Fake (ID) It ‘til You Make It

Some say you can't survive college in NYC without a fake — but is it true?

Here’s What Computer Science Students Think About Albert

Coder students hope their programs can de-stress the registration process.

Juul Electronic Cigarettes: The Biggest New Craze on Campus?

Electronic cigarette usage is no longer just a tangential, niche alternative to traditional smoking: it has become a hot-button political issue. According to the New York Times, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a...

A Look Into the Life of a New York Court Officer

It’s just past 11 a.m. and everyone in Room 1536 of the New York County Criminal Courthouse looks ready for their lunch break. The crew inside has congregated for one reason: Chavar Gilliam and...

NYU Students Reflect on the Rise of Subtle Traits Groups

Recently popular Facebook groups like Subtle Asian Traits and Subtle Curry Traits are bringing together communities that often feel misunderstood.

Testing the Exposed Thong Trend

More than just a daunting prospect for our lower stomachs, the trend of wearing low-rise pants with an exposed thong seems to hit perfectly on the bony line between appreciation of the body and...

Why NYU Students Are Obsessed With MUJI

MUJI is having a moment.

Love, Sex and All the Rest: Sex Positions and Numbers

College: pants get tighter, pockets get lighter, and if you have the luxury of living in NYU housing, beds get smaller. A twin XL seems less than ideal for a steamy, late-night hookup, but...

Is NYU’s Cloudy Water Safe to Drink?

NYC tap water is world renown for its quality and freshness, ranking among the most pristine drinking water in the world. However, some students who are new to the big city are skeptical of...

Meet the New NYU Secrets Admins

In May, Carly Tennes didn’t just bid farewell to her university. Graduation marked her last day as the administrator of the popular Facebook page NYU Secrets, which accepts anonymous submissions — secrets — from...

Rectenwald’s Students Share Perspectives on Postponed Yiannopoulos Talk

Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak for a class of LS students.

These Two-Credit Classes Are the Perfect Add-Ons to Your Spring Semester Schedule

Because sometimes you need to offset the stress of Texts and Ideas with a dance class.