Are You Looking for Prescription Eyewear? Here’s How to Buy it Properly Online

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As students, we take our studies seriously – well, we try to anyhow. And we are all too aware of looming deadlines, class work, reports and so on. But if we’re to be completely honest, with the pandemic blighting our lives, a lot of us are finding it difficult to concentrate. The situation can become even more of a challenge if we need something that we can’t easily get if the shops are closed. One of those things just might be new eyeglasses. 

But there is good news; you can now purchase prescription eyewear online. While it wasn’t such a common thing even just a few years ago, buying eyewear online has become quite a standard for many students and professionals today. We are constantly being told to stay home and keep ourselves safe, so there’s no better way to adhere to the rules than to keep our going out to the bare minimum. If you need prescription eyewear, however, it’s best to know how to purchase it correctly. Here are a few pointers. 

Make sure you have your prescription

First things first – before you start browsing through an endless collection of hip eyeglass frames, make sure you have your prescription. And, more than this make sure that it’s properly updated as well. A prescription is often valid for two years, but if you are a teenager, the validity usually stretches to just a year. Take your prescription out and familiarize yourself with some terms (which you will need when you order glasses online), such as Oculus Dexter (OD): the right eye, Oculus Sinister (OS): the left eye; sphere or SPH, which indicates the lens power, CYL or cylinder, which shows the lens power for conditions like astigmatism, and Axis, which describes the cylindrical power positioning on your lenses if you have astigmatism. 


Know your PD or pupillary distance

The pupillary distance or PD is the actual distance between your two pupils, and this is usually in millimeters. The distance is often between 54mm to 68mm, and if you don’t have it or don’t know how to measure it, look for an online shop that can give you the right instructions or allow you to chat with someone for help. More online shops (such as are offering such a service, so it’s best if you can find a shop that can give you the necessary instructions.

Choose the proper frames 

Here’s the part which many of us look forward to, and rightly so: choosing the proper frames. This is definitely the most exciting bit about ordering glasses online, so you have to do this right as well. The first thing to learn is the frame size. It’s essential that you know the right frame size for you, so you have to know your face shape. 

The key to this is contrast; look for a frame that can contrast with the shape of your face. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, look for rounded frames with wider tops than bottoms. If you have a round face, look for a wide frame such as a rectangular frame, which can add more structure to your face and make it appear more elongated.  For square faces, softer and rounder eyeglass frames work best, and for oval shaped faces, it’s best to go with a symmetrical frame that looks rigid but with rounded bottoms.