To Boycott or Not to Boycott: Jan Fabre’s ‘Mount Olympus’

Is art made by bad people still worth our time?

Calling Out Tisch Dramatic Writing’s Racist Imagination

Tisch Dramatic Writing junior Kathryn Stafford writes on the racial discrimination she has faced in the department.

The Arts Issue | Fall 2018

Every semester, WSN produces superlative-like, special themed issues known as Influential and Up-and-Comers. These long-form profiles work to highlight students both at the center of the NYU community and the fore of their fields...

Elizabeth Cappuccino Talks New Film and Life After NYU

For NYU Tisch alum Elizabeth Cappuccino, the times are a little brighter than the title of her new film, “Super Dark Times,” would suggest. WSN sat down with Cappuccino to talk about her experience...

Unpopular Opinions: 2000s Nickelodeon Shows

This week, we’re getting nostalgic and turning back the clock to simpler times of our youth. As eight-year-olds, waking up to watch cartoons at 7:00 a.m. was the best part of every morning. Whether...

The Highlighter presents – Musical Influences: Adele

Although its aesthetic merits don’t necessarily justify its success, Adele’s “21” has enthralled the popular consciousness like no other record since the release of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” in 1991.

Queen as Told Through Fake Teeth, Haircuts and Cats

Musical biopic “Bohemian Rhapsody” dives into the life of Freddie Mercury and the rocky journey of the ever-famous band, Queen.

‘Suspiria’ Breathes Life Into Argento’s Horror Classic

Luca Guadagnino's reimagining of the 1979 Dario Argento film "Suspiria" is a blood-soaked road trip through the darkest realms of hell.

Britain’s Bad Girl Lily Allen Takes on Terminal 5

Lily Allen — the fearless voice of a generation of women who have no issue being just as raunchy as the boys — is all grown up. Though Britain’s beloved bad girl and pop sensation Lily Allen...

Backstage at Tisch’s ‘Next to Normal’

Step behind the curtain and see the backstage process behind Tisch's production of "Next To Normal" before it opens on Oct. 23.

A Starving Artist’s Guide to Halloweekend: Oct. 26 to Oct. 31

Halloweekend is upon us, which means come Friday the city streets will be flooded with ghosts and witches, vampires and superheroes, and for the third year in a row, a bunch of Donald Trump...
Illustration by Rachel Buigas-Lopez

Unpopular Opinions: 2000s Cartoon Network Shows

An unpopular stroll down Cartoon Network's memory lane.