Steinhardt Opens Magical Peter Pan Prequel

Steinhardt's developmentally diverse production of "Peter and the Starcatcher" uses accessibility to portray the magic of theater.

‘Waves’ Verges on Cinematic Sensory Overload

Don’t expect to watch “Waves” like a movie. That’s what it is, technically, but it is precisely “Waves’” technical elements that elevate it beyond all cinematic convention — it is a roller coaster of...

Rock Has Slowed Its Roll: How Rock Music Lost Its Edge

50 years ago, rock music was at its zenith. In 2018, the genre's power has subsided as hip-hop and EDM take over. What happened to make rock 'n' roll lose its edge?

‘Fell’ delivers new take on classic ‘Alice in Wonderland’

A flawed but fascinating interactive theater piece takes audiences on a tour of Wonderland in "Then She Fell."

The Arts Issue | Fall 2018

Every semester, WSN produces superlative-like, special themed issues known as Influential and Up-and-Comers. These long-form profiles work to highlight students both at the center of the NYU community and the fore of their fields...

‘Girls’ star branches out with writing, directing

WSN interviews actor Alex Karpovsky, best known for his role as Ray Ploshansky in "Girls."

New York Comic Con 2013: ‘Archer’ cast previews upcoming season

The talented voice cast behind the characters of FX's animated comedy discussed what's to come for the show's team of spies.

PBS Documentary “All the Difference” Highlights Urban Education

PBS’s Point of View documentary series will feature the stirring “All the Difference” this Monday, Sept. 12. The film follows the respective paths of two Urban Prep high school students from the Englewood neighborhood...

Arts Issue: TV competitions add dimension to music industry

It is rare, but televised singing competitions can launch the career of an otherwise undiscovered talent.

Banana Puddin’ Jazz on Avenue C

Rome Neal presents a night of Banana Puddin’ Jazz, vocalists, dance, open mic and poetry on Avenue C at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. “I’m the guy who made the puddin’!” Neal said as he...

Real Estate covers familiar territory on third album

The band's new album, released March 3, is familiar in a good way.

‘Moun Room’ offers immersive gallery experience

Thomas Houseago’s new installation “Moun Room” could be looked at as the coolest play fort ever. For a young child, or anyone who loves a good fort, “Moun Room” is fun to explore. There...