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(Staff Illustration by Marva Shi)

‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Is a Perfect Blend of Strategic Action and Blissful School Life

By Nakul Handa, Staff Writer September 10, 2019

Hype has been brewing for “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” ever since the E3 2019 trailer that showcased a time skip in which the characters we once saw as plucky students turn into adults who have faced...


Is Netflix’s Next Step a Deep Dive Into the Film Industry?

By Kaylee DeFreitas, Deputy Arts Editor September 3, 2019

As awards season approaches, more films are beginning their campaigns in hopes of an Oscar. Meanwhile, the debate over whether streaming services’ films should be considered for these prestigious awards...

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as U.S. Marshals in

Staff Recs: Movies That Can Be Enjoyed Despite Knowing the Twist

With the recent contention over spoilers in "Game of Thrones" and "Avengers: Endgame," the Arts Desk has decided to rebel against this paranoia and go all in on some great cinematic twists. You've probably...

Niri (Lima Das) making her feature debut in “Aamis.” (via Metanormal Motion Pictures)

‘Aamis’ Team on Their Flesh-Eating Romance at Tribeca

By Guru Ramanathan, Arts Editor May 6, 2019

For all the surprises it holds, “Aamis,” writer and director Bhaskar Hazarika’s latest film, looks regrettably generic at first glance. A married clinician named Nirmali (Lima Das) and a younger...

Bathe, a Brooklyn-based duo, performed during NYU Strawberry Festival. (via Twitter)

Brooklyn Duo Releases Debut EP at Strawberry Fest

By Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor May 5, 2019

Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Bathe has been busy the past few days: not only did it warm up the stage for fellow Brooklynite and friend Triathlon at Strawberry Fest on Friday, but it also released its...

The second season of One Punch Man is out now and on episode three. (via Facebook)

‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Pulls Its Punches for Now

By Fareid El Gafy, Staff Writer May 5, 2019

“One Punch Man” was an instant hit with anime fans in 2015, taking the internet by storm with memes and parodies featuring its dopey, bald star. A second season was soon announced, but in 2017, the...

Artist Bruno Major performing in a concert. (via Judy Zhang)

Bruno Major Charms in New York City

By Judy Zhang, Contributing Writer May 3, 2019

Bruno Major gained initial fame through the release of his album “A Song For Every Moon,” for which, as the title suggests, he wrote and released one song every month in 2016. Since then, he has gained...

Former Rolling Stone bassist Bill Wyman pictured with instrument. (via Susan Norget Film Promotion)

‘The Quiet One’ Tells a Rock Star’s Life Story Through His Own Archives

By Kaylee DeFreitas, Staff Writer May 3, 2019

Sitting alone amid piles of cameras, photos, videos and more, Bill Wyman begins to give the audience a trip through the archives he has built across five decades. The former Rolling Stones bassist opened...

Cover art for Mau. (via Saskia de Borchgrave at Holyrad Studio and Design by Maũ & Alejandro Ribadeneira Varea)

NYU Senior Maũ Meditates on NYU Graduation With New Single

By Kamau Holston, Staff Writer May 3, 2019

As graduation season quickly approaches, Tisch senior and rapper-producer Maũ has been using his music as an outlet to reconcile the existential dread of his days as a college student coming to an end....

Erturk graduated from Tisch in 2016 and premiered his feature film debut at Tribeca. (via Cenk Erturk)

Tisch MFA Alum Cenk Ertürk’s Journey to Tribeca

By Guru Ramanathan, Arts Editor May 3, 2019

When Turkish immigrant Cenk Ertürk first set foot in the United States, he came with a dream of being a filmmaker despite having no formal education in the craft. Little did he know that years later,...

The Brooklyn Museum. (via Wikimedia)

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Arts Events This Weekend: May 3 to 5

By Alex Cullina, Theater & Books Editor May 2, 2019

The end of the semester — and finals season — is fast approaching. I’m sure many of us could use a little distraction from the stress of studying, so check out one of these cheap or free arts and...

Promotional poster for season eight of

Popularity, The Displeasing and ‘Game of Thrones’

By Dante Sacco, Deputy Arts Editor May 2, 2019

Few elements of the American experience even approach ubiquity. The internet, thousands of TV channels and cultural polarization have led to a nation of enclaves and isolation, atomization and niche. The...