Philanthropy Projects You Might Not Have Known About That Are Making a Big Difference

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2020 was a huge year for many charities, and with so many innovative and amazing projects to choose from, we have grouped together our top picks that may have just slipped through your net. 

Educate Girls

Educate Girls was established in 2007 and is a non-profit organisation which focuses on ‘mobilising communities for girls education in India’. Founded by Safeena Husain, Girls Education uses advanced analytics to reveal ‘where the problem of out-of-school girls is most concentrated’ and further uses this data to help guide their strategies. The result is incredibly successful campaigns, which are further proven by the results of the Educate Girls ‘DIB – which surpassed both its target outcomes in achieving 160% of its learning target and 116% of its enrolment target

Educate Girls overall goal is to improve both access and the overall quality of education ‘for over 15 million children cumulatively by 2024’ in turn providing many young people with an education they might not otherwise get. 


Football Beyond Borders

Football Beyond Borders uses the power of football to help engage young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Using football as an educational tool, they help students to have the confidence to finish school and therefore, by extension, make the ‘successful transition into adulthood’. Working with over 1000 young people every week, the results are amazing – in 2018 ‘28.4% fewer school behaviour points between FBB Schools participants and the students in the matched control group for participants in Year 1 of the FBB Schools programme.’ This alone shows the true power of what they are doing, further helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds to feel passionate about education and school. 

The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute

Did you know that there are a staggering more than two hundred and eighty-five million people globally being affected by some sort of visual impairment, with a further thirty-nine million of these people being blind? The Tej Kohli Foundation’s mission is to put an end ‘corneal blindness worldwide by 2035’, now whilst this might seem like an over the top and even impossible figure to most, founder and philanthropist, Tej Kohli, doesn’t see it that way. In 2019 The ‘Tej Kohli Cornea Institute welcomed 56,083 outpatients and completed 11,744 surgical procedures, largely at no cost’, all bringing him closer to his overall goal of curing Corneal Blindness. 

Bloody Good Period

Bloody Good Period’s mission is to end period poverty and ensure that there is proper education around female sexual and reproductive health. Started by Gabby Edlin, Bloody Good Period has partnered with ‘40 asylum seekers and refugees around the country’ making sure that they manage to get period products to ‘over 1500 people every month’ guaranteeing that period supplies are getting to the people who might need them, regardless of the situation. More recently they have partnered with such brands as The Body Shop and Liberty London to help spread the message help eliminate period poverty for good.   



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