New York Has Launched a New Sustainability Challenge

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Proposals have been submitted to try and offer more sustainable solutions to energy storage, building materials and even embodied carbon. The DOB have launched an innovation challenge and this is going to invite people to try and propose new technologies which will cut emissions from the city. The city plans on being carbon neutral by the year 2050.

So what can you do to help? Some of the things that people are doing to try and make the area more carbon neutral include using online services more and using their cars less. Public transport has been a life-saver here given the fact that there are full transportation lines that stretch to the furthest end of the area. This means that people can get to wherever they need to be without having to use their own transportation.

As mentioned above, online services are also being utilised more. People are using a casino online over visiting a land casino and they are also trying to use online banking too. Little things like this are making a huge difference and it is also making it easier than ever for the city to achieve the carbon neutral status.

The Carbon Neutral Status


When it comes to the carbon neutral status– five finalists are going to be given the opportunity to present their proposals at a conference which is going to be held on the 25th of September. The winner of the competition is going to be awarded some technical support and they are also going to be given far more advice as well. Daniel Zarrilli is the New York City chief for policy advice, and he has stated that right now, it’s important that people don’t lose their commitment to protect everyone from the looming health crisis. New York City is going to implement the Green New Deal by divesting from various fossil fuels and also trying to get the emissions to net zero. This is going to make the city much more resilient and it is also going to make it way more progressive too.

The Importance of Climate Change

Climate change is a very real issue and if New York are able to push forward in achieving this status then they would be setting an example for every other state in the US. By trying to go carbon neutral, the city would be having a far lower impact on the environment and it would also mean that more can be done to try and take things to that next level. With New York being one of the top contributors to carbon emittance when compared to other states in the US, it would certainly be an achievement to try and lower the emissions to zero by the year 2050. Of course, only time will tell if this can be achieved but right now, things are moving in the right direction. If one of the proposals are accepted, then this would certainly mean that the city can move forward with new advancements.