‘Silver Linings Playbook’

“Silver Linings Playbook” is regarded as David O. Russell’s most personal film. With its blend of comedy, drama, romance, football and dance, the Best Picture-nominated film continues to touch audiences across the world.

Actors in ‘The Drop’ bring depth

In Michaël Roskam’s second feature, “The Drop,” the central plot points involve an adorable puppy and brutal violence. It is a weird combination that allows the film to distinguish itself from the average crime...

New York Comic Con 2013: Superman legacy celebrated for hero’s 75th anniversary

We review the spectacle of the 75th anniversary of DC Comics' Superman franchise at New York Comic Con

Danish 'Affair' delivers royal if shallow treat

"A Royal Affair" is a worthy contender in the Best Foreign Picture Oscar race.

Netflix Could Be Influencing the Next Election

Dating back to before his presidency, President Donald Trump has consistently crowned himself a master of ratings, possessing an undeniable talent for stoking interest in the American pastime of sitting in front of the...

“Newtown” Highlights the Aftermath of Mass Shootings

In a society where we seem to routinely hop from one mass shooting to the next, often little coverage is devoted to what happens to a suffering community after the news trucks leave. Kim...

Michelle McNamara Searches for Killer in New Book

What does it take to catch a killer? Michelle McNamara may have some answers. In her book “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” she chronicles her search to find the Golden State Killer. Her search...

Genius Tisch student turns life into performance art

Framed by the leaves of a nearby tree, Amos Ryan performed the first act of his ongoing performance art series on March 31. Ryan opened the act of his performance by drawing up the...

A Look Into NYU’s Latest Startup — Curtain Call

The founders and developers of the new app Curtain Call know how tough it can be for college students to afford entertainment in a city like New York, so they’ve found a way to...

ARTS ISSUE: Letter from the Editor

One of the biggest criticisms of James Cameron’s “Titanic” is that there’s just so much of it — nearly everything that could possibly happen to Jack and Rose happens.

‘Network’ Is a Genius Adaptation of the Film

This new play featuring Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston hopes to find the same success it had on the West End on Broadway.

On a Rainy Monday, Aminé Takes Brooklyn Steel by Storm

Banana badass Aminé played a lavishly intimate set after a long, dark and rainy Monday, delivering stunning hip-hop-inspired tracks to a sold-out crowd at Brooklyn Steel. The intimate venue was very full — yet...