and to continue forging my own path.”

From Johnmichael Cesar Neal to graduating student Natalie Asalgado, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Susan Carrasco to graduating student Natalie Asalgado, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Natasha Sarraf, graduating from NYU Tisch Grad Film:

“I would like to thank my grandparents Jack and Ferry Mahfar who I love deeply. You both make my heart whole. My parents for your unconditional support. You are my sun and my moon. You will forever light my path. Yaffa, Tamara, AgahGol, Yaffa, Jospeh Yero thank you all your support, I will never forget it. Jacky, Jonathan, Jessica hope we will always be united as one to carry our grandparents legacy.

Art is a form of liberation. Filmmaking serves as the ultimate mirror where the depths of your soul are enacted in front you. Film unveils the complexities of human nature, humanities shadows emerge from the darkness and are lit with the utmost precision in order to be fully seen.

Truth is what has brought us here. We have embarked on a journey as truth seekers in all forms. From when pen goes to paper, to a moment we try to capture with our actors, we look for the instant that feels real, that feels true through our lens. Sometimes it can take one take or twenty five but once we got it, we feel an ecstatic rush of joy and vanquishment. We feel moved. Even in the cutting room, we search for those key moments that capture our hearts and ring true.”

From John Stevens to graduating student Nathaniel Stevens, (Tisch, TV/film Production):

“Olivia and I are so proud that you are graduating from NYU. Your mom would be super proud of you, too, and is here in spirit. You worked hard to get there and to make it all the way through a demanding program, and as a University Honors Scholar! We are glad you had this chance to learn from the top pros in the business, and look forward to watching your career unfold. You are a supremely talented film maker, now go make some great art!”

From Chanel Vidal to graduating student Nazareth Perez, (CAS, Psychology):

“Nazareth, congratulations on graduating!! I am so proud of your accomplishments. Our journey started in the 3rd grade together, and we have truly come such a long way since then. You were a leader back then and continue to be one of the strongest, smartest leaders I know. You give your all to everything you put your mind to and this degree marks your perseverance and determination in achieving a future of success. Thank you for always being a mentor for me. I know I can always rely on you, and you are the most honest person that I know. I can’t wait to keep watching you grow and achieve so much more. I value your friendship, and I will continue to support you in everything your pursue. I am confident you will impact people in big ways. Naz, I am so so proud of you, and I can’t wait to see where our friendship goes next.”

From Neesha Ramchandani, graduating from NYU Meyers College of Nursing, PhD Program:

“To Zviki & Amir, a few months ago I got my PhD and today you get your honorary PhDs. Congratulations!! I couldn’t have done this without you. Or without the support of my cohort, my mentors, and my family (thanks Mom!). It truly takes a village. Lots of love to all of you, and CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of 2020!”

From Renee Ferraro to graduating student Neil J. Ferraro, (Tandon, CBE):

“Congratulations on 4 great years at NYU! We are so proud of your achievements in the classroom and how you embraced the VIOLET spirit! We have enjoyed every single minute of watching you on the volleyball court, dinners out and exploring NYC! We love you and can’t wait to see what great things lie ahead as you begin your career. Love Mom and Dad!”

From Chanel Vidal to graduating student Ngozi Francis, (CAS, Economics):

“Ngozi, congratulations on graduating!! I am SO proud of you and all of your achievements. I truly believe you are on a path to more success and happiness. I am so grateful for our friendship. Since OP summer, we have grown incredibly close, and I value your friendship like no other. You have been such a huge part of my journey the last 4 years. I will never forget how you helped me redo my entire resume which eventually led me to getting into internships. You always picked up my calls and helped me grow into the independent person I am. I can’t forget all the fun we’ve had to. You are always one to give, and you have the biggest heart. I have no doubt your selflessness will get you far. I can’t wait to keep watching you grow and achieve everything you put your mind to. I am rooting for you ALWAYS. Love you forever!!!”

From Joe and Stephanie Ceccoli to graduating student Nicholas Ceccoli, (Stern School of Business, Business Major w/Finance Concentration, Minor in Italian Studies):

“Nicholas, your entire family congratulates you and your fellow NYU/Stern classmates from the graduating Class of 2020. We could not be more proud of you and all your accomplishments. As your parents, it was clear to us from the beginning that you were destined to achieve great heights and to lead with wisdom beyond your years. The love and admiration of your friends, your family and Mom and Dad is a reflection of your character which is steeped in kindness of heart and humility. It is our privilege to see you graduate from NYU-Stern School of Business and to have a ring-side view at your future ahead. We love you, we are proud of you, and we wish you all the success and happiness the world has to offer. To our son, Nick…. cent’anni!”

From Ann Swenson to graduating student Nicholas Jara, (Steinhardt, Media, Culture, and Communication):

“Happy Graduation Nick! I cannot believe we made it this far! I truly wouldn’t have survived without your love and support over these past four years. You were the first friend I made in college and I’m so lucky to be ending this whole experience by your *virtual* side. Thank you so much for putting up with me over these past years as my roommate, study buddy, and best friend. Love you loads!”

