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An illustration of a hand holding a smartphone which is displaying the interface of the Pinterest app, with graphics of a pink instant camera, a green cactus, a pink vest, a pair of black jeans and a pair of flower earrings.

Pinterest: Style guide or worst enemy?

Personal style is personal. Pinterest style is, well, Pinterest.
Katherine Heglie, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2022

For those of you familiar with Pinterest — the image-curating app launched in 2010, most often used for style inspiration — you know that once you search for something, even...

A collage of three runway photos. From left to right: A model dressed in a purple, green and gold patterned dress walks on the runway, a model wearing a nude top, an orange dress and a pair of silver wings walks on the runway. On the right, a model wearing a turban, veil, chains and a pair of black pants walks on the runway.

Animal print abound in Flying Solo show at Paris Fashion Week

Australian designer Ella Jackson stole Flying Solo’s second show with Catholic Guilt Clothing.
Zainab Rizvi, Staff Writer Oct 4, 2022

Unlike most brands, New York City-based fashion collective Flying Solo aims to collaborate with other designers instead of competing — a rarity in the fashion world. Just a few...

The interior of Buffalo Exchange. Clothes line the inside of the store, both on circular racks and against the wall.

Les Miss wants to be a ‘true‘ thrift store

As thrifting takes over the fashion world and Manhattan stores are popularized by social media, prices have risen sharply even as some stores are seeing a decrease in quality.
Blake Salesin, Staff Writer Oct 4, 2022

Young wardrobe stylist Sam Deutsch answered his phone as he took a new electric Citi Bike for a cruise down First Avenue in the East Village. When the pandemic began, Deutsch left...

A collage of three photos: on the left is a female wearing sunglasses and a black dress walking down a stone road; in the middle is a female wearing a black dress and boots leaning against a white wall; on the right is a female wearing a black dress turning her head back at the camera.

Gallatin student co-founds sustainable fashion brand

Katie Xue and Isabella Chan share their struggles with social pressures, fast fashion rip-offs and work-life balance.
Brooke Wasserman, Contributing Writer Oct 3, 2022

The story of Amoy New York, a mid-level luxury sustainable fashion brand started by Gallatin senior Katie Xue and Chapman University senior Isabella Chan, began during the COVID-19...

Triptic featuring three models walking down runway. Woman on left walks down runway in long red dress. Woman in middle walks down runway in long sleeve white top, black mini skirt, and black shoes. Woman on right walks down runway in cropped gray top, gray textured pants, and black shoes.

EENK brings the Wild West to Paris Fashion Week

This Western-inspired collection brings the genre into a global perspective.
Nikkala Kovacevic, Staff Writer Oct 3, 2022

Designer Hyemee Lee has moved away from her typically metaphorical collection themes, like “T for Temptation” and “U for Utopia,” and moved more into history with her take...

CEO of Nehera Ladislav Zdut poses in front of two racks of business casual clothing and a poster of a model.

Nehera prioritizes chic utilitarian comfort at Paris Fashion Week

CEO Ladislav Zdut is reviving a classic brand with a modern and practical twist.
Zainab Rizvi, Staff Writer Oct 3, 2022

In 2014, Slovak businessman Ladislav Zdut revived Nehera, an iconic brand founded in 1930s Czechoslovakia. In its first incarnation, the brand helped revolutionize the ready-to-wear...

Maria Sharapova and Laura Brown sit under a parasol on a tennis court on a rooftop with a large audience in front of them. The downtown Manhattan skyline is behind them.

Glam Slam serves style at New York Fashion Week

With Glam Slam, performance wear doesn’t have to be conformance wear.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Sep 28, 2022

The intersection between fashion and tennis came to a crescendo at Glam Slam, the first joint endeavor of powerhouse agencies IMG Fashion, and Spring Studios.  IMG transformed...

A female model dressed in black against a white background wears a nude Telfar bag.

Telfar pop up at Brooklyn’s Rainbow takes New Yorkers by storm

Telfar’s Brooklyn pop-up had eager customers lining up and down the block, hoping to purchase the brand’s typically sold-out bags.
Jhenesis Hines, Contributing Writer Sep 23, 2022

Telfar, a Black-owned company well-known for its “Shopping Bags,” took over the Rainbow retail store on Fulton Street to host its first-ever pop-up shop on Sept. 11. The bags...

Models stand on the side of the runway with Nikita Shah.

First-ever South Asian New York Fashion Week reclaims origins

Amid protests prior to the runway, South Asian New York Fashion Week pays homage to South Asian heritage through design.
Roshni Raj, Culture Editor Sep 22, 2022

Pleated cottons, flowy chiffons and lightweight silks — mainstays of South Asian fashion — were carefully draped on models as they got ready to close out the first-ever...

A long brown skirt and white sleeveless top with a cross necklace is to the left, and a long white skirt and teal long-sleeve top is on the right. The two outfits are in front of a red background.

Fashion welcomes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Catholic iconography has taken over the fashion world, embracing both tradition and modernity.
Nicole Llopis-Martell Moros, Contributing Writer Sep 21, 2022

Our generation goes through trends more often than socks get lost in the washing machine. We’ve seen the comeback of low-waisted jeans and micro-miniskirts from the early 2000s,...

A model walks down the runway in an off-the-shoulder white mini dress with metallic gold floral embellishments. Two long cape-like trains are attached to its back.

Markarian’s latest collection gives a contemporary twist to classic styles

Taking inspiration from the Renaissance and the ’80s, Markarian’s SS23 collection is fit for modern, eclectic royalty.
Camila Ceballos, Multimedia Editor Sep 21, 2022

Looking back on the past can be disastrous in fashion. Historical trends ranging from the 1500s neck ruffs to the 2000s velour tracksuits must stay buried deep. Yet, Markarian...

Illustrations of a brown long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, a long floral pink-and-black dress, a long-sleeved maroon-colored top with a mosaic-like pattern, as well as a needle with a brown spool of thread.

From old to new: Upcycling changed my relationship with fashion

You like my top? Thanks, it’s my sister’s!
Pritheva Zakaria, Contributing Writer Sep 20, 2022

Growing up, my mother refused to buy new clothes because we already had perfectly suitable clothing at home — my older sister’s.  Long-sleeve turtlenecks, short-sleeve...