GLS senior co-founds Global Magazine

Serena Guen launched her international publication last spring, which is now circulating 10,000 copies in 30 countries around the world.

Exhibit displays Guernica as city of peace

A photojournalism exhibit on display at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center for the next few weeks focuses on the peace that come out of the gruesome 1937 bombings.

Art in Odd Places graces street in New York City

Art in Odd Places: MODEL will open this Friday on 14th Street.

What’s in your bag?

Freshman Julia Dankberg carries her memories and essentials with her wherever she goes.

Target gets innovative with new episodic ad campaign

Target's new ad campaign, which includes a series of interactive videos, features Kristen Bell.

Runway solutions to messy morning hair

When pressed for time in the morning, try these quick, chic looks.

Top five blogs to satisfy sartorial cravings

Check out these five fashion-forward blogs for your fall and winter style inspirations.

Gallatin freshman gets head start in fashion industry

Tori Holbrook shares her experiences of interning at the Peter Som showroom.

South Korean entertainment show brings tourists to Think

Think Coffee has surged in popularity among South Koreans after being featured on an entertainment show.

Top St. Marks spots for cheap Asian eats

Stop by these great Asian eateries on St. Marks Place.

Food truck expands to LES storefront

Founder of The Bistro Truck is venturing his affordable Morrocan- and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine in a cozy Lower Easide Side restaurant.

Fun apps to keep you fit and slim

Here are five apps that can help users balance exercise with their busy schedules.