Why NYU Needs to Support Students Who Serve

Several countries require their citizens to serve in the military. NYU, as a university with a large population of international students, should implement military service incentives for these students.

Geopolitics Matters to Us All

Perhaps due to the vast size of the United States and the fact that 64 percent of us have never left the country, domestic...
alexandra chan

US Politicians Don’t Know How to Deal With Hong Kong

Images of a rally outside the U.S. embassy in Hong Kong peppered local news outlets and social media in September. Protesters clad in black...

Recognizing the Bravery of Kurdistan’s Women

In the wake of Yazidi activist Nadia Murad's Nobel Peace Prize, Deputy Opinion Editor Hanna Khosravi argues for support and recognition of the Kurds in their current fight against ISIS.

Redefining Environmental Activism

Environmental activism is not unique to the 21st century. For hundreds of years, countless individuals have fought for a cleaner and healthier Earth. The...

India’s Rising #MeToo Movement

Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court was far from the end of the #MeToo movement — just look at the recent push in India to hold sexual assaulters accountable.

We Need to Talk About the Dangers of Journalism

It is our duty as a nation with free speech to pay attention to the violence against journalists occurring internationally.

Don’t Forget About Iraqi Women When War Occurs

Since the 1980s, the United States has continued to meddle in Iraq and Iran. The constant invasions, coup d’etats and forced instillations of Western...

Don’t Be Racist About the Health Crisis

News of the novel coronavirus has spread quickly, and as a result, also led to the promotion of racist and xenophobic reactions. Fear of...

Why NYU Must Support the Resolution on the Human Rights of Palestinians

Our tuition is funding human rights violations — we must hold NYU accountable and put an end to this practice.

The Nuances of Donating Clothes

When we donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army, it is with good intentions — to help people in need and to be more sustainable...

Progressives Should Oppose Maduro’s Venezuela

A failed government riddled with corruption, human rights abuse allegations and a criminal disregard for the well being of their people. A government that...