NYU Should Shut Down the College Republicans

Kouross Esmaeli, Contributing Writer

In his latest “Our NYU” email, President Andrew Hamilton encouraged students to be reasonable and respectful towards each other. But in the same letter, the president proved diffident toward the College Republicans, who invited a speaker to campus who advocates for violence against transsexuals and gays, likened an African-American celebrity to a monkey and organized a vigilante group dedicated to white male supremacy. Would Hamilton be as diffident if an anti-racism campus group invited a speaker who denounces police officers who have killed civilians and avoided indictment through the justice system? If a feminist group demanded chemical or physical castration of a male student accused of date rape, how would he react? These examples all represent ideas that do not have a place on any campus, because they are beyond our sense of democratic values and debate.

The leftist groups have not attempted to bring such controversial subjects to campus, because progressive politics remain dedicated to rational dialogue. The fact that a speaker like Gavin McInnes is seen as an acceptable facilitator for discussion is a sign of the putrid leadership of the NYU College Republicans. We need a responsible conservative student group to help students with different political ideas understand the conservative viewpoint. Instead, what we have is an infantile group of Republicans that intimidates the NYU community with the hate speech of a morally deficient talk show host.

Less than two weeks ago, a white college student — who I believe was emboldened by the speech of far-right French politician Marine Le Pen — walked into a mosque in Quebec City and killed six people. Hate speech emboldens people to act upon their ideas, no matter how radical they may be. For the College Republicans to compromise students’ physical and intellectual well-being by giving a podium to someone who has built his career on transphobia, misogyny, Islamophobia and many other forms of lucrative intolerance is unacceptable.

The solution: NYU administration should strip the College Republicans of its affiliation until it can show responsible and reasonable conduct. If the words of our university president are to be taken as more than platitude, then the university needs to show that it has a standard of accountability for any student group that receives recognition, funding and a guarantee of free expression on campus. The administration has a responsibility to protect and set the parameters for the flow of public debate on campus. The recent actions of the College Republicans should not be tolerated if Hamilton wants students to commit to being reasonable and civil to each other. The administration needs to do its part.


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  1. In your piece you claim that McInness “advocates for violence against transsexuals and gays” and link to an article he wrote for Thought Catalog (which is no longer available on the TC’s website). I can’t seem to find the evidence to support this claim. It may be an issue of the formatting of article. Would you do me a favor and provide a direct quote, please?

    Lou Perez
    Gallatin ’04

  2. Pretend claims of advocating violence are worse than actual violence committed by “anti fascists” and black block now?

    Instead of shutting down the republicans the school should apologize for the deplorable violence and track down and expel those responsible

  3. It seems that what you’re saying is that if you oppose the leftist ideas with facts and opinions, you should not be allowed to speak? Wow. I thought there were couple of instances where dialogue as asked for from the children that were screaming, but the preschool teachers hadn’t prepared the class for being challenged intellectually. I’m still lost too on the nazi thing?

  4. These are the types of imbeciles our universities are producing nowadays. Coddled, ignorant, ill-prepared, safe-space seeking morons destined for failure in life.

  5. It’s okay to silence those you disagree with as long as you REALLY disagree. Glad NYU is pumping out obedient little authoritarians.

  6. The box says speak your mind…is that an invitation to invoke my right to free speech? as long as it doesnt support the right, correct? “hate speech” is an unconstitutional term first of all. It is as defined by some uber sensitive snowflake is…”gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group” These leaves practically ANY speech open to being labeled as hate speech seeing how everyone is offended by everything these days. I mean this article can be considered hate speech to the college republicans. How about denouncing the actual violence that occurs from the paid protesters instead of silencing the right to free speech. And singling out the republican students. Whose parents, Im sure, would much rather spend their money at an institution that respects their rights.

  7. Your offensive interpretation of someone’s speech does not supersede their right to speak.

    You might want to review your university’s website: https://www.nyu.edu/about/news-publications/history-of-nyu.html

    Open to All
    One hundred and seventy five years ago, Albert Gallatin, the distinguished statesman who served as secretary of the treasury under President Thomas Jefferson, declared his intention to establish “in this immense and fast-growing city … a system of rational and practical education fitting for all and graciously open to all.”

