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A beret, a top hat, a cowboy hat, a floppy hat and a sun hat against a light green background.

Through the looking-hat: What we as a society can learn from hats

My journey from hattraction to hatdiction to hatving no more puns to put in this description.
Max Tiefer, Copy Chief and WSN’s Unofficial Rabbi May 4, 2022

You all read the headline. You know what I’m about. Yes, for the past semester, I have embodied that most loathsome of college archetypes — second only to the fiscal conservative...

An anterior view of a lot the size of a New York City house filled with racks of clothes and tables for jewelry and other smaller items with graffiti on the wall in the background.

Ludlow Flea Market offers unique, sustainable pieces at affordable prices

Stories from a vibrant community of upcyclers and secondhand fashion enthusiasts who've set up shop in the Lower East Side.
Bella Ingber and Mayee Yeh April 29, 2022

The Ludlow Flea Market at 159 Ludlow St., a 20-minute walk from NYU’s Washington Square Park campus, was my first secondhand shopping experience. I had absolutely no idea what...

An illustration of six clothing items against a green background. Items include a pair of pink pants, a green purse, cheetah-print sunglasses, a ballet wrap skirt, ’70s-inspired flared pants and a cream knit bodycon dress.

Trend forecast for your warm-weather wardrobe

Stressed about what to wear after you put away your winter clothes? Here’s what all the it-girls are wearing and where you can get their looks.
Autumn Kaufman, Contributing Writer April 1, 2022

Spring is the season of bright colors, funky patterns and the emergence of new trends that allow you to stay stylish in the heat. Looking at what the social media trendsetters...

An illustration with a purple background, featuring three Instagram posts with two women in swimsuits, and another one wearing a strapless dress and pink sunglasses.

Struggling with beauty standards while growing up Black

Beauty standards are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. Existing between multiple cultures can make it feel impossible.
Maia-Olivia McDonald, Contributing Writer March 24, 2022

Beauty is contextual and temporal. I, being Afro-Caribbean, have endlessly struggled with that interpretation. Caribbean beauty standards. Black American, particularly Southern,...

An illustration of the back of a Black girl’s head while she sprays products into her hair in front of a mirror. On the right is a table with eight assorted hair care product containers.

The US hair care industry lags behind in accepting Black hair

Hair is an essential part of Black identity and culture in America. It’s time for hair care brands to reflect that.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer March 11, 2022

Hair matters. It is a part of our identity, our sense of self. Hair is an extension of culture, a unified experience. But my hair did not start mattering to me on a personal level...

An illustration of a cell phone showcasing on the screen a Tik Tok app video, with a sign that reads “Shein Haul”. Under this, a girl with brown hair and a yellow sweater holding 5 plastic packages.

Slow down and resist fast fashion

TikTok keeps telling me to buy more clothes. The planet is begging me to stop.
Mika Chipana, Contributing Writer March 3, 2022

As an infrequent user of social media, I dedicate one evening a week to a guilty pleasure: mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Recently, a video claiming to predict spring and...

Three bottles of fragrance on a blue background. From left to right: Bleu de Chanel, Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford and Sauvage by Dior

Up your scent game and empty your wallet with these 6 designer fragrances

Wake up and smell the patchouli, we’re going fragrance shopping.
Ary Russell, Contributing Writer February 25, 2022

If you’re like me, you absolutely dread walking into Sephora. While you might love testing out the latest eyeshadow palettes and fragrances, chances are you will face the inevitable...

Eighteen mannequins display clothing by famous ’90s designers in the Museum at FIT. Unfinished wooden slats separate the exhibit into sections.

The Museum at FIT showcases the ’90s as a decade of ‘Reinvention and Restlessness’

A new must-see exhibition looks back on the themes that shaped a decade in fashion.
Carina Christo, Contributing Writer February 23, 2022

2022 is all about Y2K. Walk to class and you’ll most likely see a few pairs of low-rise jeans, cargo pants and UGGs on your way. Urban Outfitters now has a category on its website...

(Photo by Justin Park)

Foresight into fashion’s future: emerging designers’ visions for menswear

Fashion Week commenced with New York Men’s Day. Budding brands were invited to showcase their Fall/Winter 2022 collections, and the next generation of designers shared their interpretations of modern menswear.
Mitesh Shrestha, Sports Editor February 18, 2022

From the heights of a Hudson Yards high-rise, the New York Men’s Day afternoon showing commenced against the backdrop of an uncharacteristically bright February day. The showcase...

(Photo by Justin Park)

You can sit with us: CISE brings empowering pieces to the NYFW showroom

At the Black In Fashion Council’s Fall/Winter 2022 showroom, CISE and other designers provided both artistry and community support.
Con Xie, Contributing Writer February 17, 2022

On the sleek, minimalistic fifth floor of Soho’s Spring Studios, up-and-coming clothing and accessories brand CISE joined three other brands for the second half of the Black...

(Photo by Camille Harvell)

Dancers stole the show at the 2022 Uplive x Hekka NYFW runway show

Everyone had the same favorite moment of the Uplive x Hekka show. And it had nothing to do with the clothing.
Tess Tamar, Contributing Writer February 17, 2022

Influencers flooded Moonlight Studios, taking pictures and posting videos as they waited for the show to start. Celebrities filled the crowd, from Maye Musk, mother of Elon Musk,...

(Photo by Celia Tewey)

Claudia Li brings another quirky, playful collection to Fashion Week

The New Zealand-born designer breaks convention with a Fall/Winter 2022 collection featuring fresh springy floral prints.
Vivian Stockley, Beauty & Style Editor February 17, 2022

Claudia Li isn’t afraid to break a few rules. Founded in 2015, her brand CLAUDIA LI is known for playful prints, quirky silhouettes and unexpected fabric and cut combinations...