Livestrong should not suffer because of Armstrong’s fall

Despite Lance Armstrong's doping charges, his charity for cancer research should still be respected for its commitment to cancer research.

$15 wage necessary for workers

On a $15 dollar minimum wage, someone working 40 hours per week, 50 weeks per year, would take home only $30,000 per year —...

Fiorina Is Anything but Feminist

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz, faced with the death knell of his presidential prospects, attempted to inject some life into his bid by announcing Carly...

China’s hacking of U.S. corporations wages cyberwar

As evidence continues to surface of Chinese military efforts to hack American corporate computer systems, the United States must prepare for a new kind of arms race: a cyber one.

More casinos in New York present risky bet

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's plan to build seven casinos in New York is a bad investment in the long term.

Veterans deserve better health care, service

Veterans Day is supposed to be a day of honoring those who served in the armed forces. But beyond that, U.S. vets deserve better care when returning home.

Mizzou president resigns but protesters must remain focused

News broke Monday that the president of the University of Missouri would resign after months of racial tension that came to a head this...

Subway security unlikely to stop attack

An Oct. 13 report from NBC focusing on federal officials’ warnings of possible ISIS-inspired attacks against law enforcement agents and high-profile figures seems to implicitly...

LinkNYC benefits outweigh costs

Under a plan announced on Monday, Nov. 17, New York City’s antiquated payphones will finally be replaced by modern technology. The plan, called LinkNYC, will...

Policymakers must shift focus outside classroom

Recent efforts by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to improve the quality of public education are necessary yet insufficient. Cuomo and lawmakers reached a $142 billion...

U.S. needs prescription drug monitoring

With prescription drug abuse so common in the country, the FDA must be quicker to act in preventing the overuse of addictive prescription drugs.

Divest’s activism is the answer to bureaucratic heel-dragging

NYU Divest, a group calling for the administration to divest from fossil fuels, has been more active than ever this semester. Even after the...