Lawmakers use money to distract from gun ownership issues

In the wake of mass shootings, lawmakers hope to require expensive insurance policies to discourage firearm ownership.

Congressional wage reductions should be added to sequester

On Friday, President Obama officially signed the order to begin $85 billion in across-the-board budget cuts for 2013. I have a message for Congress:...

Pope’s resignation shines light on Church’s standards

Pope Benedict XVI’s abdication tells us that unless the Catholic Church adapts to contemporary society, it will continue to widen the gap between followers and leaders.

Bloomberg and NYCHA Board must be held accountable to public housing residents

Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Housing Authority Board need to address the public housing system's deep-seated problems and be held accountable to its residents.

Professor Dworkin leaves behind a formidable intellectual legacy

Ronald Dworkin, top legal philosopher and an NYU law professor, made the case that moral notions have to be invoked in order for law to be truly justified,.

Vague national borders complicate international disputes

The Department of Homeland Security has recently declared that unwarranted border searches of electronic devices are constitutional. However, border is defined as 100 miles within an actual border.

China’s hacking of U.S. corporations wages cyberwar

As evidence continues to surface of Chinese military efforts to hack American corporate computer systems, the United States must prepare for a new kind of arms race: a cyber one.

Support of protestors needed to reform India

Blaming Islam for the high rape rates in India is both irrational and counterproductive, when we should focus on legal reform.

Anthropologist rightfully denounces militarization

Top anthropologist Marshall Sahlins’ resignation from the National Academy of Sciences brings up questions of scientific goals and application.

In memory of José Vazquez

Great mentors can have an indelible impact on our lives. In the wake of the passing of LSP professor José Vázquez, one of his former students, alumnus Eli Epstein, reflects on the intimate connection he shared with the late professor.

Housing policy changes impose unfair restraints on freshmen

Incoming freshmen to room with a "geographically diverse" roommate severely restricts freshmen residential life.

UNC dishonors rape victim with expulsion threats

The University of North Carolina expulsion threats to a rape victim are reminiscent of honor killing.