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An illustration of a hand holding a martini glass filled with an orange liquid. The arm is wrapped in a pink sleeve with a pearl detail around the wrist. Next to the arm in a red rose and an empty vase.

Review: ‘Happy Hour’ by Marlowe Granados is a triumph for the literary party girl

Granados’ debut novel is a glamorous and gritty testament to the possibilities of summer in the city.
Zoe de Leon, Contributing Writer Mar 7, 2022

Like many young readers in the early 2000s, my mom raised me on Kay Thompson’s iconic “Eloise” books that feature the eponymous 6-year-old living in the Plaza Hotel. I devoured...

An illustration of two identical women wearing purple dresses and black boots with flowing black hair coiled around their bodies. They stand in front of a solid yellow background.

We should be excited that spoken word is reinventing literature

NYU Creative Writing alum Melissa Lozada-Oliva’s novel “Dreaming of You: A Novel in Verse” demands that literature become more of a performance.
Lillian Lippold, Contributing Writer Feb 23, 2022

Like many queer kids growing up these days, I was terminally on the internet from the time I was 12. Beyond the classic engagement with fandoms and media, the most surprising arena...

Image Comics’ “Saga” is an award-winning graphic novel series written by NYU alum Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples. (Image courtesy of Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples)

Review: ‘Saga’ is one of the most beautiful romance stories of all time

This Valentine’s Day, take a book date with “Saga” and find out what makes it one of the greatest romance epics of all time.
Oscar Guevara, Contributing Writer Feb 14, 2022

“The giant evil space fetus just shot black goo from its eyes!” Pretty romantic, am I right? I won’t lie to you, I’m a sucker for romance stories. But I’m talking...

Spotify podcasts and book-centric YouTube channels are a great way to take a deeper dive into your favorite books. (Staff Photo by Sasha Cohen, Staff Illustration by Ryan Kawahara)

How to gush about books when everyone else has moved on

Have no one to discuss your latest read with? Check out these podcasts and videos.
Zoe De Leon, Contributing Writer Nov 22, 2021

As a self-aware slow reader, I always find myself in one of two situations: I’m either catching up on an outdated bestseller list, or I’m picking up a book I left to collect...

The Moscow Rules is a 2019 novel about the Cold War written by Antonio and Jonna Mendez, two of the most decorated CIA officers. Through their command of language and compelling narratives, Jonna and Tony Mendez capture the innovation of CIA operations that occurred at the core of America’s adversary. (Staff Photo by Nicole Chiarella)

‘The Moscow Rules’: A Subtle and Declassified Account of the CIA

Written by two decorated CIA officers, “The Moscow Rules” provides insight into the tactics carried out by the CIA during the Cold War.
Nicole Chiarella , Deputy Copy Chief Apr 21, 2020

Editor’s Note: The facts presented in “The Moscow Rules” were not independently verified by WSN. The following is a review of the book as it is presented. In the chaos...

Short stories are quickly losing its popularity in our modern world. Despite their unpopularity, short stories have much to offer in the way of aesthetics, mental acrobatics and surprising endings. (Staff photo by Alexandra Chan)

The Understated Magic of Short Stories

Short stories are becoming obsolete in this digital age, but they provide an aesthetic that young people should return to.
Izzy Salas , Staff Writer Mar 10, 2020

Short stories, in theory, would fit right in with this age of short attention spans and quick consumption… but they aren’t. While they’re usually no more than 10 thousand...

Now in their 30th year, Mercer St. Books & Records carries new and used books, as well as LPs. Local bookstores like this one are small businesses that are often overlooked in the city. (Staff Photo by Jake Capriotti)

Support Your OG Bookstores

Buying from your local bookstores in the East Village is an experience that even Amazon’s money can’t buy.
Destine Manson, Staff Writer Feb 18, 2020

From James Baldwin to E. E. Cummings and many more, there was a time when literary icons roamed Bleecker and Broadway. Many of them sat in the East Village and pondered on the...

Poet Tina Chang discusses her newest book with Matt Brogan, executive director of the Poetry Society of America, at the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House. Chang’s collection of poems, titled “Hybrida,” grapples with issues of identity and acceptance. (Photo by Dani Herrera)

Tina Chang Discusses Race, Motherhood and the Hybrid Nature of Poetry

Following the release of her new book, Tina Chang visited the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House to discuss her poems.
Dani Herrera, Staff Writer Feb 10, 2020

The Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House filled with anticipation as eager fans awaited Tina Chang’s entrance. In a continuation of the writing center’s “The New Salon”...

Be on the lookout for rush ticket and take advantage of New York Citys art scene. (Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

Three Ways to Take Advantage of NYC’s Lesser-Known Theater and Literary Scenes

Stop paying ridiculous Broadway prices when you can see higher quality productions and readings for less.
Sasha Cohen, Books & Theater Editor Jan 29, 2020

Between studying for exams, spending time with friends and taking necessary power naps, finding extra time to indulge in any sort of play or book is a luxury. Even if someone can...

Book Club Bookstore and Wine Bar is a new bookstore offering a cozy place for readers to relax and enjoy drinks. (Via Instagram @bookclubbar)

Book Club Welcomes East Village Bibliophiles, Coffee-Lovers and Wine-Enthusiasts

There’s a new independent bookstore on the block and it’s offering much more than books.
Dani Herrera , Staff Writer Nov 25, 2019

This time of year calls for soft sweaters, warm drinks and good books. Imagine sitting at a cozy bookshop, in a soft leather chair, beside a fireplace mantel that flickers with...

Certain historical slang terms may not be as outdated as they seem and should be incorporated into our vocabulary today. (Via Picryl)

Historical Slang Terms That Deserve a Place in Modern Vernacular

These 17th and 18th-century words are too fun to be forgotten.
Izzy Salas, Staff Writer Nov 20, 2019

Here’s the thing: people said things better in the past. Farting crackers? There is literally no better way to refer to pants. Allow me to narrate for you a scene of a typical...

Tara Westover, author of Educated: A Memoir, discussed her book at a Skirball Talks event. (Staff photo by Jorene He)

Tara Westover Discusses ‘Educated’ at Skirball Center

The New York Times best-selling author joined NYU provost Katherine Fleming in conversation about her memoir, “Educated," which was assigned to all incoming NYU first-years this summer.
Dani Herrera , Staff Writer Nov 6, 2019

Author Tara Westover’s “Educated” has taken the scholarly community by storm. The NYU Reads program assigned the book to incoming first-year students for this semester, but...