Game Center heads to Brooklyn, finds new home at MAGNET Center

The Game Center has moved from a basement in Tisch to a new facility in Brooklyn this year.

On Highly Anticipated Election Day, NYU Goes to the Polls

With the possibility of Democrats taking control of the House of Representatives and gaining the ability to check the Trump Administration’s power, students across the university mailed in their ballots and took to polling...

NYU to host first healthcare makerthon over weekend

NYU will host its first Healthcare Innovation Makerthon Conference this weekend, the result of the collaboration between the NYU School of Medicine and the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute. The initiative will give participants a chance...

Bronx locals angered over sale of historic postal building

Bronx residents are opposing the sale of a post office designated as a historical landmark.

Americans Mourn September Eleventh Amid and Despite the Pandemic

During a national tragedy — a pandemic that at press time has killed at least 192,000 Americans — hundreds gathered around a twin-fountain memorial to remember, grieve and mourn another national tragedy — 9/11....

Trans* Awareness Week events seek to inform transgender community, outsiders

From Nov. 18 to 21, the LGBTQ Student Center will be hosting Trans* Awareness Week.

Candidate for Iranian presidency visits NYU

Iranian Presidential candidate Hooshang Amirahmadi visits NYU.

Occupy Wall Street celebrates two years

The Occupy Wall Street movement marched to Washington Square Park to commemorate its two-year anniversary.

Bronfman Center Sends Aid to Las Vegas After Mass Shooting

Following the vigil held on Monday, Oct. 2 at Kimmel Center for University Life, the Bronfman Center’s director, Yehuda Sarna, made a Facebook post asking for volunteers and financial support for a relief trip...

Locals Oppose NYU’s Updated 181 Mercer Plan

Last year, NYU announced its $128 million structure at 181 Mercer St. that will replace the demolished Coles Sports Center. Ever since the project began, residents of 88 Bleecker St. and 200 Mercer St.,...

NYU Reacts: Plastic bag tax

On Nov. 19, the New York City Council held a hearing about whether or not to put a 10-cent tax on plastic bags in grocery stores. This legislation proposal has caused debate within the...