Student Tweet About Racist Email Gains Traction

A student detailed via Twitter an act of racial discrimination he experienced on Tuesday, warranting a response from the Silver School of Social Work. Silver first-year graduate student Shahem Mclaurin, who is currently in Paris,...

Henry Kissinger Told to ‘Rot in Hell,’ Disrupted Four Times During Talk at Stern

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's visit to NYU Stern sparked protests from campus activists.

‘Alt-Right’ Leader Slated to Speak at NYU

The conservative pundit Milo Yiannopoulos will speak on issues like cultural appropriation in a class taught by “deplorable” professor Michael Rectenwald.

University Receives Over 84,000 Applications for Class of 2023

NYU received over 84,000 applications for first-year admission into the Class of 2023, according to a university press release. The number of applications has climbed every year for the past 12 years, although the increase...

NYU Lies to Graduate Students About Healthcare Plan

Last summer, over 1,000 students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences were notified that they would face higher co-pays and less coverage under NYU’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan. They were told by...

Behind Bars, Three Men Graduate With Their NYU Degrees

Jermaine Haywood, Rakeem Golson and Isaac Ray graduated from NYU’s Prison Education Program on Monday.

NYU Postpones Milo Yiannopoulos Halloween Talk at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Request

Yiannopoulos was scheduled to talk to Professor Michael Recentwald’s writing class.

NYU Professor Warns Of Polarized Campuses

With protests against college speakers becoming commonplace at NYU and other campuses, this Stern professor explores the root cause: extreme political polarization.

NYU to Open New Medical School on Long Island

With a shortage of primary care physicians across the country, NYU’s new medical school will exclusively train students for primary-care work.

30 NYU Clubs Pledge ‘Non-Cooperation’ With NYU Tel Aviv

Various clubs throughout campus pledge against NYU Tel Aviv in solidarity with Palestinian liberation efforts.

NYU Study Suggests Vaping Increases Risk of Cancer and Heart Diseases

A safe alternative to smoking cigarettes with all the same head-rush-inducing, nicotine pleasure — that is the idea behind e-cigarettes, which have quickly gained popularity in recent years among young adults, college students and...

Acceptance Rate Drops to 19 Percent for the Class of 2022

The acceptance rate for the NYU Class of 2022 fell to a record low of 19 percent after admissions decisions were released this Thursday. The university extended offers of admission to 15,722 prospective students, after...