From Lucydaria Volckers to graduating student Nichole Rivera, (SPS Digital Marketing):

“Hello! This is to celebrate my beloved daughter Nichole Rivera Volckers in her achivements and let her know that everybody in the family is very proud of her. Wishing you success in everything you set your mind to. God bless you! Love you! 💜🇵🇷 Congrats class 2020!🎓Congrats Nichole, you are awsome!

Wishing you the best,
Mom, G, Pucho, Carlos, Alanys, Mariela, Alfred y Fam., Pucha, Lili, Harrito y Kathy 💜🎓”

From Lucydaria Volckers to graduating student Nichole Rivera, (SPS Digital Marketing):

“Congrats Nichole, you are awsome! Wishing you the best Mom, G, Pucho, Carlos, Alanys, Mariela, Alfred y Fam., Pucha, Lili, Harrito y Kathy 💜🎓”

From Harris Pacheco to graduating student Nichole Rivera, (SPS Digital Marketing):

“Congratulations! We are very happy and proud that you made it. We wish you success, prosperity, happiness, peace and all the good things. Never give up and always follow your dreams. G-D bless you always. Harrito y Kathy”

From Jeff Egberongbe to graduating student Nichole Rivera, (SPS Digital Marketing):

“Quueeeeeeeee! ¡Felicitaciones por graduarse de la NYU! Estoy orgulloso de ti y sé que toda tu familia también lo está. ¡Recuerda que esto es solo el comienzo de todas las grandes cosas que vas a hacer! Te amo mucho bajita!”

From Nico Mendoza, graduating from CAS, Environmental Studies and History, Minor in French:

“To Dara,

From freshman cohort to senior year, we’ve changed a lot. NYU wouldn’t have been the same without you.


From Zamie Villasana to graduating student Nicolas Villasana, (Cinema Studies):

“Son, I am so proud of you and the great accomplishment you have made! You have overcome so much and proven that with hard work you can succeed. This marks a new beginning to continue your path of achieving your dreams. Be proud and Happy Graduation! Love, Hug and Kisses, – Mom”

From Neha Singh to graduating student Niharika Singh, (College of Arts & Science, Computer Science):

“Dear Niki,

Congratulations on your Graduation!

“Proud” is not the word we can use to express how we feel today. The last 4 years have been quite a journey for you. You have achieved not only a degree, but so much more as President of the NYU Class of 2020. You are a born leader and a star in the making. We wish you all the best for the future.

Love you,
Mom, Dad and Priya”

From Susan Donoghue to graduating student Nina Donoghue, (CAS, Journalism and Music):

“Congratulations, Nina!!!! We’re so incredibly proud of you! You’re definitely the most awesome graduate NYU ever had. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things you’ll do with all your talent and passion, and how you’ll make the world a better place with your huge loving heart. Your mom, dad, and sister love you so much!!! Yay, Nina!!!!!!”

From Christine Hyun to graduating student Nina Yu, (NYU Stern):

“To the BEST freshman roommate, my favorite Sternie, and my talented, beautiful, and dedicated NYU day one (literal day ONE). I love you with all my heart and cannot imagine college without you by my side. We have been through so much together (the highest highs and the lowest lows) and your strength, courage, and resilience is something I have and always will admire. Who knew a random roommate assignment would turn into a lifelong friendship?! From our traditional crying movie nights, to singing on the streets of NYC, to hot pot, photoshoots, Broadway shows, concerts, future mukbangs and doing the absolute most together, I am so thankful for our time together at NYU, and cannot wait for the future adventures that await us! I am so so proud of you and cannot wait until we are reunited again. Congratulations!!! I love you, my forever roomie!!! You will be found.”

From Ningxin Bao, graduating from CAS, Art History:

“Thanks to all my professors and friends. Special love for my roommate Lo Wong for accompanying me in the past 4 years. I’ll be back to NYU this fall for my master’s program, so I guess this is not goodbye goodbye yet😘”

From Chaka Baker to graduating student Njeri Johnson-Smalls, (Steinhardt, Masters in Arts in Performing Arts):

“We are overjoyed to celebrate the phenomenal Njeri Johnson-Smalls! Njeri has earned her Masters degree while working full time with the New Victory Theater and serving her community as a lady of the Tau Omega chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. A Brooklyn native and Howard Alum, Njeri continues to pursue her dreams in theater art’s administration in the city she loves. She is Black Girl Magic!”

From Catherine Chen to graduating student Noah Mullenix, (CAS, East Asian Studies, Minor in Linguistics & Producing):

“Hey Noah,

I was recently talking to an incoming freshman about my experience at NYU. It was an out-of-body, Uno-reverse-card experience because, even though it’s been a year, it feels so much shorter than that. And I think I owe a lot of that feeling to our cohort. I genuinely can’t imagine what my year at NYU would’ve been like without Brohort, Brendan, Heather, Prof. Davila, or you! I guess, even if Welcome Week friends don’t last, Brohort will.

I came to campus with some expectations, and immediately being thrown on an A train to go do some intense tree maintenance was definitely not one of them, but it was fun, nonetheless. The same goes for many of our other cohort meetings. Even if a lot of them were, on paper, just hour-long PowerPoint presentations, they all had that distinct Brohort style to them. So, thank you for always Doing the Most™, both for the cohort and for CAS as a whole. No one represents the NYU Violet spirit better than you!

