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Crime Log: Aug. 20-30

Crime Log: Aug. 20-30

By Miranda Levingston, News Deputy September 5, 2017
A look at the crimes on campus reported between August 20 and September 5.

The School of Professional Studies announced several changes in their educational program over the summer.

SPS Changes Paul McGhee Division to Provide Affordable Education

By Natasha Roy, Assistant Managing Editor September 5, 2017
After laying off 10 professors last semester, the Paul McGhee Division of NYU's School of Professional Studies will be restructured to grant two year associate degrees at a more affordable price.
Although the percentages of students of color at NYU have increased over the past few years, the university maintains that it does not create a quota for students of color accepted.

It’s Affirmative, Your Race Isn’t Why You Got Into NYU

By Sierra Jackson, News Editor September 5, 2017
Recent debates about Affirmative Action may have caused you to question NYU's admission policies.

Marita Vlachou: CAS, Journalism and Economics

By Marita Vlachou May 4, 2017

Dear Marita, It’s officially been four years of NYU. Four years of living in four different neighborhoods of New York City. From your freshman year floormates that became your family away from home,...

Sophie Lewis: Steinhardt, Media, Culture and Communications

By Sophie Lewis May 4, 2017

During my first week at NYU, I walked into the WSN office for an open house, spoke with the Beauty and Style Editor and a week later, attended my first runway show at my first New York Fashion Week. I...

With the National Days of Holocaust Remembrance approaching, some may be unsure on how to show their solidarity. Here are some ways to remember the millions of victims of the Holocaust.

Five Ways to Remember the Holocaust

By Han Wang, Staff Writer April 4, 2017
During the National Days of Holocaust Remembrance week, participate in activities that increase you knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust.
Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law, currently serves as the Senior Adviser to the President. Many NYU alumnus were disgruntled by Kushner's role in the Trump administration.

Jared Kushner Threatens to Destroy NYU Building

By Rita Skeeter, Contributing Writer April 1, 2017
Senior Adviser to the President Jared Kushner plans to demolish an NYU building owned by his company because of letters sent to him by other NYU Law graduates.
The recent terrorist attack in London left 5 dead and 50 injured. The differing reactions of political leaders from Britain and the United States shows a stark contrast of compassion between the two countries.

London Keeps Calm and Carries On, But Can the US?

By Akshay Prabhushankar, Staff Writer March 29, 2017
Akshay Prabhushankar discusses how the United Kingdom reacted to and covered the recent London attack, which occurred on Westminster Bridge.
Charles Murray has been criticized for his book

Author Charles Murray’s Speech Met With Protests

By Sayer Devlin and Jemima McEvoy March 24, 2017
"The Bell Curve" author Charles Murray spoke at NYU's Torch Club today after the administration was criticized for approving the speaker. Protesters gathered outside of the event.
City Transplants

City Transplants

By Faith Gates, Deputy Features Editor March 6, 2017

I remember seeing the event for free swag during Welcome Week — of course, as a broke college student, I went. The room was full of high-energy Welcome Week leaders handing all first-year students free...

Can You See My Underwear?

Can You See My Underwear?

By Jemima McEvoy, News Editor March 6, 2017

On my first day of high school in Chicago, the girl sitting next to me in English class announced with a booming voice and American accent that she liked my pants. I was momentarily alarmed. “She...

Protesters gathered at Schwartz Plaza today to demonstrate in favor of the recent SSC vote and an NYU Board of Trustees member's connection to President Donald Trump. At one point, protesters were positioned in front of the elevator that goes  to President Andrew Hamilton's office.

SLAM Protests Board of Trustees Connection to President Trump

By Jemima McEvoy, News Editor February 22, 2017
NYU's Student Labor Action Movement organized a rally today to protest the lack of student representation on NYU's Board of Trustees and board member John Paulson's connection to President Donald Trump.