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From Anastasia to Glossier, the WSN Culture Desk recommend some of their favorite eyebrow products. (Staff Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

Culture Loves: Brow Product Edition

Eyebrows are one of those features that really change your face. And unless you’re one of those uber-blessed, uber-annoying people who came out of the womb sporting full and perfectly-shaped eyebrows,...

The WSN culture desk list some of their all-time favorite base products and why. (Staff Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

Culture Loves: Base Product Edition

Even in this age of prioritizing skincare over makeup, we all need a little last-minute help before walking out the door sometimes. Read on for the Culture Desk’s top picks for when you need to cover...

Pictured above is homemade vegan mushroom mac and cheese. Perfect for your winter cravings. (Photo by Priya Subberwal)

Homemade Vegan Mushroom Mac and Cheese

By Priya Subberwal, Contributing Writer November 8, 2019

It’s the ultimate comfort food. And now, it’s vegan. With winter comes the onset of cravings for hot, creamy food. Students turn to milky hot chocolate, thick soups and mac and cheese. For vegans,...

A student displays their CBD oil. CBD is known for its healing anti-inflammatory property. (Photo by Katie Peurrung)

Feeling Good and Looking Better: CBD in Student’s Beauty Routines

By Daniela Ortiz, Staff Writer November 1, 2019

In an industry where the next best thing is always just around the corner, most beauty trends don't have a very long shelf life. Yet, the newly tapped market of CBD-infused beauty products has students...

Our culture desk picks out their favorite red lippies. (Staff Illustration by Min Ji Kim)

Culture Loves: Red Lipstick Edition

Maybe you’re afraid of red lipstick. Maybe you tried it once and were scarred by the image of the clown gazing back at you in the mirror. Maybe you whip it out once in a while when you’re feeling...

An oversized blazer is an easy way to dress up a T-shirt and jeans. (Via Flickr)

NYU Trend Report: Fall Edition

By Carol Lee, Culture Editor October 20, 2019

‘Tis the season when one day you might sport a T-shirt with a pithy slogan like “I love cats,” and the next you’re forced to dig out your warm — albeit a little basic — Canada Goose. Read...

Mediocre MILK Makeup

By Madison San Miguel, Contributing Writer October 18, 2019

In the world of dewy complexions and multi-use products, MILK Makeup is one of those beauty brands that everyone knows and loves. With its minimalistic packaging and exceptional ingredients, it’s no...

Apple cider doughnuts come with a pack of six for seven dollars. The Union Square Green Market has a plethora of treats and groceries for all. (Staff Photo by Chelsea Li)

Option Paralysis at the Union Square Greenmarket? We’ve Got You Covered

By Sabrina Choudhary, Staff Writer October 11, 2019

The Union Square Greenmarket is always there for me. Literally. I live in Carlyle Court Residence Hall, and four days a week, it’s right outside my building. My roommates and I chose Carlyle in part...

A breakfast scene with a box of Magic Cereal on the table and a bowl of granola besides it. (Photo by Li-Chun Pan)

Healthy Cereal, Hefty Price Tag

By Kylie Smith, Staff Writer October 11, 2019

Whether you pour milk in the bowl first or last, there’s no denying that cereal is a quintessential college meal. It’s an easy snack for late-night study sessions and a quick bite before class. It’s...

Three bowls of homemade

Party on With Homemade Janchi Guksu

By Ju Hee Shin, Contributing Writer October 4, 2019

Despite it only being the fourth week of the semester, I’ve found myself feeling plenty deprived of homemade Korean food. Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to invite my friends over and whip...

From Origins to Glossier, a myriad of used-up skincare and makeup items are scattered across a table. Our staff delves into which empties they loved, and others they wouldn’t use again. (Staff Photo by Elaine Chen)

Completed by Culture: Moisturizer Edition

Moisturizer is the outerwear of your skincare routine — essential, reliable and protects and seals in everything you’ve put on underneath. Truly the workhorse of your ensemble. Sure, it’s not always...

Freshly baked basalmic-and-honey-glazed brussels sprouts emerge from the oven. Staff writer Celina Khorma shares this delicious and nostalgic childhood recipe. (Photo by Manasa Gudavalli)

Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts You Can Make in Your Dorm

By Celina Khorma, Staff Writer September 27, 2019

Thinking back to my childhood, Brussels sprouts were the bane of my existence come dinnertime. Now, I don’t even know that girl because a craving for these greens hits on an almost daily basis. Does...