Considering that I chose my seminar last minute, and on a whim, I couldn’t be gladder for how it all turned out. My freshman year wouldn’t have been the same without you! I wish we could be together, celebrating your graduation with some jelly donuts that look suspiciously like onigiri (long live 4Kids memes).

Brohort V + I, forever,

From Amarilys Mercedes to graduating student Nohely D’Oleo, (SPS Integrated Marketing):

“To my Smart, Courageous, Determined and Beautiful Nohely,

These are challenging times, but as with every challenge you have faced, you will see new opportunities. From the day I welcomed you into this world, I was overjoyed, we’ve had some tough times along the way, even with you, the world’s most perfect child.

As you take the next steps in life- please know- Success is never final, failure is never fatal, but it’s your courage through both that counts.

Remember the three R’s:

  • Respect for Self;
  • Respect for Others;
  • Responsibility for all your Actions.

My dear Nohely, being your mom and watching you turn into the amazing young woman you are today, has been my biggest pride and joy.

Congratulations on this new milestone- Love you always- Mom”

From Sherry Segura to graduating student Nora Barpal, (Master of Arts):


From Norma Medina, graduating from Steinhardt, Masters in Bilingual School Counseling:

“Thank you to the NYU community for making this experience memorable! I would not want to change this with anything! I’m proud to be part of NYU!!!”

From Carmen and Mirko Medina to graduating student Norma Medina, (Steinhardt, Masters in Bilingual School Counseling):

“Especialmente para ti,

Te deseamos mil cosas buenas porqué sabemos que lo lograras y siempre vas a salir adelante con perseverancia y empeño y sobre todo la presencia de Dios en tu vida porque así nada te faltara que tus deseos sean siempre lo que quieres y lo que busques. Tus padres que en todo momento estarán contigo en este nuevo camino.


Te amamos
Mirko y Carmen”

From Noyonika Ghatak, graduating student from CAS Psychology:

“So proud of all my friends who are graduating! Till we meet again.. <3”

From Tricia Fraser to graduating student Nyasia Fraser, (Steinhardt):

“We are absolutely proud of you Nyasia. The world is your stage and we look forward to your next scene. Take a bow!! Bravo Bravo Love Mom, Sabriah, Anissa, Ayla and Ana”

From Bern Tan to graduating student Nyla Watson, (Steinhardt Master’s in VP and Adv Cert in Vocal Pedagogy):

“Congratulations Nyla! You did it!!!”

From Luisa Bolivar to NYU Music Business Graduate Students:

From Jaxx Artz to graduating student Oana Groza, (Steinhardt, Global Public Health and Applied Psychology):

“Oana, I will forever be thankful to NYU Student Housing for putting us in the same dorm freshman year. We have had so many adventures together, from traveling 2 hours for a party to lime-ing down the cobblestones of Paris. Through our ups and downs, you’ve been there for me and I for you. I miss being near you and your silent laugh already, but I can’t wait to be with each other soon.”

From Olena Kocur, graduating from CAS Biology:

“Thank you to my family for the endless love and support throughout my 4 years at NYU <3”

From Karen O’Hare to graduating student Olivia O’Hare, (Rory Meyers, Nursing, Dual CAMS and Psychology Minor):

“From serving as the president of three nursing student organizations to being inducted into two honor societies, Olivia always made her education a priority. On top of this, she’s also cared deeply for her peers. This is evident in her recent acceptance of the Coons/Leibowitz Award for Undergraduate Teaching. Olivia taught over 150 Introduction to Psychology students while balancing her own curriculum. Congratulations Olivia! We are all so proud of you and your hard work at NYU. You will make an outstanding Registered Nurse in NYC.”

From Olivia Varas, graduating from Silver School of Social Work, MSW:

“Congrats 32 Month Silver cohort! We did it!”

From Elvira Funes and Roberto Rojas to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“We are so proud of you, Mijo! This is a major milestone in your life and I hope that you can take a moment to reflect on this important accomplishment. Keep up the great work and we can’t wait to see you! -Aly, Ari, Tia Elvie and Tio Robert”

From Sylvia Alcala to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Congratulation Omar! We are so proud of your accomplishments and know God has great plans for you. We love you, Alcala Family”

From Xochitl Mari Vera to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Omar, what an accomplishment! We are beyond proud! You have always shown great determination, even when you were a child! We are looking forward to celebrating with you! We love you!

The Vera Family
Roy, Mari, Yvan and Stephan”

From Carmen and Cecilio Conchas to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Estoy muy orgulloso de ti. Felicidades por terminar una etapa de tu carrera y animo para empezar la otra – Papa chilo”

From Carmen Conchas to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Me siento orgullosa de ti, I am proud of you and wish you the best in whatever you choose to do. We are always here for you, we love you. – Grandma”

From Jeanette Conchas to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Omar, it seems impossible that the little boy I walked to his kindergarten classroom is now graduating from college. I am incredibly proud of the man you are and the goals you have achieved. Whatever comes next, I know you will be fine. Though the time of walking you to your next endeavor is over, I will always be by your side. I love you, mom.”

From Martha Ojeda-Jimenez to graduating student Omar Delgado, (CAS, English):

“Omar, we are so proud of you! You were such a young man when moved across the country to follow your dreams and begin your life as an adult. We know you have so much to offer the world and a beautiful heart to lead your way. Keep dreaming big and living for today and tomorrow! God bless you always in all you do. Congratulations!!!”

