The Misleading Nature of Veganism

In the complex, polarizing world of nutrition and diets, people tend to favor black and white rules to answer their questions. But simple answers...

Tax Traffic to Fix the Subway and Save the Environment

With the issue of climate change ballooning, New York City has no time to lose in passing congestion pricing legislation, a measure that would improve both sustainability and transportation through a tax system.

Anti-Climate Change Panel Is Grounded in Money, Not Science

Last week, the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump was considering assembling a panel — the Presidential Committee on Climate Security — to...

Finding a Valuable Lesson in the Melting of Antarctica

For the last few years, two fault lines in the Brunt Ice Shelf, near the westward Coats Lands region of Antarctica, have been slowly...

The Quandaries of Abstaining From Double Cheeseburgers

Writer Natasha Jokic takes a look at her relationship with vegetarianism and explores the extent of the role of the individual in environmental impact.

The Climate Change Report Is Harrowing — But Is It Our Fault?

We have an institutional responsibility to help resolve climate change, but the emphasis on individual actions to reduce waste is not enough.

Thinking of Decarbonization Like a Well-Funded Research Project

While NYU’S 2040 carbon neutrality plan is a step in the right direction, it will ultimately take much more concrete research and planning to fight climate change.

NYU Needs to Take Back the Tap

With NYU’s Washington Square Park campus being in a city that has the “champagne of drinking water,” why is it that we still sell...

When Climate Policy Isn’t Enough

Nearly 300 activists were arrested in London yesterday for taking part in the Extinction Rebellion, a movement dedicated to using nonviolent tactics to bring...

In California, My Home Is One of the Lucky Ones

In the face of the twin tragedies of the wildfires raging in California, it is crucial to consider our responsibility to protect our citizens and to protect our planet when it comes to climate change.

The Conservatism of Climate Estimates

The beginning of 2019 in climate politics was defined by one phrase — “faster than previously thought.” Many have been caught off guard by...

Combating Climate Change Begins With Citizens

The earth’s climate has changed naturally way before the industrial revolution at a pace that gave life time to adapt. However, it is now...