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Mini-Fringe 2021

By Sam Brinton, Beauty & Style Editor May 7, 2021

The weather’s getting warmer, vaccination numbers are climbing and Washington Square Park is more bustling than ever. Students have emerged from their bedrooms and shed their Zoom sweatpants in favor...

Being a world-renowned fashion event, New York Fashion Week brings thousands of attendees from around the world to the city every year. This year, with the ongoing pandemic situation, the Beauty & Style section at Washington Square News has decided not to cover the gathering. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Why WSN Will Not Cover New York Fashion Week In-Person This Year

By Bella Gil, Culture Editor September 11, 2020

New York Fashion Week has historically brought thousands of attendees from around the world to the city every year, but 2020 is no ordinary year. With how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the United...

Marie Claire Design Director Wanyi Jiang is a Gallatin Alumna. The creative has worked through multiple magazines and setbacks but keeps pushing forward. (Photo by Wanyi Jiang)

Wanyi Jiang Has Put in the Work but Makes It Look Easy

By Carol Lee, Editor-at-Large May 7, 2020

It’s hard not to fall in love with Marie Claire Design Director Wanyi Jiang. It might be downright impossible. If you’re not lucky enough to meet the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study alumna...

A model wears a piece by designer Miashan at New York Fashion Week 2020. The fashion industry has been forced to evaluate how it can remain operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

Fast-Fashion in the Face of the Coronavirus

By Divya Nelakonda, Beauty & Style Editor April 9, 2020

Long before the coronavirus, the future for the fashion industry was grim. As the pandemic spread to Italy as the Fall 2020 fashion week in Milan was beginning, widespread panic and paranoia loomed over...

Quarantine has given us plenty of free time. With salons and beauty parlors closed across the country, there are still ways you can practice self-care from the comfort of your home. (Staff Photo by Divya Nelakonda)

Creative Self-Care in Uncertain Times

By Addison Aloian, Deputy Culture Editor April 2, 2020

Thinking of ways to still implement self-care into your routine despite all spas and salons having closed due to the coronavirus? Look no further — here are some creative hair masks, face masks and bath...

Hofstetter reflects on her bangs days after cutting them. She has decided on a positive outlook, though dislikes the negative perception of her mental health. (Staff photo by Abby Hofstetter)

Yes, I Got Quarantine Bangs

By Abby Hofstetter, Managing Editor March 26, 2020

Let me preface this by saying that I did not cut my own hair. I’ve wanted bangs for a while. Actually, I’m not sure if I wanted bangs as much as I was curious to see what I would look like with...

Multi colored perfume bottles line a windowsill. The WSN Culture desk is here to discuss some of their favorite perfumes. (Staff Photo by Bella Gil)

Culture Desk Faves: Signature Scents

If you asked someone, “What perfume are you wearing right now?” most people would be able to answer in a heartbeat.The Culture Desk dishes below on what scent defines them (at the time): Fragonard...

Name brand Louis Vuitton counterfeit bags are extremely common and easily purchased. NYU students share their thoughts on counterfeit goods. (Photo by Chia Chen Lee)

Counterfeit Callout: Are Counterfeit Goods Worth Buying?

By Sara Miranda, Under the Arch Multimedia Editor March 13, 2020

Gucci purses and Louis Vuitton wallets can be found at a steep discount on many street corners throughout Manhattan. The accessibility to these goods and their low prices that are incessantly heralded...

Gallatin first-year Liv Solomon pursues several art forms in her free time. In addition to photography, she has also ventured into film, modeling, and drawing tattoos. (Staff Photo by Alexandra Chan)

This First Year Multidisciplinary Artist Does It All

By Alex Christiano, Contributing Writer March 9, 2020

A quick glance at Gallatin first-year Liv Solomon’s Instagram tells you all you need to know about the depth of her artistic talent. Her pages, @livsolomon and @livmarked, are filled with fascinating...

Tisch freshman Cole Swanson reads his Black Swan Magazine in Washington Square Park. The sophomore issue of the magazine was published on February 29. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Tisch First-Year’s Black Swan Magazine Makes Debut

By Chad Evans, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

The photograph of Tisch first-year, Cole Swanson, cast in a monochrome of hazy purples on the cover of Black Swan Magazine felt vaguely nostalgic. Instead, the magazine I was holding was created by Swanson,...

A student shows off their pair of Birkenstocks. Going to school in New York City means there are more strict fashion rules that must be followed. (Photo by Sammy Kumaran)

What Not to Wear in New York City

By Gaby Baldovino, Staff Writer March 5, 2020

On a normal college campus, most students roll out of bed, barely brush their hair and then head to class. But at NYU, where the Greenwich Village locals as well as our own classmates look impeccable almost...

First-year Sami Stokes poses for the camera. Stokes has modeled for luxury department store Bergdorf, and is currently studying Applied Psychology at NYU. (Photo by Brendan Blaney, Courtesy of Sami Stokes @samistoked)

Model Behavior: From Photo Shoots to First-Year

By Daniela Ortiz, Staff Writer March 2, 2020

Dallas to New York City, Bergdorf Goodman to Instagram shoots, Wilhelmina to Wallflower: Steinhardt first-year Sami Stokes has done it all. No stranger to moving around, having lived in California, Chicago...