From Christine Hyun to graduating student Paggie Tan, (CAS, Economics):

“Paggie, we did it!!! Two girls moving far from home with bigger dreams than we could have ever imagined bringing us together in the best city on Earth. You have worked so incredibly hard and your story is one of strength and dedication, and honestly I do not think anyone else could have done what you have with such grace and resilience, and looking so good doing it all too! You are the ultimate boss woman! From freshman year to now, I am honestly so so blessed to have you as one of my closest friends and my rock and cannot wait for our future adventures together. I love you, Paggie Tan! Congratulations!!! Ps. thank you for SAVING graduation!!!”

From Fong May Leong to graduating student Paggie Tan, (CAS, Economics):

“Having known her for 15 years, Paggie has never ceased to amaze me with how hardworking, dedicated and kind she is. She knew that a good education was key to a good career, and I saw her writing and rewriting essays for applications, and even proofread some for her. Her being accepted into NYU was a celebration for all of us. Flying halfway across the world and getting immersed is no small feat, and she took it in stride, not only surviving but thriving. In the next four years, I saw her working multiples jobs, often at once, to support herself while at the same time maintaining a 3.5GPA. She deserves this recognition because she is the embodiment of hard work breeds results, and I can’t be prouder to call her my friend.”

From Milaine Thia to graduating student Paggie Tan, (CAS, Economics):

“Congratulations to one of the strongest, most resilient people I have ever known! You came to New York City with two suitcases and a dream, and now you’re going to live the dream you’ve worked so hard for! It’s now how any of us expected this would be but if anyone can weather this storm, it’s Paggie Tan Wan Qi! After all, you survived four years at NYU, on your own, in the greatest city in the world. Your hard work and undying spirit is an example to us all, and your passion shines through in everything that you do. Thank you for being a wonderful friend, and for bringing joy to everyone you meet. Know that you are so very loved by all of us, and that we are so proud of you. Happy graduation, wonderful, wonderful Paggie, and I wish you the utmost happiness.”

From Shari and Stelios Papadakos to graduating student Panagiotis Papadakos, (SPS/Real Estate):

“Congratulations on forever rising upward and onward! As you graduate we know you will continue to challenge yourself and find unique ways to make your mark. We are so proud of you!”

From Gage Kaefring to graduating student Patrick Phillips, (Stern, MBA):

“To the best OutClass President anyone could ask for: Thank you for being such a solid, fun, uplifting, positive presence throughout this whole MBA experience. I know you went through a very powerful process of self-acceptance right before coming to Stern and that set an amazing example for me and many of our classmates to embrace who we are more fully and helped us get the most out of this MBA experience. I am so grateful for all that you have done and hope we continue to help each other grow well into the future. Cheers!”

From Michelle Roso to graduating student Paul Sadama, (Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner):

“Paul- I could have not completed this program without your support. We were in it together until the end. I’ll never forget how we studied together for four years in the library every single semester. You were always there with me through the tough times. I wish you all the best.”

From Petal Wellington, graduating from Higher Education Administration and Student Affairs:

“Class of 2020, We did it! We made it through even in the epicenter of a pandemic! #NYUStrong”

From Stylianos Papadakos to graduating student Peter Papadakos, (SPS/Real Estate):

“Congratulations on forever rising upward and onward! As you graduate we know you will continue to challenge yourself and find unique ways to make your mark. We are so proud of you!”

From Guy & Jonnine Thomas to graduating student Peyton Deal, (CAS, Linguistics):

“You are moving on to a new and exciting chapter in your life. We wish you all the best for the future that lies ahead. Congratulations on your graduation!! Love Guy & Jonnine”

From Guy Thomas to graduating student Peyton Deal, (CAS, Linguistics):

“Congratulations on graduating!!! I’m so proud of you babe, all of your hard work has finally paid off!!! I’m going to miss our time at NYU, especially our late nights at the library and constant coffee shop stops. But, I’m so excited to start the next chapter of our lives together, next year is going to be amazing!”

From Jaxx Artz to graduating student Phoebe Lincoln, (Tisch, Photography):

“I told you this photo would come back to haunt us. Phoebe, you are one of the kindest and funniest people I have ever met. You are always down to go on adventures with me, and I will treasure our European adventures forever. Thank you for being such a good friend to me, I miss you. Love, Jaxx”

From Po-Hung Yang, graduting from School of Law, LL.M.:

From Supriya Deshpande to graduating student Prachi Deshpande, (Tandon School of Engineering, Computer Science):

“Congratulations Prachi! We are so proud of you and how hard you have worked these past 4 years. You have accomplished so much during your time at NYU and have made the best out of your time there. We wish you the best of luck for your new role as a Software Engineer at J.P. Morgan! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you accomplish after graduation. We encourage you to reach for the stars and hope that all of your dreams and ambitions come true. We love you so much! Love, Mom, Dad, Richa, and Abhi”

From Precious Nwankpa, graduating from Steinhardt, M.A. Educational Leadership, Politics, and Advocacy Program:

“To the Class of 2020: We Made It!!

