U.S. shows numbness toward gun violence

The recent shooting rampage at Bryant Park, which didn't even break into local headlines, raises the important concern of an American desensitization to mass shootings.

U.S. government manipulates language, violates Constitution

Similar to the government in George Orwell's '1984,' the U.S. government has manipulated language, extended warfare, and used constant surveillance of its own citizens.

Sexton response to labor violations limited

Independent investigative firm Nardello & Co. released a report last week in response to allegations of labor violations at the NYU Abu Dhabi campus dating...

Pope Francis lays foundations for personal choice within church

Pope Francis's statement last week about welcoming personal choices shows his dedication to tolerance within the Catholic church.

House Republicans should support Senate debt ceiling proposal

House Republicans need to get their act together, or risk a blow to the U.S. economy.

President must put due process above security concerns

As the plaintiffs of Hedges v. Obama argued, the rights of private citizens to a fair trial should always come before the government's security concerns.

Focus on the rankings that matter

It's no secret that NYU is an excellent institution. Not only are our professors at the top of their academic and professional games, but...

Syrian Ceasefire Undermined by Russia’s Political Bullying

Following an extensive day of negotiations on Thursday, representatives of countries centrally involved in the Syrian war reached a tenuous agreement to ease hostilities....

Non-citizen voting step in right direction

The New York City council is currently drafting a bill that will allow non-citizens with legal immigration status to vote in municipal elections. If...

Changes WSN Editorial Board hopes to see by 2016

In wake of the 2012 election, certain issues such as the economy, women's rights and funding for higher education will hopefully be on the way to improvements by 2016.

U.S. must play active role in climate change policy-making

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan, the United States can no longer delay taking serious steps toward combating climate change.

Stop Calling Hillary Clinton a Republican

It is a common refrain for Bernie supporters: “Hillary Clinton is no different from the Republicans.” While pithy, this talking point is grounded in...