Marijuana legalization is too hot to ignore

With Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate and the Republican presidential debates over the last few weeks, mainstream political candidates have finally been able to give...

Florence embraces historical prestige, offers modernity

Florence, the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, proves it has more to offer than art alone.

Men must take on active role in fight for gender equality

The privileged must stand up for the under-privileged.

Sexualization of Young Actors Is Unacceptable

Netflix released the second season of its hit science-fiction thriller, “Stranger Things,” just in time for Halloween 2017. Fans were not disappointed — by...

New Year’s resolutions are pointless

This New Year’s day, make a resolution to swear off resolutions. Self-betterment efforts shouldn’t just be an annual event.

Antiquated Voting Equipment Threatens Democracy

Like clockwork, every four years, presidential elections spark a debate on the faults of the voting system in America. Because it is unlikely that...

Questions remain about Harper Lee sequel

In the American literary canon, few books have been as enduringly successful as Harper Lee’s 1960 novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Following the release...

Pay Interns Before You Profit Off Them

Earlier this year, the New York State Bar Association Committee on Ethics ruled that law firms can bill their clients for hours worked by...

Voter ID laws encourage voter apathy

Voters should not take their rights for granted, especially in an election when stringent voter ID laws are putting into place.

Hillary Clinton for President 2016

Though she has openly stated her retirement from politics, columnist Woodruff argues why Clinton would be the best candidate for president.

A Response to ‘Here’s a Tip, Don’t Tip Your Waiters’

The piece published on Feb. 20 — "Here's a Tip, Don't Tip Your Waiters," raises some valid points about payment for workers in the...

When in Doubt, Listen to the Forecast

This past Wednesday was not a good day for NYU. On top of the brutal snowstorm, thousands of NYU students descended from their residencies,...