The journey was long, at times difficult and taking unexpected turns. Other times it seemed as if it would never end. However, through determination and dedication, we pushed through to the finish line.

As we navigate a new reality due to the current pandemic with COVID-19, I hope that this time allows us to evaluate how we can contribute to society in meaningful ways. May we become or continue to be people who are driven and fearless in confronting and improving the wrongs that we see, and bold in doing that which is right.

I share these words by Lewis Howes with you:

Dream Big
Mediate Daily
Make your bed
Always give your best
Take care of your health
Spread love in moments of fear
Be an inspiration for good
Trust your instincts
Love yourself.”

From Jalpa Mehta to graduating student Priya V Mehta, (College of Arts and Sciences):

“Congratulations for your achievement Priya! Here is wishing you all the success and happiness the world has to offer. Seeing your hard work and dedication over all these years has made us very proud. It seems just like yesterday that you were begging us to send you to school like all the older kids. We will never forget how you thanked us for enrolling you in pre-K. We wish you all the best for your career! We love you!

Mom, Dad, and Veeral”

From Becky Wang to graduating student Qi Wang, (SPS PRCC):

“Thank you for your hardworking and persistence. Never give up! You are still have the stage to shine!”

From Jennifer Scacheri to graduating student Quin Scacheri, (Steinhardt, Music Technology):

“Congratulations, Quin, on all you’ve accomplished at NYU!! We’re so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad”

From Eric & Krista Fizette to graduating student Rachael Fizette, (CAS, Politics):

“Congratulation Rachael, you DID it. We are so proud of you.

Mom, Dad and Cody.”

From Dynaa DePasquale to graduating student Rachael Heistuman, (Steinhardt, Media, Culture and Communicatons):


What a journey!!!!!

Since the moment you were born I knew you would achieve greatness.

You are truly an inspiration, coming from a small rural town and leading everyone who loves you and admires you through this adventure. Not only learning and achieving at NYU, you grew and become your own independent and strong person.

I’m so incredibly PROUD of you and your accomplishments.

I’m so excited for the rest of your journey!

Here’s to a life of many celebrations and “”TWIRLS””


From Fred Heistuman to graduating student Rachael Heistuman, (Steinhardt, Media, Culture and Communicatons):

“Outstanding job on completing your degree early. I am so proud of you as are the rest of your family. You really showed what you are made of. You are on your way to a successful life and career love you


From Sara-Lee Ramsawak to graduating student Rachana Swamy, (Tandon | MS Computer Engineering):

“You did it! Congratulations on completing your master’s from NYU Tandon and doing it in style, even considering everything going on. Looking at what is happening in the world, we are going to need you and your skills more than ever! Thanks for being you and thanks for all of your help while at NYU. Best of luck with your future — Sara-Lee”

From Liz Lafond to graduating student Rachel Lafond, (Tisch School of the Arts, BFA in Film and Television with minors in Psychology and Business of Entertainment Media and Technology):

“Rachel – we are so proud of you! What you have accomplished in a mere 3 1/2 years at NYU is nothing short of amazing and now you are graduating Summa Cum Laude as a University Honors Scholar! You have gained knowledge from some of the best professors in the world, held fantastic internships that provided a wealth of experience and formed friendships that you will keep forever! We can’t wait to see what is next! NYU 2020! Love – Mom, Dad, Matthew, Cassie and Rex”

IMG_6387_1_62.jpg (3214×2143)

From Mary Lazure to graduating student Rachel Lazure, (College Arts and Science, Biology):

“We are so very proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Your determination and hard work have earned you this exceptional achievement. Wishing you happiness and grand adventures on your next journey. Wherever you go, go with all of your heart. We love you! Mom, Dad and Lauren”

From Andree Monnier to graduating student Rachel Lindor, (NYU Steinhardt Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs):

From Dr. Jacquiline Agyemang to graduating student Rachel Lindor, (Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs):

“We are so proud of you Rachel for your hard work. You have accomplished something that very few people are able to do. Your hard work and dedication has paid off and we couldn’t be any prouder. From our family to you we say Congratulations. We love you.”

From Barbara Lindor to graduating student Rachel Lindor, (Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs):

“Congratulations sister! Although life and the world has shifted in an unexpected way you have managed to pull all your strength, your tears and built the resiliency to preserve. I know this isn’t the most ideal way of celebrating the fruits of your labor but, we should still rejoice and celebrate YOU for all your accomplishments. You are passionate, determined, huggable 😂 and I know that

God will continue to bless you throughout your path. In the meantime, may you continue to keep learning, growing (spiritually, professionally, personally), and realize the best in yourself. And so, let the new adventures begin as you move forward in your endeavors. I love you and am proud of my graduate in masters. You did that!!! #you are black girl Magic”

From Delia Williams to graduating student Rachel Lindor, (Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs):

“Congratulations Rachel Lindor on your graduation. Your hard work and dedication has paid off no matter what obstacles came your way you got through it. I am very proud of you and wish you the best that life has to offer! Love Delia”

From Lauri Goyau to graduating student Rachel Lindor, (Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Affairs):

“Congratulations to one of the most caring, loving intelligent and amazing person I have ever known; My Godmother, Rachel.”