  8. Misrepresenting opposing people and their ideas because you can not meet them with good arguments is what the left resorts to these days. The escalating hyperbole being used to shutdown opposing ideas , peoples right to free speech and assembly is reprehensible. This is the stance of authoritarians through out history.

    Leftists dont need to bring “controversial” speakers , because their controversial ideas are taught in classes.. social “science” isnt a science and yet is allowed to use it ideas that they attempt to validate using dishonest statistics/studies, cherry picked information, and assumed correlations to justify its moral authority on what is considered allowable ideas and speech.

    There was a group that did all this before. Only they used racial science taught in college to justify their bigotry . they indoctrinated the youth with their ideas . then used political correctness, strong arm tactics and then violence to shut down opposing political views using those youth.

    They called themselves Nazi’s

  9. Washington Square News is just a “learning paper”. This is fake news, and akin to tabloid garbage. All of your “columnists” and “contributors” are hardcore lefties who do not care about free speech or the voluntary exchange of ideas.

    NYU in general the “Washington Square News” in particular are organizations that endorse fascism and embolden political violence aimed at silencing a specific [conservative] point of view. You all should be ashamed of the incredibly biased trash that you publish on a daily basis. Modern Journalism is dead.

  10. This is perhaps one of the most ignorant articles ever posted. You are saying that we need to shut down a club until it can “show responsible and reasonable conduct”, which is vague and could be just as easily applied against liberal groups that might want to discuss controversial ideas that conservatives might disagree with. Also, you throw around terms such as “hate speech” and “democratic values”, and I’m seriously questioning whether you understand what those terms actually mean. So you’re for “democratic values” that censor certain viewpoints because you deem them hateful? Also, hateful views should absolutely be allowed on campus, so long as they don’t incite violence and promote violence, which McInnes never has (your own sources show that). The only violence I’ve seen is that perpetuated by the anti-democratic, authoritarian, hate group Anti-fascists at NYU, who physically assaulted the speaker before the event. The only “infantile” behavior I’ve seen is by these so-called anti fascists, who seem so afraid of sexism and racism and their ability to easily refute those arguments, that they must shut down any speaker who comes close to their fears. You and every other cowardly, narrow-minded, censorious illberal should be ashamed of yourselves for calling for certain clubs to be shut down just because you don’t understand the concept of freedom of speech, democratic values, or what hate speech is. We shouldn’t all have to suffer for your intellectual ignorance in the form of censorious university policies.

  11. “He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster.

    And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

  12. This is possibly one of the most offensive and anti-American things I have ever read. And I say that as progressive, Bernie-Sanders supporting, daughter of Asian immigrants. Stop trying to shut down conservative groups, stop protesting conservative speakers. If students stop protesting them, no one would even know who they were, maybe five or ten people would go to hear them speak, and they would not be getting the attention they so desperately want. Stop playing into conservative hands with this bullshit.

  13. Angela Davis spoke at NYU for three days in 2014 — March 4-6. Davis purchased weapons that were used in a courtroom killing of several people. Davis was later convicted of this crime after being a fugitive.

    Convicted cop killer convicted cop killer Kathy Boudin spoke at NYU in 2013.

    I discovered these facts with minimal effort. I’ll bet there would be more if I had a list of all the guest speakers NYU hosted. From this article and this info, I guess the takeaway is that if you do illegal things you’re OK, but if you say the wrong things you’re not. Perhaps the writer of this article could explain all that to the families of the people who died from these crimes.

  14. I’m an alumni from the early 2000s who is no longer donating to NYU. I got my annual call from a student last week and I told them that until NYU is a place for free speech and a wide range of views are accepted and encouraged, I will not be giving a donation to the scholarship fund. It’s editorials like these that will strip the school of its donor base, filled with proud Republicans who value the diversity of our school and the diversity of free speech.

  15. NYU students that support cancelling free speech are an embarrassment to a once great institution. Do yourself a favor and drop out. Save mommy and daddy some money. It’s the only thing you’re going to do to make anyone proud.

