NYU Has an Abu Dhabi Problem

The case of Matthew Hedges, the British academic sentenced to life in prison who has since been pardoned, is not the first event to put NYU’s Emirati venture in an awkward position — and it won’t be the last.

Why NYU’s Student Government Fails to Represent You

NYU’s Student Government Assembly is soon poised to vote on a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions resolution. If passed by the University Senate, the resolution...

Ditch the Dorm After First Year

The dorm experience is vital for first-year students to make friends and generally learn how to live with other people who aren’t family. At...

SGA Should Vote No on the Upcoming BDS Vote

On Oct. 29, over 20 student clubs and organizations came together to honor the lives of those who perished in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting,...

How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?

The WSN Editorial Board discusses how the loss of an NYU community member sheds light on the issues of accessibility on NYU's campus.

What the Proponents of the BDS Resolution Don’t Want You to Know

Among factual inaccuracies and unfair proceedings, the BDS resolution seems less like a push for responsible investments and more like an intended attack on Israel.

Girls’ Nights Out Turned Against Them By Club Promoters

Club promoters: everyone knows about them; many have had a personal encounter with them, but few shed light on the dark side of their...

NYU’s LA Campus: An Attempt to Rise up the Ranks

NYU’s developments in LA are the latest in the university’s push to rise to the top.

What NYU Gets Wrong About Confronting Racism

Last week, graduate student Shahem Mclaurin posted a tweet — which has since gone viral — about racial discrimination he experienced in one of...

Why NYU Must Support the Resolution on the Human Rights of Palestinians

Our tuition is funding human rights violations — we must hold NYU accountable and put an end to this practice.

The Outlying and Malicious Tuition Policy of NYU

You would be hard pressed to find an NYU student clamoring for more responsibilities in their schedule. But when it comes to academic classes,...

‘Writing the Essay’ Is More Important Than You Think

“Are you glad to be done with your Writing The Essay class?” I asked my boyfriend, a Stern Finance major, as he clicked submit...