Chi Zhang F/W 2017

Chi Zhang Fall Winter 2017

Led by a ground-shaking dubstep beat and each lit by an individual spotlight, models walking the Chi Zhang Fall/Winter 2017 runway added in some attitude with dance moves of their own. The Chinese designer created a swagger-infused men’s and women’s streetwear collection with a bondage influence — straps were a main accessory as they were wrapped around arms and torsos, often extending past the overly-long sleeves.

The party-like atmosphere showed the clothes in action, saturating them with the energy and life of the performance. Many of the looks were fit for downtown and to get down, consisting of leather, fur and PVC.

While silhouettes were oversized on top, the lower half was sparse for both genders. Women wore large hoodies with strap details, declaring that the “King’s Back,” which stopped mid-thigh, and men wore long, open fur coats that revealed nothing but a speedo-like garment underneath.

Strong graphics were also a main force in the collection, as many of the sweatshirts had Zhang’s  “King’s Back” slogan or an image of a gas masked face on them. The gas mask is a recurring symbol for Zhang, as at least one model has worn one in his past two collections and several wore them in this collection.


The colors were mostly primary — red, yellow and blue, plus black and white. One look combined a tan furry sweatshirt-like top with a gas masked face on the front and red patent straps with solid red leggings and thigh-high clear PVC boots. The model wore a coordinating red baseball cap to finish the excessive yet cohesive look.

The F/W 2017 runway show was a lively event to witness with an infectious fierceness embodied by the clothes.

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