  16. Ironically, shutting down free speech makes your own voice completely irrelevant. So with that I say good day.
    PS-thank you for trigglyprof

  17. So in other words, you’d love it if there was only one party and one way of thinking on the NYU campus? Stalin would have loved you. Gavin McInnes has never even suggested law or policy that would be considered antitrans or gay. He excises in thought experiments, and any thoughts or opinions he’s had are no violent, unlike some of these campus students on the left.

  18. I have always felt tepid about NYU as I think the school is overpriced and overrated. However, after reading this article I move from a simple lack of school spirit to being outright ashamed I attend this university. This university exudes more anti-intellectualism than the most ill-informed Trump voter. This article is nothing more than the lashing out of a petulant child, and yet WSN is regaling it. Only a self-obsessed authoritarian could possibly conclude that McInnes’ WORDS are the equivalent of physical violence. The only people demonstrating violence at the event were the “anti-fascists”, a militant group of delusional regressive students who celebrate accosting the police, the suppression of free speech, and most importantly, violence. The irony of all of this is evidently not appreciated by the author. I suppose it is from the author’s profoundly unearned self-righteousness that he concludes being offended is an appropriate excuse for violence. Why this school grovels to such intellectually brittle and sanctimonious students is beyond me. Whatever happened to edification? This country is pressed with many policy debates, and this type of scurrilous garbage only bolsters the “post-fact” age that we all loathe. If President Hamilton should take any action, it should be revoking the author’s phd until he can prove “responsible and reasonable conduct.” NYU should not reward degrees to those who use vacuous slander against other students.

  19. Every article that seems to be coming out of this leftist think tank is slanderous in nature. Please cite where Gavin McInnes has done any of the above that you recklessly accuse him of?

  20. This article is just Milo trolling right? I’m almost 100% positive if you rearrange the letters in “Kouross Esmaeli” you get “Milo Yiannopolous”.

  21. This paper should be dismantled until it can show fair honest unbiased reporting.Not this triggered mess it currently is how disgraceful

  22. Quran 4:56 – Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses – We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise.

    Quran 2:23 – And if you are in doubt about what We have sent down upon Our Servant ?[Muhammad], then produce a surah (silk fabric, book) the like thereof and call upon your?witnesses other than Allah , if you should be truthful. But if you do not – and you will never be able to – then fear the Fire, whose fuel is men and stones, prepared for the disbelievers.

    Quran 2:18 – Deaf, dumb and blind – so they will not return [to the right path]. Or [it is] like a rainstorm from the sky within which is darkness, thunder and lightning. They put their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps in dread of death. But Allah is encompassing of the disbelievers.

    Quran 2:30 – And [mention, O Muhammad], when your Lord said to the angels, “Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority.” They said, “Will You place upon it one who causes corruption therein and sheds blood, while we declare Your praise and sanctify You?” Allah said, “Indeed, I know that which you do not know.”

  23. Disgusting! Now anyone with a different opinion – a Republican – should not have the right to speak on campus? Seems that your Students for Justice for ‘Palestine,’ can carry signs that say “Put the Jews Back in Ovens” and BLM can shout, “Kill the Pigs!” but that’s not at all violent or incendiary. But ALL Republicans are. Wow — I wish I could get my tuition refunded.

  24. Also, Esmaeli — you are like the reporters who put out the fake news. The left is always reasonable? Non-violent? Hope it wasn’t your car that was set ablaze at Berkeley. Madonna wanting to “blow up” the White House, Sarah Silverman calling for coup, all of you turning a deaf ear the minute anyone has a different opinion. OMG – if this is the education you are receiving at NYU, I feel bad for you. How does it feel to be manipulated?

  25. What happened at your university was disgraceful.

    If the author of this piece is any sort of litmus test to the quality of Liberals at NYU, my deepest condolences to the College Republicans. May they find liberals who know how to listen for the sake of civil discourse.

  26. I can’t laugh enough at the losers who keep threatening NYU with taking their business elsewhere. Or, more often, encouraging fellow fascists to do so, because they are not part of the NYU community and can’t even afford the NYU tuition but feel entitled to share their opinion about how the university should be administered.

    Breaking news: NYU is recognized nationwide as a liberal campus. Most parents and students identify as liberals. Most of the endorsement comes from liberal alumni and organizations. It is a perfectly working business model. NYU would barely notice that your budding misogynist and transphobic Republicans are leaving, and it would be quite easy to replace them given how many bright students have to be rejected every year. So please feel free to take your business elsewhere.

