United States must take more vocal stance on human rights abuses

In light of the silence of U.S. officials since the imprisonment of two human rights activists in Saudia Arabia, it is time for the United States to shed fears of ruining diplomatic relations and stand up against human rights violations in the Middle East.

We Should Politicize Natural Disasters

Politicizing natural disasters is controversial, yet necessary. Natural disasters highlight the shortcomings of governments and elected officials, the failures of society as an influential...

Breadcrumbing Has Already Grown Stale

While technology can both maintain and catalyze modern romances, it can also be used as a weapon against hopeless romantics. “Modern Romance”, by NYU...

Another Perspective on the Holidays

It’s officially December, and that means that the holiday season is truly upon us. Walking around New York City, you can see the holiday...

Elderly, underprivileged need Internet access

The Internet is not a luxury anymore.

Toxic Masculinity at NYU

The “man box” describes the social construct of masculinity that dictates behavior commonly associated with the male gender. While NYU is known for its...

Male body dysmorphia must be recognized

The World Anti-Doping Association released a report last week on widespread doping and performance-enhancing drug use among Russian athletes, stirring worldwide controversy. Illicit and...

The Line Between Convenience and Gentrification

Having a Target down the block is extremely convenient. After moving into University Residence Hall two weeks ago, I realized I was missing a...

U.S. must play active role in climate change policy-making

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the United States can no longer delay taking serious steps toward combating climate change.

Sound the Alarm Less Often

Read one writer's take on why fire drills can lose their effectiveness if unannounced and repeated too often.

Despite Inconsistent Stories, Anti-PC Prof Should Return to Classes

The ongoing saga of the now-infamous Deplorable NYU Prof, Michael Rectenwald, has taken yet another turn. In his recent op-ed for the Washington Post,...

NY Post’s front page photo serves no journalistic purpose

A photograph of a man about to die from an oncoming subway train was published in the New York Post, leading many to criticize the publication’s intentions.