Spotify’s New Free Upload Initiative Splits Budding Artists

Spotify's new initiative has left some musicians uncertain about what kind of impact it will have on the landscape of the streaming service and the music industry at large.

The Velvet Underground Through the Lens of ’60s New York

The Velvet Underground Experience, a new immersive exhibition, takes you down the history of one of history's greatest bands and the 1960s-era New York that influenced it.

Behind the Scenes With the NYU Mixtapes Preparing for Concert

The Mixtapes are one of NYU’s most popular a capella groups, currently led by Musical Director Sam Dhanraj, a senior in Steinhardt. They recently released their first single “My Mind” and performed one of...

Kim Petras and Troye Sivan Blossom on BLOOM Tour

Troye Sivan and Kim Petras brought an atmosphere of inclusion and self-expression to their Radio City Music Hall concert on Tuesday night.

Clive Davis’ Ntu on Standing Out

WSN talks to Clive Davis sophomore and musician Ntu about his inspiration, process and aspirations.

Should We Ignore the Mess Behind the Music?

There’s a certain dread that comes with seeing the name of a famous musician trending on social media. As the private lives and personal views of these artists become more transparent, the public has...

Champagne on Clive and Collaboration

Clive Davis sophomore Chris Tapper is the singer, rapper and producer you need to get behind. Known by his stage name, Johnny Champagne, the musician can be found behind the keyboard, in the studio...

Inside The Demos’ Latest Spirited, Vintage-Sounding EP

Rochester-based power-pop group The Demos played a spirited headlining set on Monday at the Mercury Lounge to promote their new EP “If You Only Knew.” The rock group filled the premier Lower East Side...

Staff Recs: Best Early 2000s Jams

Ah, the 2000s: the era of frosted tips, bedazzled crop tops and a lexicon made up entirely out of “Mean Girls” references. It’s a decade that we look back on fondly, though often questioning...

Mumble Rap: A Genre or a Joke?

The merit of mumble rap has grown to become one of the most divisive topics in today’s hip-hop industry. Although some fight to fiercely protect the sanctity of rap as a voice for society’s...

Staff Recs: Best Songs To Fall In Love To

It’s that time of year again: the sweaters are out and the weather has reached a mostly consistent 70 degrees. It must be cuffing season. Whether it be the bevy of fall rom-coms or...

This Steinhardt Junior Wants to Be on Your Sex Playlist

As you queue up “That’s My Fault” from Steinhardt junior Pedro Cañas, don’t let the decadent sound of “La La Land” like piano riffs fool you. A subtle bass line slowly fills the track as...