Not Under-Plucked or Over-Tweezed, Brow Technicians to Trust

Put the DIY boxes down and leave your brows in the hands of professionals

Enter the Pink Haven of Glossier’s New Flagship Store

SoHo just got a little Glossier

Something Old, Something Pink and Something to Make You Think of Home

Inside everyone’s wardrobe, there are a few key items: the go-to’s, the study hoodie, the going-out tops, the little black dress LBD and of course, the favorite. Steinhardt sophomore Iman Dabbous’ favorite blazer envelopes...

Staff Fits: Stressed, But Well Dressed

Staff fits is a Beauty & Style series where staff members spill their style secrets. Fresh from the WSN office, our staff shares how they dress for our most hectic day of the week.

Old Books, the End of the World and Other Things You Can Smell Like...

It’s hard to get excited for fall while a frigid gust whips your face as you turn onto Broadway. Instead of facing the change of season with force, why not face it with fragrance?...

I Wore the Same Outfit Everyday for a Week

Call the fashion police, because this girl just outfit repeated — seven times in a row.

Halloween Is About Feeling Safe in Your Self-Expression

For NYU students, Halloween is an opportunity to let loose and adopt an alternate identity.

Brandless Puts on a Pop-up With a Purpose

High quality, organic, cruelty-free, non-GMO, $3 — wait, $3? Brandless, an online grocery store, sells everything from olive oil to toothpaste all for exactly $3. And you can get your hands on these cheap,...

What Would Devon Do?

When I met Devon Lee Carlson outside of a concert a couple weeks ago, she talked to me as if we were best friends. We bonded over our outfits, phone cases and dogs. One...

Camp Kicks Out Catholic Imagination in Met Costume Institute

“Camp taste is, above all, a mode of enjoyment, of appreciation — not judgment,” Susan Sontag writes in her 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp.’” As the Metropolitan Museum of Art draws the curtain on its...

Staff Fits: Sloppy and Stylish for the WSN Staff Party

A look at what WSN staff members wore to our first party of the semester.