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Fifteen visible haute couture dresses, gowns, coats stand in a showroom with a background illustrating a forest at night with a full moon in the sky. The centerpiece is Mugler’s “ Le Chimère,” a set of dress and headwear with colorful, beetle-like scales and dark feathered wings.

Enter the world of Mugler with ‘Thierry Mugler: Couturissime’

The Brooklyn Museum’s exhibition highlights the transformative career of French designer Thierry Mugler.
Jadah Jules, Contributing Writer Jan 31, 2023

Rooms filled with mannequins adorned with archival pieces, fragrance bottles encased in glass and immersive visuals are only a fraction of the Brooklyn Museum’s “Thierry Mugler:...

Several items strewn across a white sheet including a green journal with a leather cover, a gray laptop, a book titled “Jazz” by Toni Morrison, two bookmarks, a pair of white earphones, two pairs of glasses, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, several coins, nine pens, a container of lip gloss, a brown leather wallet, and a brown leather tote bag.

NYU, what’s in your tote?

Backpacks are out, and tote bags are in. Here’s what NYU students are carrying to class.
Jhenesis Hines, Staff Writer Jan 26, 2023

Tote bags are an essential part of New York City culture. They’re used for just about everything: shopping, carrying school supplies, creating an everyday aesthetic — and students...

A room with orange colored walls and floors. To the right is a trunk that reads “L.V.” To the left, a trunk with drapes hanging from it.

Louis Vuitton exhibit captures 200 years of legacy

The one-of-a-kind exhibit, on display at 660 Madison Ave. from Oct. 14 to Dec. 31, 2022, showcases the unique works of visionaries and artists, and offers a tribute to the designer.
Sara Sharma, Staff Writer Dec 14, 2022

It started with a trunk that revolutionized the artisanal and travel industry. It was a trunk that wasn’t just waterproof but made stacking possible through its unique flat-topped...

An illustration of three people. On the left is a dark-haired female wearing blue sunglasses, a red shirt with patterns, blue pants and a red tote bag. In the center is a red-haired female wearing a light brown suit, a black top and a burgundy bag. On the right is a dark-haired female wearing a black sweater, a white dress with a cherry pattern, fishnet stockings and a pink tote bag.

Bella Hadid, Matilda Djerf, Devon Lee Carlson and basic fashion cults

Dress like your favorite internet style icon by joining one of these three cults.
Nicole Llopis-Martell Moros, Contributing Writer Dec 5, 2022

You probably know at least one person who calls themselves an influencer. They might have a few thousand followers, religiously post their discount codes for obscure bikini brands,...

An illustration of black Adidas shoes with three white stripes against a white background.

Why is everyone dressing like a soccer fan?

With the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in full swing, fashion’s latest fad is blokecore.
Sofi Cisneros, Staff Writer Dec 1, 2022

For past and present soccer players alike, there’s a rush to lacing up one’s cleats in preparation for 90 grueling, yet thrilling, minutes of playing “the beautiful game.”...

An illustration of an Indian woman with long black hair. A pair of hands wash the hair. In the foreground is a blue bottle of hair care product and a bowl of white liquid. In the background are red flowers.

How to save your hair

If your hair is suffering from the damage of dyes, bleaches and heat, here are two of the best and most dependable hair treatments from India.
Aksha Mittapalli, Contributing Writer Nov 29, 2022

Growing up in India, I was told that healthy hair is just as important as a healthy body. Long, thick, voluminous hair is a great symbol of beauty that many strive to achieve....

Are platform shoes still in style? The answer is definitely yes, and so are cargo pants and see-through knitwear. Pairing a couple of cant-go-wrong gold accessories, the cream-colored sweater achieves a vintage silhouette.

Subway stations: New Yorkers’ everyday runway

WSN photographers capture the creativity of subway passengers and their day-to-day commutes.
Jennifer Ren, Contributing Photographer Nov 25, 2022

Andrew Kwon poses next to a mannequin in a black dress.

Q&A: Designer Andrew Kwon on fashion and the internet

Evening and bridal wear designer Andrew Kwon spoke to WSN about his design process, his time at the Parsons School of Design and the influx of influencers in fashion.
Olivia Liu, Beauty & Style Editor Nov 18, 2022

Andrew Kwon oozes intimacy. The Korean American designer recently launched his newest bridal collection, Rarefied, which was held in a private suite in the Peninsula Hotel on Fifth...

A large group of people wearing knit-themed and high-fashion outfits stands on a staircase.

More than a trend, knitwear is a mindset

Knitwear brands Rivers McCall and Spicie show that personalization, sustainability and mindfulness form the fabric of the medium.
Sabrina Lee, Contributing Writer Nov 16, 2022

Knitwear’s resurgence is closely related to fashion's tumultuous dialogue with sustainability. Produced by hand, made to last and one-of-a-kind, these intricate webs of yarn,...

A black blazer jacket and a brown paper box with the text “AMAZON” written on it lay against a light blue background.

Online shopping diminishes the high-fashion experience

Is it really luxury if you can buy a loofah and a Louis bag in one click?
Marisa Sandoval, Contributing Writer Nov 14, 2022

Whether you’re buying blue light glasses or cleaning supplies, the internet is the one-stop shop for convenience. Online retailers like Net-a-Porter, Amazon, and even couture...

An illustration of four figures against a black background. From left to right: Freddy Krueger from “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” the Other Father and the Other Mother from the film “Coraline,” and the Statue of Liberty.

Costumes for your Halloweekend parties

If you’re in need of a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further.
Noor Maahin, Contributing Writer Oct 26, 2022

At my last Halloween party, I dressed as Nana Osaki from “NANA.” I thought it was my best Halloween costume to date. It never occurred to me that not everyone watched this...

Two shoppers stand in front of a rack of clothes at the Manhattan Vintage Show.

Past is the new present: New York City’s vast vintage world

The Manhattan Vintage Show gathered New York’s most fashionable old souls and global vintage collectors this weekend for a massive retail experience.
Payton Selby, Contributing Writer Oct 24, 2022

While combing through the resplendent clothing assemblage at the Manhattan Vintage Show on Oct. 15, I came across a Russian bekesha coat from the 1930s. As I traced the beautifully...