LANY Takes New York by Storm for Three Nights

Amelia Reardon, Contributing Writer

This weekend, Los Angeles-based band, LANY, which recently released its first studio album, played three sold out shows at Irving Plaza while on the second international tour of its career. The room was so packed that there was almost no room to move — fans of the band clearly do not mess around.

After an energy-filled set from the opener, Norwegian singer Dagny, the crowd was left in eager anticipation for Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss to take the stage. Finally, with the opening notes of their song “Dumb Stuff,” the lights died down, three huge screens at the back of the stage lit up and the trio appeared to a venue packed with screaming fans. The energy only escalated as the set continued with “4EVER!” and “yeah, babe, no way.” Before one particularly touching song, the band gave a quick praise and thank you to the audience for the band’s success in such a short time together. The stage lights dimmed as a voicemail from Jake Goss’ mother played over the speakers. Her pride and love for her son and his bandmates, as well as her shock that Goss had gotten a tattoo dedicated to her, was touching and formed the perfect prelude to the main section of the band’s setlist.  

However, the sentimentality did not end there. The band received a special surprise while performing “Flowers On The Floor,” as audience members threw red roses, a nod to the band’s latest album cover, onto the stage. With the stage floor covered in a bed of roses, the band continued performing songs, including “Made in Hollywood,” “Purple Teeth,” and “WHERE THE HELL ARE MY FRIENDS,” performed to an escalating crowd.

The room was electric, with audience members and frontman Klein jumping around and singing with all of their hearts under vibrant neon lights. Drummer Goss played so passionately that he, at one point, broke his kick drum and had to borrow the opener’s. At several times, Klein even went and hung over the barricade to join the crowd. Dancing around the stage and climbing up onto the speaker stacks, Klein definitely enjoyed the moment just as much as everyone else in the room.   

The energy lowered for more emotional songs such as “The Breakup,” “Hericane,” and “Current Location,” during which Klein showcased his piano skills under a single spotlight. The room quickly changed into a more somber and serene scene as Klein sang about love and heartbreak. However, the melancholy was short-lived.

After the band left the stage for a break, it quickly returned for an encore, which featured the band’s breakout song “ILYSB.” The venue erupted in cheers as the entire crowd sang along. After the final note, Klein hugged his guitar as he was joined by his bandmates for a heartwarming final bow, leaving fans to wait patiently for LANY’s next tour and return to New York.

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