Starving From My Social Media Fast

It was in four different TED talks where I heard this same message — quitting social media can result in an increased propensity for...

Here’s a Tip, Don’t Tip Your Waiters

When many foreigners first receive their bill after eating at a New York City restaurant, two things will take them by surprise: the sky-high...

The Death of the Hobby Is Sadder Than We Think

People today pursue hobbies at lower rates, and that has more significant implications than one would expect.

Racial Purgatory: Between Black and White

I recently saw a tweet about how if “y’all had papers y’all would be good”  Due to righteous backlash from Latins of all races...

The 2018 Oscars: The Year Diversity Won

On Sunday night, the biggest names in the film industry gathered at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles for the 90th Annual Academy Awards. In...

Letter From the Editor: College Newspapers Are Dying, Let’s Save Them

Dear readers, Today, we’re having a conversation about journalism — a craft, a career path, an industry that is currently hemorrhaging before our eyes and at...

A Bad Sequel Isn’t the Same as A Cash Grab

Calling it one reduces the genuine, artistic intention of wanting to expand upon existing fictional universes.

Queer Bars Should Be More Inclusive

Assuming someone’s sexuality from their appearance in queer bars turns an LGBTQ safe space into an unwelcoming one.

Snow Bunnies Aren’t a Type and Neither Am I

A while back I was casually involved with a guy. He was also black. As we watched a show in his dorm room one...

Asian Artists Should Be Free to Tell Their Stories

Asian musical theater artists have compelling stories to tell, and the demographic of theater-goers shouldn’t stop them.

Kendrick Lamar Is a Black Artist, Not a Wack Artist

Kendrick Lamar’s unprecedented Pulitzer Prize win for his fourth studio album “DAMN.” marks another rung on the ladder of hip-hop’s ascent. With artists like...

You Can Stop Pretending You Don’t Like Romantic Comedies

The romantic comedy genre is full of fun, light-hearted films that provide insight into relationships. Let’s all finally allow ourselves to be happy, guilt-free viewers.