NYU’s LA Campus: An Attempt to Rise up the Ranks

NYU’s developments in LA are the latest in the university’s push to rise to the top.

What NYU Gets Wrong About Confronting Racism

Last week, graduate student Shahem Mclaurin posted a tweet — which has since gone viral — about racial discrimination he experienced in one of...

On Press Freedom at NYU

The Editorial Board discusses our experience at the LS town hall and how it speaks to a larger problem of free speech both on and off campus.

A Semester in Review

The Editorial Board reflects on some of the most important NYU topics of the semester and our stances on them.

Our Failed Attempts to Reach the Board of Trustees

The WSN Editorial Board investigates the lack of transparency between the NYU Board of Trustees and the student body, including the relationship between the Board and this publication.

Stamp Out Sexual Harassers

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and the recent unprecedented level of awareness surrounding sexual misconduct, one would think that NYU, a university...

Lessons From the Shutdown: Local Organizing Still Works

While we were on break, so too was the government. The longest government shutdown in U.S. history paralyzed the nation over the alleged issue...

The Climate Change Report Is Harrowing — But Is It Our Fault?

We have an institutional responsibility to help resolve climate change, but the emphasis on individual actions to reduce waste is not enough.

Global Citizen Affirms Fear Is the New Normal

This past weekend, a shooting scare shocked thousands in the crowds at the Global Citizen Festival, a social justice-oriented concert held in Central Park...

NYU Failed Students of Color in Stern

With students coming forth and sharing stories of discomfort and discrimination at NYU’s Stern School of Business, we believe it is time for a...

We Don’t Hate How NYU Handled Lipton Hate Symbols

Following incidents of hateful vandalism in its second floor lounge, Lipton Residence Hall’s administration team swiftly addressed the issue with the degree of seriousness...

Democracy at NYU Is Dying

Over the summer, NYU’s Board of Trustees voted to keep the board free of both student and faculty representation. The board rejected three University...