Non-tenured faculty make case for greater representation at Senate meeting

Effective Sept. 1, 27 full time contract/non-tenure track faculty will be added to the University Senate.

Fundraising on track to reach $1 billion

A year after its creation, the fundraising for the NYU Momentum campaign, an initiative that raises funds for scholarships, is ahead of schedule, exceeding last year’s campaign goal by $5 million. The Momentum campaign, created...

Framing the issue: financial aid/student loans

Financial aid is a crucial issue for many students this election season.

Offensive Messages Found in Freshman Tandon Group Chat

In a group chat for members of the class of 2021 enrolled in the Tandon School of Engineering, racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic and sexually explicit jokes and comments have been exchanged since at least...

Tisch removes Bill Cosby’s name from film workshop

Amid the recent controversy surrounding Bill Cosby, the television personality’s name has been removed from the Tisch School of the Arts’ William H. Cosby Future Filmmakers Workshop. NYU spokesperson Matt Nagel said the Future Filmmakers...

Tandon Team Creates ‘Master Prints’ to Trick Your Devices

A team of Tandon faculty and students has used machine learning to create “master prints” that can dupe fingerprint identification systems like those found on smartphones.

NYU Alumna Wins $100,000 Journalism Prize

Last week, NYU alumna Jaeah Lee won one of the two inaugural American Mosaic Journalism Prizes. With an unrestricted prize of $100,000 — more than six times the amount a Pulitzer Prize winner receives...

NYU College Democrats Named Best Chapter

Last weekend, the NYU College Democrats were named Chapter of the Year by the College Democrats of America at the CDA’s national convention in Las Vegas, according to CAS junior Ryan Trumbauer. Trumbauer, who is...

Timeline of Controversial Figures at NYU

The NYU College Republicans have invited three conservative guests to speak this academic year, but controversy has shrouded each visit. NYU first cancelled Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos’s NYUCR talk in October. In an email from...

TEDxNYU talks approval voting

CAS politics professor Steven Brams advocates for an innovative voting process, which, if implemented, could lead to a better political system. He discussed this in his talk, titled “Is There a Better Way to...

NYU professor Julia Pascal’s play now showing in London

WSN sat down for a Q and A with NYU London's playwright Julia Pascal.

$114M of NYU’s Gifts From Donors in China, UAE

Donations from China and the UAE to NYU totaled $114 million from 2012 to 2018.