NYU Needs to Rename Steinhardt

Over the break, the nation’s headlines were filled with the name Steinhardt. Michael Steinhardt —  a retired hedge fund manager and namesake of NYU’s...

Allowing for Ronell’s Return Creates Culture of Contradiction

This past week, WSN reported on a professor returning to teach at NYU this coming fall after she was accused of sexual harassment by...

NYU’s LA Campus: An Attempt to Rise up the Ranks

NYU’s developments in LA are the latest in the university’s push to rise to the top.

What NYU Gets Wrong About Confronting Racism

Last week, graduate student Shahem Mclaurin posted a tweet — which has since gone viral — about racial discrimination he experienced in one of...

NYU Moves Away From Aramark — But Not Far Enough

Aramark is on its way out the door after a host of controversies, including last year’s health inspection of Lipton Dining Hall and the...

A Semester in Review

This past semester, we’ve strived to accurately and critically cover the state of NYU. As the Editorial Board of WSN, we have a sense...

On Press Freedom at NYU

The Editorial Board discusses our experience at the LS town hall and how it speaks to a larger problem of free speech both on and off campus.

A Semester in Review

The Editorial Board reflects on some of the most important NYU topics of the semester and our stances on them.

Language for a Changing World

The question of how to fairly write and talk about race in journalism has come under controversy in journalism in the last few years....

Stonewall Celebration: Moving Forward by Recognizing Our Past

Why NYU’s choice to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the transformative Stonewall riots is a crucial step towards the recognition of our history as an NYU community.

Analyzing the Administration’s Affair With Amazon

Last semester, Amazon announced its decision to build its second headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. After several protests from local residents and activists,...

Our Failed Attempts to Reach the Board of Trustees

The WSN Editorial Board investigates the lack of transparency between the NYU Board of Trustees and the student body, including the relationship between the Board and this publication.