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An elderly couple holding hands sitting at the opposite end of a table accompanied by a middle-age male and an infant in a family living room.

Review: ‘Vortex’, a reminder that death is destiny

Gaspar Noé’s latest, “Vortex,” offers a simple, albeit heavy, meditation on death. “Vortex” opens in select theaters this weekend.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Apr 29, 2022

“Vortex,” the latest film from Paris-based Argentinian provocateur Gaspar Noé, is a poignant reflection on the material insignificance of dying. As is to be expected from...

A woman with orange hair and a black headband wears a pensive expression. She has one hand next to her mouth and appears to be biting a bit of her nail. Behind her there is a window that looks out to green trees and grass.

Review: Post-grad panic personified in ‘The African Desperate’

Anxiety, memes and art school cliches coalesce in Martine Syms’ hazy directorial debut. The film played as part of New Directors/New Films 2022 at Film at Lincoln Center.
Isabella Armus, Deputy Arts Editor Apr 29, 2022

Graduation is absurd. Although it’s regarded as a fundamental rite of growth and transition, the ceremony — or, rather, the awkward procedure — is never quite as climactic...

A man with a long beard and hair stares straight ahead, his eyes downcast. He’s wearing a plain white shirt and is against a background of painted sideways flames.

Review: ‘Los Conductos,’ a woozy ride through the sunken corridors of Medellín

Camilo Restrepo’s debut feature, “Los Conductos,” offers a wild ride through Medellín’s criminal underworld. “Los Conductos” opens at Film at Lincoln Center on April 29.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Apr 27, 2022

Camilo Restrepo announces himself to cinema in a blaze of glory with his feature film debut “Los Conductos.” Following Pinky’s (Luis Felipe Lozano) aimless parade across...

A still from the film of two women looking to the side and laughing. They are surrounded by metal bars on the side and are wearing saris.

Review: ‘Shorts Program II’ muses on death, memory and the fear of looming ecological disaster

New Directors/New Films 2022’s second program of short films collects a strong string of strange films concerned with humanity’s sense of impending death. “Shorts Program II” plays on Wednesday, April 27, at Film at Lincoln Center.
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Apr 26, 2022

The New Directors/New Films Festival continues its showcase of innovative short-form filmmaking with “Shorts Program II.” The second and final installment of ND/NF’s short...

A still from the film of a woman looking ahead through a glass surface. She is wearing makeup but looks tired and lost.

Review: ‘Full Time’ is a beat-by-beat capturing of life under the wire

Éric Gravel’s second feature, “Full Time” — “À Plein Temps” in the original French — is a quotidian gem. The film played as part of New Directors/New Films 2022 at Film at Lincoln Center.
Amalia Rizos, Contributing Writer Apr 26, 2022

Being tight on time, being busy, and being overbooked have never felt like proper ways of being. Julie (Laure Calamy), however, only knows this lifestyle and perpetuates it, for...

An animated still of twin sisters driving a car. One is clutching the steering wheel looking ahead, while the other looks out the window.

Review: ‘Shorts Program I’ shows the youthful side of cinema with an assemblage of global coming-of-age stories

New Directors/New Films 2022’s first program of short films collects a diverse sampling of stories from around the globe and touches on the pains of growing up in the modern world. “Shorts Program I” plays on Tuesday, April 26, at Film at Lincoln Center. 
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Apr 26, 2022

New Directors/New Films collects the most exciting voices of up-and-coming filmmaking. Although the festival’s feature-length titles, such as “Los Conductos” or “We’re...

A figure dressed in white fire-resistant suit walking away from an eruption of lava.

Review: ‘Fire of Love’ explores the visceral force of volcanoes and passion

“Fire of Love” is a fiery love story. The film will debut at the 2022 New Directors/New Films festival at Film at Lincoln Center on April 27.
Amira Aboudallah, Contributing Writer Apr 25, 2022

Spoiler warning: This article includes spoilers for “Fire of Love.” “Fire of Love” (2022), directed by Sara Dosa and screening at New Directors/New Films, tells the...

Three women wearing pink and white dresses gather around two men wearing black and white tuxedos. They toast their glasses in front of a stained-glass and wooden wall behind a table with a pink table cloth, flowers and lit candles.

Review: ‘The Cathedral’ is an understated stunner

“The Cathedral,” Ricky D’Ambrose’s latest, is carefully intimate yet captivating in its distance. The film is playing as part of New Directors / New Films 2022 at Film at Lincoln Center beginning on April 23.
Holden Lay, Staff Writer Apr 22, 2022

With his sophomore feature, “The Cathedral,” director Ricky D’Ambrose, best-known for tightly constructed narrative and documentary shorts, crystallizes his highly stylized...

An illustration of a computer on a bed covered with a blue blanket. The computer’s screen displays a woman holding a rifle behind a red fort and a red background. Next to the computer is a small teacup.

Off the Radar: ‘La Chinoise’ asks ‘revolutionary or revisionist?’

“Off the Radar” is a weekly column surveying overlooked films available to students for free via NYU’s streaming partnerships. “La Chinoise” is available to stream on Kanopy.
Trace Miller, Managing Editor Apr 22, 2022

There is fission. There is fusion. And there is the immortal science of Marxism-Leninism. In his satirical film “La Chinoise,” Jean-Luc Godard traces the merger and split of...

Actress Joséphine Sanz wears a green sweater and a white turtleneck and holds a measuring cup with flour. Next to her, actress Gabrielle Sanz wears a green-and-blue sweater under overalls and holds a wooden spoon.

Review: ‘Petite Maman,’ a monumental miniature of magical moviemaking

“Portrait of a Lady on Fire” director Céline Sciamma’s latest effort indulges the act of seeing life through a child’s eyes. “Petite Maman” opens in select cinemas across New York City on April 22. 
Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer, Arts Editor Apr 21, 2022

After the success of Queer Palm winner “Portrait of a Lady on Fire” at its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019, Céline Sciamma returns to the silver screen with an...

The indoor stand of Kim’s Video. The square structure stands in the middle of a hallway with framed movie posters. Inside the structure there are DVDs in display shelves.

The resurrection of Kim’s Video

The Alamo Drafthouse revival of the iconic Kim’s Video reestablishes video rental stores in New York.
Saige Gipson, Staff Writer Apr 21, 2022

Kim’s Video reopened inside the new Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center on March 30. The famous video and music rental store quickly became a...

An illustration of a purple heart-shaped bong, two Oreo cookies and a pair of Beats earbuds against a bright green background.

Staff Recs: Crunchin’ the munchies

The Arts Desk recommends the best movies and music for dozing off into high heaven as you celebrate 4/20.

It’s twenty past four and you need something to do after toking and coughing on a spliff or devouring a brownie whose chemical makeup is a broken ratio of three parts cannabis,...