  27. Hannah Banana, would you mind sharing when and where you saw Students for Justice for Palestine (I deleted the quotation marks, since Palestine is a recognized political and geographical entity), carry signs that say “Put the Jews Back in Ovens”? When I searched for it, I only encountered a self-identified Zionist (probably you) claiming that students chant it as a slogan, again without any proof. If you received the kind of “education” that taught you that you can make any libelous claim without any evidence, I can only pity you and the horrible family that raised you.

  28. Jessica, as you mentioned, it is OUR university, whether the events were disgraceful or not. (Inviting that ridiculous guy as a speaker was disgraceful, protesting against that was not.) What I wonder is what attracts people like yourself to the comments section of a student newspaper, addressing to a community to which you do not belong. I am sorry but your opinion is irrelevant. I understand that you have too much free time in your hands but maybe you should leave this medium to actual members of the NYU community and find something more useful to do with your life. A zen garden maybe?

  29. Rebecca Taylor, I am sorry but given the current state of scientific knowledge, arguing that “transphobia is perfectly natural” is not a rational argument. Hence the citation from OUR (and NOT YOUR) institution’s website is absolutely irrelevant.

  30. in LA,

    Would you mind sharing with us how much you used to donate and provide proof? I will donate twice that amount to Queer Union, NYU’s All-University LGBTQ Student Club. Thanks a lot!

  31. And the war on free speech continues. At one point in time, being liberal meant you were in favor of the right to free speech. Once again, the “progressive” left regresses to the fascist ideology of silencing anyone who hurts their feelings. Not having the right to speak freely is much more dangerous than any threat posed by the comments made by this speaker.

  32. First of all, I am obviously not the being who posted the comment above. Freedom of expression entails not being persecuted by the state authorities. It does not mean that any individual can speak at any venue without protest. There are billions of people who never spoke at NYU and who never will, for a variety of reasons, and you only care about the one who spews misogynistic, transphobic, and Islamophobic comments. I wonder why…

  33. >riots and hurts and yells at people and shuts down a discussion event because disagree with the speaker
    >writes an article about how these people they rioted against and hurt and yelled at and shut down should no longer be a group


  34. Correction: Because do not want to provide legitimacy to a ridiculous excuse of a human being who spews misogynistic, transphobic, and Islamophobic comments by allowing him to speak at a prominent university.

  35. >despite the availability of many other less controversial Republicans, invite a misogynist, transphobic, Islamophobe person to campus to create outrage
    >outrage ensues
    >become victims

  36. The bright young prodigies at NYU trying to “shut down” people from exercising their First Amendment rights again. Guess you little fucks didn’t learn the lessons from last week. But not to worry….you now have our full, undivided attention!!!

  37. Jim, exercising First Amendment rights does not imply expressing any opinion in any venue without any protest. It only implies protection from state persecution. Also, I am glad to have your full attention. Maybe you can learn how to avoid mysogynistic insults while bravely defending your platonic love.

  38. Hey Kouross Esmaeli, as a parent paying full tuition for my child to attend this school, shame on you for even thinking this, let alone writing it. I sent my child to NYU in New York City for the very reason that I want her to experience it all. Left-wing, Right-wing, all races, all religions and all walks of life. To try and sensor her or any other student is wrong. Not sure where you came from but maybe you should be at a small liberal college somewhere where you can live in a bubble. DON’T try to sensor my kid when I pay a boatload to send her here. Shame on you.

  39. I’m sorry is this a joke? Who is to say what is beyond the scope of our democratic values? And legit this quote makes my blood boil: “The leftist groups have not attempted to bring such controversial subjects to campus, because progressive politics remain dedicated to rational dialogue” BULLSHIT. This mofo got sprayed in the face with pepper spray. There is no greater concentration of close-minded hyper-liberals than on this campus. No one is talking – THAT is the problem. Neither side of the political aisle is listening. It’s just two factions screaming their own beliefs at the other and calling the others fascists. Literally. Watch the video of the Gavin event.

