Letter to the Editor: ‘Protecting the Right to Advocate at NYU’

A response criticizing WSN’s editorial that ran this week, attempting to clear up the circumstances of why the Israeli flag was hung in front of the Palestinian flag.

A Response to Your Letter in Support of Minority Students at NYU Stern

To the NYU Student Senators Council, Thank you for your letter from April 20. At the outset, we would like to take the opportunity to unequivocally...

Letter to the Editor: “More Welcome, Less Weak”

Dear Members of the Washington Square News Editorial Board, Thank you for sharing your opinions and feedback on Welcome Week. We appreciate your insight and...

Letter to the Editor: ‘NYU Must Cut Ties with Aramark’

Dear Editor, Aramark’s recent handling of a menu meant to celebrate African Heritage Month deserved the reaction that many have voiced, including the Washington Square...

Asian Americans Are Asian Enough

Last Monday, WSN published an op-ed by NYU student Ryan Moon titled “Struggling to Define Asian-American in 2019.” I experienced a sense of indignation...

Letter to the Editor: ‘The Moses Center Needs a Makeover’

It was disheartening to read a disparaging article on the Moses Center for Students with Disabilities, abbreviated as CSD, ultimately based on the feedback...

Letter to the Editor: NYU Keeps Selling Water Bottles Despite ‘Bottle Ban’

Last week, President Hamilton announced that starting Jan. 1, 2020, the university would no longer purchase bottled water as part of the administration’s plan...

Letter to the Editor: “How Can NYU Mourn the Loss of a Student?”

In this response to our editorial discussing the loss of an NYU student, spokesperson John Beckman explains the university's stance on announcing student suicides when they happen.

Letter to the Editor: ‘NYU Isn’t Representing Women in STEM’

A response from the dean of Tandon to a column about school pushes to promote gender equality in STEM.