From Ruth Lippin to graduating student Rachel Lippin-Foster, (Masters in Social Work):

“Congratulations to our most amazing daughter on the completion of her MSW program with honors! We can’t wait to watch your career as a child therapist unfold. With your intelligence, compassion and perseverance we know you are going to rock the world and bring new meaning to success!! We love you with all our heart and soul. Thanks for being our Rachel Love, Mom, Dad and Jesse”

From Mital Patel to graduating student Radhika-Alicia Patel, (Tandon School of Engineering Biomolecular Sciences):

“Dear Radhika,

Congratulations on your graduation from NYU. This is a very momentous milestone in your life. We wish you all the best for the future that lies ahead. These past 4 years flew by so quickly; we still remember the first day of college when we dropped you off at your dorm. Now you have emerged as a powerful, confident woman.

The future belongs to one who believes in the beauty of her dreams.

We hope your dreams will take you to the corner of smiles, to the highest of hopes, to the windows of opportunities, and to the most special places that your heart has ever has known.


Your proud family

Pratik,Mital and Riya”

From Priya Rajkumar to graduating student Rahul Rajkumar, (CAS Mathematics):

Congratulations dear Rahul !! We are so proud of your accomplishments and know you are off to great things in life!

Behind you , all your memories, Before you , all your dreams , Around you , all who love you.

Within you , all you need !!!

Lots of love, best wishes.. Mom, Dad , Shruti”

From Gladerby Bredy to graduating student Raldina Bredy, (Silver School of Social Work, Advanced Standing MSW Program):

From Joe Schwemlein to graduating student Raldina Bredy, (Silver School of Social Work, Advanced Standing MSW Program):

“You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met, and I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved and plan to achieve. Couldn’t be more excited for this next chapter! But before we start, let me just say CONGRATULATIONS!!”

From Etphane Barthelus to graduating student Raldina Bredy, (Silver School of Social Work, Advanced Standing MSW Program):

“Congratulations bestie! I am so proud of all that you’ve accomplished and can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

Love, Ettie”

From Joyce Raimondo to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Raquel, I will always remember talking to you on the bus in South Africa as you wrote your vision for your future on a small paper. You wrote of your desire to help children and people while balancing that desire with caring for yourself. I was so impressed by your wisdom and compassion. You are a gift — not only to me, your family, and your friends, but to the larger community as well. I know you will bring so much joy to people as you venture into the world in your new career. I am so proud of you. Love Aunt, Joyce (PS my computer is not allowing me to upload photo or video)”

From Mary and Kevin Barry to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Way to go Raquel!! All of your hard work Is paying off. We are all so proud of you. Remember, you earned this! Time to go out and do great things. We know you will. Love ya!!

Mommy ,Dad ,Kevin,Raymond and Natalia, Timothy , Keegan , Lilly, Babe and of course Remy


Knowledge is Rewarding

Kindness will bring Pleasure


From Mary and Kevin Barry to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Kevin Barry to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Michael Craig to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

“Congratulations Raquel! We love you and are very proud of you! Love – Trudy, Rob, Minnie, Jackie, Rachel, Matthew, and Scooter”

From Raymond and Natalia to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Timothy Barry to graduating student Raquel Barry, (Silver School of Social Work):

From Ratnam Srivastava, graduating from Tandon School of Engineering (MS in Computer Science):

“Moving forward, remember to update the meaning of a ‘Billionaire’ in your dictionary. You don’t become a Billionaire by accumulating a Billion dollars in your bank account. You become a Billionaire by helping a Billion people. This world needs empathy more than anything. More power to the people. More power to the Class of 2020.”

From Mollie Machado to graduating student Ravindra Harri, (CAS, GPH/ Anthropology):

“YAY! We are done! Congrats Ravi! CHEERS!”

From Reanna Reddi, graduating from GSAS XE:

“Thank you to all the professors, staff, classmates, friends, and family who have supported and challenged me over the past few years. It has been the most rewarding and unforgettable time of my life and I cannot be more grateful to the NYU community. I would like to thank my mom for always encouraging me to do my best, especially during finals week and my Nan for encouraging me to attend NYU to begin with.”

From Gage Kaefring to graduating student Rebecca Dewey, (Stern, MBA):

“To one of the smartest and most driven Stern graduates in recent memory: thank you for going on this journey with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and partner. You give me hope for the future so please keep that passion alive and focused on bettering the world. Hoping to see you very soon.”

From Audrey Ramsay- Epemolu to graduating student Rebecca Epemolu, (College of Arts and Science, Public Policy):

“Rebecca, we are extremely proud of your hard work and accomplishments. We are glad that you are always so confident and sure of yourself . We know you will always make the right decisions and with God’s help , the sky is your limit! Your family loves you more than words can explain and we know you will forever follow your dreams.❤️❤️❤️❤️”

From Linda Nourafshan to graduating student Rebecca Nourafshan, (Master’s in Hospitality Industry Studies):

“Congratulations, Rebecca! We are all so proud of you and all your hard work. You have the most incredible work ethic, focus, determination, and motivation. There is no doubt in our minds that you will achieve anything you set your mind to–and we all know you always aim high!”

From Rebecca Olson, graduating from Silver School of Social Work, MSW:

“Attending NYU has been my dream for many years. I appreciate the school, program, and people I’ve met, and am thankful for the time I’ve spent here. Our class has persevered through this unprecedented time, experiencing both grief and resilience, and I’m so proud to be part of this amazing group.”

