Using WhatsApp With Your Classmates? Now You Can Figure Out If They’re Flirting With You

AI can now tell you if a WhatsApp contact has a crush on you

College is anxiety-filled enough as you adjust to new people and cram for deadlines. You shouldn’t let trying to figure out if someone’s into you add to that. What if an app could analyze a conversation and pick up on signs you couldn’t yourself? If you chat with your friends and classmates on WhatsApp, now there’s actually an app that could do just that.

Mei is an app that can analyze your WhatsApp conversations to see if someone you’re texting with is interested in you romantically. Our AI acts as the friend you hand your phone to when you want to decode a conversation, but her advice is based on data and algorithms developed from analyzing millions of texting relationships. Mei has seen more pick-up lines, flirty texts and overuse of emojis than any human, and uses this information to show you how your WhatsApp contacts really feel, even if those feelings aren’t immediately obvious from reading just the words.

How it works:

  1. Install Mei and login with your phone number
    • Android: Mei act as your default texting (SMS app). Hit the pulsating ball to turn on the AI
  1. Open WhatsApp and open the conversation you want to analyze
    • iOS: Click on the name at the top of the conversation
    • Android: Hit the menu button (3 dots) in the upper right corner
  1. Scroll down to “Export Chat” and select “Without Media”
  2. In the popup, select the Mei icon (you may need to enable Mei as a share option by selecting “More” on the far-right list and toggle Mei on)
  3. In the export screen you’ll see your contact’s name, then hit “Export to Mei”
  4. Open Mei and find the conversation you want to analyze
    • iOS: Select the imported conversation and hit the heart
    • Android: Hit the avatar next to the imported conversation and select “Ask Mei”
  1. Make sure you have enough credits and run the analysis!

If there are enough words from the contact (500+), our AI will use its neural networks to compare those text messages to its database of texts from millions of conversations. She’ll provide a score (0-100%) of how likely it is that the contact has a crush on you. If she picks up on personality differences, she’ll even give some advice on how you’re different and what you could do to bridge the gap.


For more information, visit the websiteor download the app in App Storeor Google Play Store.



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