SPONSORED: 5 Rising Stars And Where to Spot Them In NYC

Light up your night and your life.

By Alex Hanson, Content Specialist, W Media Group

Everyone knows New York City is a premiere place for spotting established stars of all kinds: actors, musicians, photographers, even child-actors-turned-NYU-students. Don’t forget, though, while you’re living in the Big Apple, to check out the rising stars around you. If you follow Neil deGrasse Tyson’s catchphrase advice to “keep looking up,” you might catch the following stars, galaxies, and constellations on a clear fall night in NYC.



You can find a map of these astronomical objects and where to see them each season at Starry Night. More information about each constellation, its namesake, and how to view it can be found on Constellation Guide’s website. Happy stargazing!

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