From Susan Wood to graduating student Rebecca Wood, (Steinhardt/Master’s in MCC):

From Ming Liang to graduating student Rebekah Liang, (College of Art and Science/Economics with Business and Math Minor):

“Dear Princess,

Congratulation on your Graduation!

Time flies as you grown from a little girl in every moment. We were there to watch you, celebrate with you, encourage you, and hold you. Now, we see that you become the beautiful young lady, and slowly stepping into a new chapter of your life.

We continue to hold you close to our hearts and blessing you in every way. Our prayer is that you always abide in our Lord Jesus Christ, and make His words the lamp for your feet and a light onto your path.

With love,

Mom and Dad”

From Guido Lara to graduating student Renata Lara Arizpe, (College of Arts and Sciences / Anthropology – French):

“Bravo Renata! has cerrado un nuevo ciclo en tu vida! With academic recognition, with a thesis on cultural citizenship, with excellent grades and constat reflection on your identity and the challenges of Mexican migrants in the US. You have discovered your vocation for social anthropology and confirmed your passion for languages. Being trilingual opens your world to multiple ideas, approaches and experiences. You have grown as a person, as an independent woman, as a sensitive and caring person. Amazing friend, daughter, sister. You live the value of respect, empathy and freedom. Enjoying the small pleasures of life like a good tea and misterious foods of distant origins. You make the best cookies, period. You walk at a fast pace -literally and metaphorically- traveling worlds and discovering their possibilities. You are a pride to your family and a role model that inspires us each and every day. Bravo Renata!”

From Danny Santana to graduating student Rhea Madraymootoo, (SPS, Master of Science in Public Relations and Corporate Communication):

“Congratulations Rhea! You’re officially an NYU alumna. I couldn’t be more proud of your incredible accomplishment. Here’s to you, may this be the first of many wonderful things to come your way. You’ve worked very hard and you should take great pleasure in what you’ve accomplished, you’ve certainly earned it! With love, Danny, Xerxes, Xena, Xia & Xara.”

From Colleen Fusco to graduating student Richard Fusco, (Tisch, BFA, Drama):

“Congratulations Richie! We are so proud of you. Here’s to your next chapter!!

CONGRATULATIONS to The Lads!! Richie, Reed, Max, Josh and Raymond!”

From Patricia Gaughan to graduating student Richard Fusco, (Tisch, BFA, Drama):

“Congratulations Richard. New York to California, we’ll see you in theatre and film! Congratulations on receiving your Actors Equity and SAG membership. Well Done, Richard.

From Patricia Gaughan to graduating student Richie Fusco, (Tisch, BFA, Drama):

“We will always treasure our days celebrating you in NYU. Great memories! Love you!”

From Tiffany Chan to graduating student Rick Maeda, (College of Arts and Sciences; Computer Science):

“Dear Rick,

Congratulations on your graduation! You’ve worked so hard and you’ve come a long way. I am so proud of you and I can’t wait to see what you will achieve! You are moving on to a new and exciting chapter in your life. I hope you will stay true to yourself, continue to challenge yourself and stay curious. Congratulations again!

All the best,


From Don Baker to graduating student Riley Baker, (Tisch, Film and TV):

“Congratulations! What a long, strange trip it has been. Very proud and love you more than ever.”

From Rinchen Lama, graduating from Steinhardt, Media, Culture, and Communications:

“I hope everyone from our graduating class is doing safe and healthy! Stay safe y’all! <3”

From Mari Carmen Salabarria to graduating student Robert A. Fernandez, (Political Science and Romance Languages):

“My son, congratulations on your graduation from NYU. I am extremely proud of you.

You have accomplished a lot . your determination and perseverance are really out of this world.I am so so proud to be your mother. I know you will make it very far in life and will do great things in the future. I will always be here every step of the way. I wish you all the best always!

I love you so much. MOM”

From Jorge Biggemann to graduating student Robert A. Fernandez, (Political Science and Romance Languages):

“Querido Robert: no sabes lo orgulloso que me siento de ver cómo te convertiste en todo un hombre y un gran profesional. Hace mucho tiempo que te siento como si fueras mi hijo y vivo pendiente de ti y de tus decisiones. Te quiero muchisimo, felicidades. Un gran abrazo: tu padre adoptivo, Jorge”

From Charity Radcliffe to graduating student Robert Radcliffe, (Tisch, Rita Goldberg Department of Dramatic Writing, BFA):

“Rob Radcliffe –

Nothing has ever been handed to you easily. That’s why we know you never expected that of this diploma. Each challenge in your life has been an opportunity to become greater – and you have met those challenges without hesitation.

This is your beginning, you are free from making us the proudest we’ve ever been. You are free to be your unique self, to explore, to learn more, to meet with triumph and disaster. And in turn, we promise to always be your biggest fans. You are free to fall and to rise. To love deeply. To make your own choices. Knowing each step of the way, that we will always love you, support you and believe in you.

Sometimes in life, you may only see as far as your headlights, but remember you can make the whole trip that way.

