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NYU inaugurated Andrew Hamilton as its 16th President on Sunday, while focusing on the university’s biggest issues and concerns, such as affordability and diversity.

Hamilton Aims High at Inauguration

By Diamond Naga Siu, News Editor September 26, 2016

  Bagpipes played on Sunday morning to commence the 16th presidential inauguration of NYU for Andrew Hamilton. The full crowd in the Skirball Center stood for the anthem, and around 70 administrators...

Following recent cases of police brutality, NYU students and staff members are responding in numerous ways. To commemorate lives lost, NYU’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Task Force hosted the NYU Together: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion event on Friday.

Blackout Spurs Diversity Talks

By Fatima Mubasher, Contributing Writer September 26, 2016
At the NYU Together: Equity, Diversity and Inclusion event last Friday, Community members donned all black in commemoration for those lost at the hands of law enforcement.
Crime Log: Sept. 18-22

Crime Log: Sept. 18-22

By Abraham Gross, Deputy News Editor September 26, 2016
A weekly round-up of campus crime between Sept. 18 and Sept. 22
In a busy city like New York, safety is a biker’s biggest concern. In hopes of a good solution, many NYU students anticipate Mayor Bill de Blasio’s new plans for biker safety.

De Blasio Announces Bike Lanes Extension

By Sierra Jackson , Contributing Writer September 26, 2016
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan to extend the current bike lanes to 8th St., from Astor Place to 6th Ave on Sept. 13. Many NYU students believe that biking, skateboarding and skating save both time and money compared to traveling by subway, cab or bus.
The diversity conversation was sparked in a big way last fall with a Diversity and Inclusion Forum in Coles.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Changing Diversity at NYU

By Mona Chen, Contributing Writer September 23, 2016
As the soon-to-be inaugurated President Hamilton pledges to increase diversity on campus, WSN looks at how diverse students, faculty and administrators at NYU really are.
NYU didn't completely ban the box this past August, and students with previous violations of rape and sexual assault are still allowed to attend the university.

Enrollment of Student Accused of Rape Brings Up Ban the Box Questions

By Diamond Naga Siu, News Editor September 23, 2016
A student who was suspended from Cornell for sexual assault now attends NYU, and students are torn about the ban-the-box discussion.
Army veteran David Luscombe in uniform. He has found a close community with other veterans and the LGBTQ center.

From Combat to Classroom, NYU Vets Face Challenges

By Téa Kvetenadze, Contributing Writer September 22, 2016
Despite increased financial support from the university, veterans at NYU still strive to create a cohesive and thriving community. 
NYU is one of several Universities to offer free tampons to its students.

Students Push to Make Women’s Health at NYU a Priority

By Natasha Roy, Contributing Writer September 21, 2016
After New York recently lifting the sales taxes on feminine hygiene products, some students are calling on NYU to begin supplying tampons and pads.
The Libertarian Party is one of the third parties, often neglected by voters. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, has been stirring noise in the impending presidential election.

Finding Liberty in a Third Party

By Rachel Rivers, Contributing Writer September 21, 2016
In a contentious election season where Democrats and Republicans are frustrated in their choice of candidates, some NYU students are turning to the alternative appeal of the Libertarian Party.
James Watson is facing backlash from his derogatory comments about African-American people, women and obese people.

DNA Discoverer’s Lecture Canceled Following Controversial Comments

By Veronika Jelenik, Contributing Writer September 20, 2016
NYU students protested against James Watson, one of the discoverers of DNA, speaking at Langone.
Often ranked as the #1 Dream School, NYU has fallen in its overall ranking.

NYU Drops in U.S. News Rankings

By Jemima McEvoy, Contributing Writer September 19, 2016
It came as a surprise to many NYU students when this year's US News and World Report's national university rankings revealed that the university has fallen down 4 spots, from its ranking at no. 32 in 2016, to its present position at no. 36.
NYU has set up a whole week of events preceding President Hamilton’s inauguration.

Inaugural Week Marks New Era

By Diamond Naga Siu, Lexi Faunce, and Abraham Gross September 19, 2016
For Hamilton, inauguration week is less a celebration of him than a reconciliation and celebration of NYU as a whole.