  40. “If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.” — Louis Brandeis

    I find Gavin McInnes to be a despicable human being, and I’m disappointed that he was invited to speak on campus. But I find it more troubling that a publication that I once led and which relies on the rights enshrined in the first amendment would attempt to silence anyone.

    -Pete Comas, WSN Managing Editor, 1992-1993

  41. Oh Ahmad – I won’t even dignify that with a response. Why not recognize Israel – you know – it’s that tiny DEMOCRATIC country in the Middle East, right next to Jordan, where much of “Palestine” is. You might not recognize Israel – it’s the country where one may practice one’s religion or practice no religion. No one is beheaded, you don’t need four male witnesses in order to cry “rape!” You know Israel – despite its tiny size, after returning almost all of the land that they WON when they were attacked in 1967 and 1974 – is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the world – tops in technology, medicine, economics, etc. You know Israel – it’s the country where – if someone from Hamas is injured after attacking an IDF member, the injured Hamas guy will be taken to an Israeli hospital and helped. You can distinguish it from some of the Arab countries, where, if a Jew winds up on your land , the Jew is spat upon. You know Israel – one of its hospitals took in a Palestinian four-year-old boy whose heart was failing. They cured him FOR FREE, gave his mom a new stroller, toys, etc. and the mom said, “When he gows up, I hope he kills the Jews.” Look at the moral compass, Ahmad – Israelis don’t blow up buses or engagement parties or seders or pizza shops. It is a very small country but its human decency stands out.

  42. I would never send my children to a secular college…scary stuff happening here…these professors are brainwashing your kids!!

  43. Hey, if NYU is going to start censoring harmful and dangerous speech, could it please start with Marxism and all its offshoots, including post-colonialism, post- modernism, critical race theory, gender theory, and so on? Thanks!

  44. How does one become a grad student without understanding that the 1st amendment is there to protect speech that not everyone agrees with. If no one disagreed with this author there would be no need for the 1A. Then he and his friends can sit around singing kumbya all day.

    Nothing GM has ever said was an incitement to violence and was solidly protected by the 1A. The people preventing him from speaking are the real enemies of free speech and would make good little fascists marching behind this author.

  45. First of all, Gavin’s not a racist. The left needs to stop labeling everyone on the right a racist or a Nazi. It’s getting old. Sorry if his jokes are in bad taste and a little offensive from time to time, but they’re just jokes. The dude who wrote this article needs to chill the f-ck out and get a life.

  46. Hannah Banana, I neither denied the existence of Israel nor said anything about Israel. Moreover, I do not get my information from American Jews most of whom have never even been there. I visited the country multiple times and I follow the academic literature. But thanks for your pretty monologue. You should deliver it at an elementary school in Tel Aviv. They appreciate good humor.

    I guess it is clear that this discussion has nothing to do with Israel. You claimed that Students for Justice for Palestine, carry signs that say “Put the Jews Back in Ovens.” I did a quick search and only found another comment, this time on the Inside Higher Education website, claiming that Students for Justice for Palestine shout that horrible slogan. (You posted that one under the name Mary Feegel, in case you forgot: https://disqus.com/by/mary_feegel/)

    I asked you, I am asking again. Do you have any evidence? Any witness other than the mentally unstable “Mary Feegel”? Any news stories? Any images? Any videos? If not, you are a liar. A liar who trolls higher education websites to propagate unfounded libelous claims and fees satisfaction from trolling the intellectual elite of the US. Good luck!

  47. Douglas Levene, I am hoping that a sixty-year-old law professor would not spend his time following the websites of institutions that are much more prominent than his, and make ridiculous claims about academic fields he has no expertise in. I am also hoping that the Twitter account under your name doesn’t belong to you. I am also hoping that whoever owns that Twitter account is aware that the Paglia quote they retweeted is actually in line with Marxism. I am also hoping that somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly…

  48. DaveFromChicago, your platonic love may or may not be a Nazi but, as acknowledged by his colleagues, he uses his power to legitimize and propagate transphobia. And we will not allow for that on our campus.

  49. Dan Z, you are basically arguing that because the First Amendment protects freedom of expression:

    A) Anyone can express any view at any venue.
    B) Nobody should be allowed to protest against anyone (which covers most social demonstrations).

