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Florian Zeller’s debut feature film “The Father” follows a man named Anthony, an Alzheimer’s patient whose mind gradually deteriorates as the film progresses. The film concluded with a tearful finale, spiraling into utter disorientation. (Illustration by Charlie Dodge)

Forgotten memories remain alive in ‘The Father’

Florian Zeller’s debut feature is a poignant, inventive portrayal of Alzheimer’s disease.
Nathan Hughes, Contributing Writer Apr 1, 2021

My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2015. I have seen how complicated Alzheimer’s is as a disease, often worse for the family than it is for the patient. While...

The Moscow Rules is a 2019 novel about the Cold War written by Antonio and Jonna Mendez, two of the most decorated CIA officers. Through their command of language and compelling narratives, Jonna and Tony Mendez capture the innovation of CIA operations that occurred at the core of America’s adversary. (Staff Photo by Nicole Chiarella)

‘The Moscow Rules’: A Subtle and Declassified Account of the CIA

Written by two decorated CIA officers, “The Moscow Rules” provides insight into the tactics carried out by the CIA during the Cold War.
Nicole Chiarella , Deputy Copy Chief Apr 22, 2020

Editor’s Note: The facts presented in “The Moscow Rules” were not independently verified by WSN. The following is a review of the book as it is presented. In the chaos...

For their latest show, NYU Lamplighters is putting on a production of Beauty and the Beast on November 8th and 9th. (Via NYU Lamplighters)

NYU Lamplighters Lights the Way for Children’s Theater

The members of the student-run club share their passion for theater through free performances for children of all ages.
Dani Herrera, Staff Writer Oct 21, 2019

While student theater groups abound at NYU, only one group caters specifically to young audiences. This group calls itself NYU Lamplighters. According to Emily Carpenter, Gallatin...

(via Netflix)

‘Elite’ Season Two Explores the Secret Lives of Spanish Prep School Students With New Twist

"Elite’s" eagerly anticipated second season is a suspenseful and shocking teen drama that reverses audience expectations. In the fictional Las Encinas High School, everyone is hiding something.
Alyssa Craig, Contributing Writer Sep 20, 2019

The cliffhanger in the season one finale of “Elite” left fans with many questions. Namely, how will a show that spent the whole season building up to a murder retain the same...

Colleen Ballinger,who  starred in “Waitress”, just had her final show of Broadway run. (Via Twitter)

Miranda Sings on Broadway! Colleen Ballinger Wraps Up Broadway Debut in “Waitress”

Colleen Ballinger, most famously known as Miranda Sings, just ended her limited four-week engagement run as Dawn in “Waitress.”
Liv Rocklin, Contributing Writer Sep 19, 2019

Earlier this summer, it was announced that “Waitress” on Broadway will have its closing performance on January 5, 2020. This will mark an almost four-year run at the Brooks...

(via YouTube)

Staff Recs: Pretentious Films to Impress Your Fake Friends

Need to sound like you know about movies? Here are a few of our go-tos.

Your friends told you to watch it. It was on your Amazon recommended list. And now the Arts Desk of WSN, a group of complete strangers, is going to reinforce everything that they’ve...

(Staff Illustration by Marva Shi)

‘Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Is a Perfect Blend of Strategic Action and Blissful School Life

The latest entry in Nintendo’s near 30-year-old fantasy role-playing game series may be the strongest yet.
Nakul Handa, Staff Writer Sep 10, 2019

Hype has been brewing for “Fire Emblem: Three Houses,” ever since the E3 2019 trailer that showcased a time skip in which the characters we once saw as plucky students turn...


Is Netflix’s Next Step a Deep Dive Into the Film Industry?

It would appear that Netflix is beginning to make the full commitment to film distribution by appeasing critics. Is this change due to the big-name stars or is there another reason?
Kaylee DeFreitas, Deputy Arts Editor Sep 3, 2019

As awards season approaches, more films are beginning their campaigns in hopes of an Oscar. Meanwhile, the debate over whether streaming services’ films should be considered...

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo as U.S. Marshals in Shutter Island. (via facebook)

Staff Recs: Movies That Can Be Enjoyed Despite Knowing the Twist

Afraid you won’t enjoy a movie after someone spoils it? These recs will change your mind.

With the recent contention over spoilers in "Game of Thrones" and "Avengers: Endgame," the Arts Desk has decided to rebel against this paranoia and go all in on some great cinematic...

Niri (Lima Das) making her feature debut in “Aamis.” (via Metanormal Motion Pictures)

‘Aamis’ Team on Their Flesh-Eating Romance at Tribeca

WSN sat down with the director, lead actress, producer and composers of the Assamese film.
Guru Ramanathan, Arts Editor May 6, 2019

For all the surprises it holds, “Aamis,” writer and director Bhaskar Hazarika’s latest film, looks regrettably generic at first glance. A married clinician named Nirmali...

Bathe, a Brooklyn-based duo, performed during NYU Strawberry Festival. (via Twitter)

Brooklyn Duo Releases Debut EP at Strawberry Fest

“I’ll Miss You,” the first release from Bedford-Stuyvesant band Bathe, chronicles the first few months of the two living in New York.
Nicole Rosenthal, Music Editor May 5, 2019

Brooklyn-based hip-hop group Bathe has been busy the past few days: not only did it warm up the stage for fellow Brooklynite and friend Triathlon at Strawberry Fest on Friday,...

The second season of One Punch Man is out now and on episode three. (via Facebook)

‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Pulls Its Punches for Now

The follow-up to the successful anime is off to a disappointing start.
Fareid El Gafy, Staff Writer May 5, 2019

“One Punch Man” was an instant hit with anime fans in 2015, taking the internet by storm with memes and parodies featuring its dopey, bald star. A second season was soon announced,...