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NYU Senior Leadership has announced mandatory vaccinations for all students returning in-person for the Fall 2021 semester. This is expected to most negatively impact international students, who may come from countries with low vaccine availability. (Staff Illustration by Manasa Gudavalli)

OPINION: Mandatory vaccine policy for Fall 2021 overlooks international students

By Srishti Bungle, Staff Writer April 26, 2021

On April 19, senior NYU administrators sent out an email notifying the student body that NYU students returning to the city must be vaccinated for the fall semester. NYU leadership is also expecting that...

Mayoral candidate Andrew Yang’s vow to crackdown on unlicensed food vendors in NYC was widely met with pushback across the board. (Photo by Suhail Gharaibeh)

EDITORIAL: Protect New York’s street vendors

By WSN Editorial Board April 26, 2021

A recent tweet from mayoral candidate Andrew Yang recently made headlines, declaring “You know what I hear over and over again - that NYC is not enforcing rules against unlicensed street vendors.”  He...

New York is the 16th state to legalize marijuana. The bill is a promising step in racial and social equity. (Photo by Alina Patrick)

OPINION: New York State’s marijuana legalization bill sets a promising precedent

By Lucy Yama, Contributing Writer April 23, 2021

This year’s annual celebration of 4/20 in New York City took on renewed meaning in light of the state’s most recent marijuana-related legislation. On March 31, Governor Cuomo signed a monumental bill...

DOXA was founded by Higher School of Economics students in 2017 as a independent, student-led magazine covering current events, politics and HSE-related issues. Last week four DOXA editors were arrested when their Moscow office and apartments were raided by police. (Photo by Finley Muratova)

Letter of Solidarity: Washington Square News stands in solidarity with Russian journal DOXA

By Finley Muratova , Editor-at-Large April 22, 2021

The Russian government’s rights violations, censorship and police violence stopped being news a long time ago. The international community has adjusted to hearing about yet another opposition politician...

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the institutions accessible to NYU students through the recently suspended Museum Gateway program. This forced inaccessibility gives us a unique opportunity to re-evaluate our relationships with museums and their legacy. (Photo by Celia Tewey)

OPINION: The Museum Gateway Program suspension is an opportunity to scrutinize our relationship with museums

By Michelle Han, Contributing Writer April 22, 2021

NYU’s Museum Gateway program, which offers free museum admission for students, has remained suspended since last fall due to administration’s COVID-related concerns. The student body’s response has...

Although the demand for the COVID-19 vaccine exceeds its availability at NYU, there is still a noticeable hesitancy among Americans. Due to a long history of medical misconduct at the hands of the federal government towards Black Americans, the percentage of the demographic that would immediately take the vaccine is lower. (Staff Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

OPINION: The CDC must grapple with its racist history

By Sydney Barragan, UTA Deputy Editor April 21, 2021

On April 5, NYU announced that vaccine efforts would be amplified following the increase of vaccine stock. In an email sent by Dr. Carlo Ciotoli, executive lead of NYU’s COVID Prevention & Response...

Homelessness is an ongoing crisis in New York City, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The New York City mayoral candidates have spotlighted the urgent need for affordable housing but diverge in terms of their solutions. (Staff Photo by Alexandria Johnson)

OPINION: New York City’s next mayor must prioritize supportive housing

By Lucy Yama, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

Homelessness is an enduring crisis in New York City. Today, the number of homeless New Yorkers sleeping in shelters increased 40% compared to 10 years ago. This rise does not even account for the city’s...

Staff rants: spring break

Staff rants: spring break

On Asking the Real Questions What’s spring break? Is that a thing we’re supposed to have? -Jake Capriotti, Photo Editor On Gratitude I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am about as burnt...

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office released the second part of his reform plan for the NYPD last Friday. While the plan promises to create a city “that never participate[s] in, or tolerate[s] any further inequality or justice,” it only offers abstractions and empty promises. (Photo by Marva Shi)

OPINION: De Blasio’s police reform is hollow and insufficient

By Asha Ramachandran, Deputy Opinion Editor April 15, 2021

After a summer swept by protests for racial justice and demonstrations demanding the New York Police Department be defunded and held accountable for its violent racism, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office...

A Trump supporter wears a MAGA hat at a midtown rally during the 2020 election. Trumpism has taken over the Republican Party. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

OPINION: Post-Trump, Republicans don’t stand for anything

By Jack Li, Staff Writer April 14, 2021

“Do you miss me yet? Do you miss me?” After a five-week hiatus, the 45th President of the United States announced his presence at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to thunderous...

This Monday dozens of protestors crowded around the historic Grand Army Plaza for Daunte Wright. People marched through the streets of Brooklyn to bring attention to the tragedy in Minnesota. (Staff Photo by Taylor Knight)

I’m tired of being tired

By Alexandria Johnson, Editor-in-Chief April 13, 2021

It always happens when I receive bad news. I become numb. This uneasy feeling develops in my chest. I panic and gasp for air. Then, I stop. I hold my breath and wait for the feeling to pass. No words...

NYU must do more to help low-income students

NYU must do more to help low-income students

By WSN Editorial Board April 12, 2021

Each year, NYU touts accepting their most diverse class ever, admitting a myriad of international students, first-generation college-attendees and students from underrepresented communities. This year,...