    We know that A is not the case and B is in violation of freedom of expression.

    Stronger arguments might make your baseless arrogance more tolerable. Or not. But it is worth trying.

  50. I just saw you on Tucker Carlson and was so disturbed by what you were saying I had to research you a little. Found this. Reading the comments Kouross, I am heartened to see that your article and opinions were pretty much universally panned. That gives me hope for our future.

  51. Ahmad B: trolling the twitter account of a sixty-year-old law professor reflects poorly on you and exposes your tribal motivation. Is Paglia’s quote or Marxism speech more examples of ideas you and Kouross disagree with and therefore advocate for the suppression of? Now let me help you:
    A.) Yes, like it or not, anyone can express any view at any venue as was upheld by the 1969 supreme court case Brandenburg versus Ohio. Advocating violence is protected (ie: “We should blow them off the face of the earth”), what is not protected is inciting violence. (ie: “Let’s beat the hell out of the conservative students and force the shutdown their guest speaker whose opinions we disagree with”).

    B) Peaceful demonstration is ok. Committing acts of violence and damage to property is not protest. It is anarchy. There is a difference as over 200 antifa anarchists arrested, over 130 indicted, will have potentially 10 years to ponder.

  52. It used to be, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”
    and has now become, “With sticks and stones I’ll break your bones, so you can’t speak truth and hurt me”.

  53. I watched the “author’s” recent appearance on the Tucker Carlson show. I am shocked at how intellectually dishonest and unprepared the “author” was. I was under the impression that NYU was an elite university. If the “author” is an indication of the level of the intellectual rigor required to attend NYU, then I am shocked. I am pretty sure Kouross is mentally disabled.

  54. “Michael Stevens,”

    I did not troll anyone’s Twitter account. Can you show any evidence? I only read the contents and commented on them. You either need to stop doing libelous attacks on people you don’t know or avoid using terms you are not familiar with.

    No, I do not disagree with the Paglia quote. It was an example of how the poor old man actually knows nothing about Marxist theory. It is a shame that any university would hire a law professor who talks about academic subject he doesn’t know. If you spend more time reading than writing, which is what people used to do before the internet, it will be easier for you to understand simple sentences.

    A) Since not anybody can have access to any venue, not anybody can express any view at any venue. It is that simple. Brandenburg versus Ohio has nothing to do with individuals protesting, it is about the Ohio laws. (Oh, how I hope you are not teaching law…)

    B) Committing acts of violence and damage to property have nothing to do with the First Amendment, and therefore my argument.

  55. James Martin, you mean “truths” like “transphobia is perfectly natural” or “fight against transphobia is to justify trannies” as propagated by your platonic love, Gavin McInnes? Those unfounded “truths” cost the lives of thousands of trans people around the world every year, and cause the rest to lead miserable lives. Trans students and their allies at NYU will continue their fight against transphobia.

  56. Jerome, since you know Kouross Esmaeli’s age, I also presume you know his nationality. He is Iranian American. I can understand that, as a fascist, you may not perceive Middle Eastern Americans as American. But could you please tell us what kind of an education made you into a person who thinks that Iran is in Europe?

  57. Ahmad B. Could you please adjust your comments as I cannot understand them. I identify as a 6 year old aboriginal and I don’t quite comprehend your responses.

  58. Dink, age dysphoria, in its various forms, is real but few adults who identify as young children are interested in political matters that are of concern to adults. Also, few people living with age dysphoria make public demands regarding things that are of not immediate relevance to their quality of life, although they are of course welcome to do so. I would be happy to learn about the details of your case, starting with how you are affiliated with the NYU community. Otherwise I will presume that you are a whiny little fascist desperately seeking attention. <3

  59. OMG – saw the writer of this piece on Tucker Carlson last night — come arrest me now – I watched Fox News. Anyway, this guy is an absolute embarrassment – specious arguments, nonsensical, doesn’t listen, likes the sound of his own voice, has emigrated here and wants to get rid of free speech. Unless he agrees with it. That’s what’s wrong, snowflakes.

  60. Ahmed – or is it Ahmad? – so it’s fine when they shout “Put the Jews Back in Ovens?” I’ve never BEEN to Israel? I was born in Israel, you fool. And I’m sorry they let you visit. Keep supporting SJP – yet be offended when Gavin McInnes visits campus. What’s wrong with this picture – oh that’s right – you.

