3 Things to Know Before Buying CBD-Based Products

The increasing popularity of cannabidiol products comes as no surprise. Recent studies have not only shown the many health benefits that they can potentially yield, but more importantly, they’ve proven that many of the common negative misconceptions such as their psychotropic nature and that they can only be smoked as false.

But just because these types of products boast many advantages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that buying them is a simple affair. After all, with so many brands and manufacturers out there, it’s not hard to be a little overwhelmed. So in an effort to simplify the process and allow you to make a better-informed decision on your purchase, here are a few things that you need to know.

  1. It always starts with the ingredients

When comparing CBD-based products, it’s a general rule of thumb to check their ingredients before making any financial commitments. And for a good reason: not only will it provide insight as to what other health benefits it can yield apart from what is advertised. But it will also let you know if it has any potentially harmful constituents within its formulation, such as vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, which are often found in certain vape oils. 

So make sure that you check the ingredients of the chosen product and research about them before buying. You’ll keep yourself from spending on something that can’t fulfill the claims made by its manufacturer. More importantly, you’ll have peace of mind that the product is safe to take.

  1. Check the content of THC

One of the reasons why CBD-based products often face a lot of restrictions is the content of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol that is usually present in them. Basically, the THC compound is primarily responsible for the mind-altering, psychotropic effects of cannabis while CBD isn’t. And this is the main difference between CBD vs THC. So if you’re looking to get a safe and legal product, it’s critical to ensure that the THC concentration within the chosen product stays within the restricted limit.

  1. Read up on customer reviews

As obvious as this might sound, taking the time to read up on customer feedback and testimonials on the selected CBD product before buying is essential. When you get right down to it, the consumers are the best source for objective information since companies and manufacturers can make exaggerated claims or be a little economical regarding the facts of their products to reel in potential buyers. And a small investment of time in checking for reviews online now can help save you from a lot of trouble later on.

It’s easy to see why CBD-based products are quickly rising in popularity these days. However, taking advantages of the advantage that they yield will ultimately depend on the quality of the product that you choose to purchase. And by checking and researching the ingredients it contains, looking up customer reviews online, and making sure that the THC concentration is within the regulated limit, you’ll be able to purchase a CBD product that will best fit your needs.



  1. Thanks for the tip that analyzing the ingredients properly is a good way to ensure the quality of wholesale CBD products. One of my cousins might start taking CBD products soon in order to deal with his anxiety. He would just need to talk to his therapist about it and he would be clear to start stocking up on it.

  2. Great article.

    Good tip about reading customer reviews is such an important step. Most people just see the star rating and if it is above 3 stars they just go for it. That’s not how it should be done.

    They should actually scroll down and take the time to read the negative reviews and the positive reviews as well. If all the negative reviews are about the quality, then you know that it isn’t a good product. But if they are about shipping times or just the packaging, then you know that the quality is good, the company just needs to work on the packaging.


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