Love, Mom, Dad, Luke and Ben”

From Sofia Chang to graduating student Rowena Chang, (Stern School of Business, Marketing):

“Hellooo! Our family is so proud of you for everything you’ve done – as a student, friend, daughter, and sister. I’ve always been so impressed by your drive and creativity, even when we were just kids goofing around. You’ve really inspired me and taught me so much, all the while making me laugh, and I’m really grateful for everything you’ve done! From bossing me around while playing House to commanding an APUSH test-taking business between Mom and I in high school to fearlessly guiding me through the twists and turns of life, you are a natural-born leader. We wish you all the best and know you will conquer whatever comes next, whether it be making waves at your dream job, retiring early and moving to Spain, or changing the world. Love you always – now, onto bigger and better things!”

From Ines Yildiz to graduating student Ruby Dudasik, (Liberal Studies GLS, CAS Anthropology and Classics):

“I’m so proud of you, you rock so, so so, sosososo hard and i love you so much. i’ll miss you next year, Chicago is lucky to have you.”

From Ruxue Zhang, graduating from SPS Integrated Marketing:

“Congratulations to us all! This memory will last for eternity! Perstare et praestare! Stay safe, stay strong!”

From Alexa Vander Ploeg to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Congratulations, we’re so proud of you! Today will be only the first of many proud, successful moments for you! We love you!”

From Madison Pomerantz to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“We love you Ryan!!!! So so proud of you!!!! The world is lucky to have you!!!!!!! Love, Cradison ;)”

From The Lebov Family to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“It seems like just yesterday you were in pre school, and now you’re a college graduate! All you’re hard work paid off, and we know you are destined for great things! Congratulations Ryan! Love, the Lebovs 🎓🎉❤️”

From Marybeth McDonough to Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

From Jeff Neumann to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Congratulations Ryan! I’m so proud of you. These are certainly strange times, but we’ll get through them and you’ll start the next exciting chapter of your life! You’re going to do great. Love, Dad”

From Randi Pomerantz to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Ryan, the day we celebrated your acceptance to NYU seems like a lifetime ago. We were so proud of you then, and even prouder now! Congratulations on your incredibly impressive accomplishment!”

From Maritza Iturralde to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Ryan it’s going to take more than a canceled graduation ceremony to stop us from blowing an air horn in your honor. The achievement is still the same.You have worked so hard to get here. We are so very proud of you! Way to go Grad!!


From Jared Pomerantz to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Congrats on your graduation Ryan!! Can’t wait to celebrate in person!


From Pam W McBride to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Ryan, you are so beloved by our family!!

Wishing you many years that you understand this fabulous degree, and how exquisite and smart you are! Many, many hugs and kisses, and want to see you in these next few strange months. Xoxo”

From Meg Goldberg to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

“Congratulations Ryan! We are so proud of your accomplishments at NYU! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you will do. We love you so much, and wish you only joy, happiness, and all good things. MAZEL TOV! Love always, Meg, Sandy, Jordan, Remy, Gaby, & Dani XO”

From Julie Neumann to graduating student Ryan Neumann, (Steinhardt, MCC):

Ryan, we are so proud of you and love you more and more every day, Congrats!

From Bill Rivera to graduating student Ryan Rivera, (College of Arts & Science, Computer Science):

” “Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.

Congratulations Ryan what a tremendous accomplishment! We are so proud of you. We love you “more than more”. Go after your dreams and soar.

Love, Mom, Dad, Ella, Mason and Mac”

From Frances Rivera to graduating student Ryan Rivera, (College of Arts & Science, Computer Science):

“To my first grandson Ryan,

Congratulations on your graduation, your hard work has paid off.

May God Bless You Today and Always!

Love, Grandma Frances”

From Monique Misrahi to graduating student Ryan Rivera, (College of Arts & Science, Computer Science):

“Dear Ryan,

Wishing you a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations on all your hard work and accomplishments and for being a great role model to your siblings and cousins! I know the world may feel like it is on hold, but stop and take in this milestone because you have done a great job getting here.

We love you!

Aunt Monique, Uncle Evan, Xander & Isabella”

From Ryan Silbert, graduating from Tisch Grad Film:

“Dad, Thank you for leading the way with your passion for education and dedication to your alma mater NYU (or as you lovingly referred to it / “The Heights”). And of course thanks for putting a camera in my hand and giving me the support to to explore my curiosity and creative journey. Rest In Peace MJS. I wish you were here to see this, but I’m honored to be joining the ranks as a fellow alumni of an institution we both loved. You’ll always be my collaborator in spirit.

Thank you Mom for being a great supporter of indie film (and for taking me to the theatre to see some great R-rated 90’s cinema), terrific caterer, and patient extra in all of my early filmography XO, Ryan

“A teacher has two jobs; fill young minds with knowledge, yes, but more important, give those minds a compass so that that knowledge doesn’t go to waste.” Thank you to all of the Tisch Grad Film faculty both, then and now, that provided me those tools – John, Barbara, Peter N., Carol, Tony J., Ken, Ron, Gail, Peter S., Ted, Christine, John S., Amy, Marilyn, Tony M, Martha, Jay, Plummy, Thomas, Joe, Peggy, Jen, Spike, Mary, Alex, Pam, Laura, and in memory of those we lost Bob, Pennie, Bill, and our captain for many years, Sue Carnival.”