Staff Fits: Sloppy and Stylish for the WSN Staff Party

A look at what WSN staff members wore to our first party of the semester.

Staying Warm Without Staying In

How to use staple wardrobe pieces to maintain function and fashion.

The Politics of Cosmetics

As a rapidly growing, multi-billion dollar industry, cosmetics have become a centerpiece of American culture. The United States cosmetics industry generated an estimated $62.46 billion in revenue last year and will only keep growing....

The Best Beauty Products of 2018 According to NYU Kids

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False Fitness and Flat Tummy Tea

Scrolling through the Instagram Explore page will surely provide you with an onslaught of pretty faces and toned bodies, photoshopped or otherwise. The self-image people strive for often seems unachievable. But nothing could stop...

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Brandless Puts on a Pop-up With a Purpose

High quality, organic, cruelty-free, non-GMO, $3 — wait, $3? Brandless, an online grocery store, sells everything from olive oil to toothpaste all for exactly $3. And you can get your hands on these cheap,...

The Student Operating a Hair Salon From Her Dorm

We’ve all had our traumatic experiences when it comes to hair. That bowl cut in elementary school your mom thought was so adorable? Looking back at the pictures makes you cringe. Going from brown...

Staff Fits: Stressed, But Well Dressed

Staff fits is a Beauty & Style series where staff members spill their style secrets. Fresh from the WSN office, our staff shares how they dress for our most hectic day of the week.

I Wore the Same Outfit Everyday for a Week

Call the fashion police, because this girl just outfit repeated — seven times in a row.