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Guy Maddin wearing a beige scarf and a gray coat in the Center Georges Pompidou.

Q&A: Celebrated Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin talks myths and personality in filmmaking

WSN spoke with experimental filmmaker Guy Maddin about diary-filmmaking, Winnipeg and John Cheever’s self-lacerating writing.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Oct 13, 2022

After 34 years of virtual invisibility, Canadian iconoclast Guy Maddin’s first feature film, “Tales from the Gimli Hospital,” has been restored in 4K and will receive a limited...

A man wearing a blue-and-white striped button down shirt, a gray hoodie and a jean jacket holds his hands up with a scared expression on his face.

NYFF 60 Review: ‘Triangle of Sadness’ is an outrageous and heavy-handed work of brilliance

Ruben Östlund’s newest social satire comments on class warfare, socioeconomic inequities and contemporary politics in a ridiculously heightened and often hilarious way. “Triangle of Sadness” recently screened at the 60th New York Film Festival and is playing in select theaters across the city.
Yezen Saadah, Staff Writer Oct 12, 2022

Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund’s “Triangle of Sadness,” which took home the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year, is one of the year’s most anticipated...

A man with a plastered right arm wraps his hand around a girl who leans her back against the man. The two are on a couch in a convenience store.

NYFF 60 Review: ‘Aftersun’ is a tender exploration of the intimate space between a daughter and father

Charlotte Wells’ debut film poignantly recounts a woman’s memory of a summer spent with her father during childhood. “Aftersun” screens at the 60th New York Film Festival on Oct. 8 and will be released in select theaters on Oct. 21.
Stephanie Wong, Film & TV Editor Oct 7, 2022

Spoiler warning: This article includes spoilers for “Aftersun.” Charlotte Wells' feature film debut, "Aftersun," drifts through the avenues of childhood, parenthood and...

A cup of tea and a laptop placed on dark blue bedding with the laptop displaying a screenshot of the animated film “Belladonna of Sadness.”

Off the Radar: ‘Belladonna of Sadness’ paints a vivid feminist nightmare in watercolor

Off the Radar is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “Belladonna of Sadness” is available to stream on Kanopy.
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer Oct 7, 2022

In Eiichi Yamamoto’s “Belladonna of Sadness” (1973), elegant watercolor vignettes of medieval life — reminiscent of gothic stained glass paintings — are juxtaposed by...

An illustration of the fairytale character Pinocchio, with a long nose, and and the character Jiminy Cricket, a cricket, sitting on his arm.

Review: ‘Pinocchio’ on Disney+ is a new low for live-action remakes

Disney’s “Pinocchio” is yet another lifeless live-action remake of a classic animated film.
Ferris Elaraby, Contributing Writer Oct 5, 2022

Riding on the success of its first feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves,” Disney released “Pinocchio” in 1940. Now a highly respected and revered staple of animation...

A laptop and a cup of tea lay against a dark gray blanket. On the laptop screen is a picture of a boy riding a bike in a forest.

Off the Radar: ‘The Kid With a Bike’ tackles the violent consequences of abandonment

Off the Radar is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “The Kid With a Bike” is available to stream on Kanopy.
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer Sep 30, 2022

“The Kid with a Bike” (2011) is a gripping and painfully honest entry to the coming-of-age genre. Directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne present childhood through a lens of...

An illustration of two Black women side by side and surrounded with a dim purple light. The woman on the left is dressed in a purple jacket. The woman on the right is dressed in a pink jacket.

Review: The deafening silence of ‘The Silent Twins’

Agnieszka Smoczynska’s third feature film uniquely tells a new story of famous twins Jennifer and June Gibbons. “The Silent Twins” is currently playing in many theaters across New York City.
Saige Gipson, Staff Writer Sep 30, 2022

Making her debut in English language film, Polish director Agnieszka Smoczynska presents viewers with the visually mesmerizing and transportive "The Silent Twins." While Smoczynska...

Lau Kin Ming, played by Andy Lau, and Chan Wing Yan, played by Tony Leung, stand off in a gun duel while standing on top of a skyscraper near Victoria Bay in Hong Kong. Both are dressed in black suits.

Review: ‘Infernal Affairs’ trilogy restoration reinvigorates a Hong Kong classic

Even two decades later, Janus Films’ restoration of the iconic “Infernal Affairs” trilogy reminds audiences that its messages are pertinent more than ever.
Mick Gaw, Staff Writer Sep 28, 2022

“Infernal Affairs” (2002) directors Alan Mak and Andrew Lau use gang wars, police surveillance and political history to examine identity crises in the new millennium. Beneath...

Four female characters dressed in colorful party outfits covered in blood and dirt look forward, terrified.

To critics of ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’: Let movies be stupid again, please

Described as “Euphoria With Knives” by New York Times critic Lena Wilson, Halina Reijn’s spirited Gen Z slasher “Bodies Bodies Bodies” garnered some negative first impressions from viewers who either didn’t realize it was satire or hate fun.
Lorena Campes, Deputy Under The Arch Editor Sep 27, 2022

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for “Bodies Bodies Bodies.” In a laughably ironic display of a writer entirely missing the point, New York Times critic Lena...

A monochromatic photograph of a prison cell. Light comes through the iron bar on the top right. A male prisoner and a female officer smoking a cigarette stand together on the left.

‘Better Call Saul’ is one of the greatest television series of the last decade

Despite being pit against the sky-high expectations following ‘Breaking Bad’, its prequel, ‘Better Call Saul’, has undoubtedly made its mark as one of the best TV series of the 2010s.
Yezen Saadah, Staff Writer Sep 26, 2022

When it was first announced that there would be a prequel to “Breaking Bad” — one of the most acclaimed TV series of the 21st century — people were naturally skeptical....

Professor Jack Gladney, played by Adam Driver, stands with his family. Their facial expressions are anxious and worried.

WSN’s guide to the 60th New York Film Festival

In anticipation of this year’s New York Film Festival, WSN put together a list of must-see movies being premiered that you will want to secure tickets for before they sell out.
Stephanie Wong, Film & TV Editor Sep 23, 2022

This year's New York Film Festival, running from Sept. 30 to Oct. 16, will be celebrating its 60th anniversary. One of the longest-running film festivals in the United States,...

A cup of tea and a laptop displaying the film “Ruined Heart” on dark blue beddings.

Off the Radar: ‘Ruined Heart’ rides out the high and lows of love to a medley of moving melodies

Off the Radar is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “Ruined Heart: Another Love Story Between a Criminal & a Whore” is available to stream on Kanopy.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Sep 22, 2022

“Ruined Heart,” or “Ruined Heart: Another Love Story Between a Criminal & a Whore,” embodies its title wholeheartedly. For one, its lovelornness is evident from the...