  61. Hannaah Banana aka Mary Feegel,

    I never said it is fine when people shout “Put the Jews Back in Ovens.” I said Students for Justice in Palestine never used this slogan, neither in written nor verbal form. If you present any form of evidence other than your own delusions, I am ready to publicly apologize.

    I am writing comments on the website of my institution’s newspaper. You are writing (literally) 222 comments on the Inside Higher Education website on issues that are neither of relevance to you nor you are knowledgeable about. I can understand that you need attention but this is not the way. You simply need professional help.

  62. _
    Sarah McInnes on February 9th, 2017 8:54 pm – Jeez – your stupidity astounds me. As with so many other millennials, you clearly believe that NYU started the day you started there. It’s been around for almost 200 years and many ALUMNI read this paper – it is their right as well. As a matter of fact, more and more alumni are getting sick of little snowflakes like you. Now only matriculating CURRENT NYU students are allowed to read the Washington Square News? When you’re president of your first Communist country, you can do that. Saying that you are liberal and then denouncing ANY SPEAKER from speaking on campus defines you – a
    bratty pseudo Marxist. You are so wrapped up in your self-importance, and may I stress the word “self.” No, darling – the world does not revolve around you. It will be a very sad day in your life when you wake up and realize this.

  63. Hannah Banana aka Mary Feegel,

    You did not study at NYU. This is just a website where you can troll people who are better educated than you are and feel important. Like you do with your mostly incomprehensible 222 posts on the Inside Higher Education website.

    Now please tell me whether you are able to provide any form of evidence in support of your claim that Students for Justice in Palestine used the atrocious slogan “Put the Jews Back in Ovens.” If not, I am waiting for your public apology.

  64. Ahmad, good job knocking down that strawman. Where did I say anyone can express any view at any venue? Are you so excited by GM and what he says that you can’t read straight? It seems that if the NYU Republicans invited GM and had a facility reserved for his talk, the venue for his exercising his free speech rights is appropriate.

    Read my comment again. If everyone agreed with you or the author of the op-ed there would be need for a 1A. And are you old enough to remember when the ACLU fought to allow nazis to march in Skokie? The author of the op-ed should be aware of history when he says people should not be allowed to say things he doesn’t like. Look up the Brandenburg decision on the internet. It came down in 1969 in case you have trouble using Google. Hate speech is just as protected as your speech.

    GM was not inciting his followers to violence and in fact those that did not respect his rights were the ones committing violence

  65. This guy is just another liberal who advocates free speech as long as it agrees with his views. Typical left wing nut job. He is one of many examples of why our education system has failed the country.

  66. Dan Z,

    You said “the 1st amendment is there to protect speech that not everyone agrees with” with reference to the situation at NYU. The First Amendment is there to protect individuals from persecution, not from public protest against them as your interpretation implies (whether you are aware of it or not). As I explained in a previous comment, Brandenburg versus Ohio has nothing to do with public protest either. It is about Ohio laws. Your combination of arrogance and ignorance is delightful.

    I have little interest in popular culture and I actually had no idea your dream boyfriend was until he visited NYU. So no particular excitement here, just basic knowledge about laws and how they work.

    Legitimizing transphobia in a country where trans people live with a much higher risk of murder and physical violence contributes to violence albeit in indirect ways. I have every right to protest against my institution lending this person legitimacy and a venue to speak. I personally prefer non-criminalized forms of action though.

  67. John, neoliberal capitalism and globalization failed your country (and your educational system, actually). That is the reason why you don’t have a decent insurance system, the unemployment rate is ridiculously high, and the quality of life is pretty low in comparison to many other countries. .

  68. Amhad

    You’re kidding right? Your comment is laughable. People put their lives in jeopardy everyday to try to get to this county. Legally or not. Why? Freedom and Capitalsm (to the extent it has not been interfered with by our government). The mere opportunity for the chance of prosperity is the overwhelming lure. Few if any are risking their lives trying to get to Iran or Iraq or any other shithole third world country. As screwed up as our politicians have made our healthcare system, people from socialized medicine countries still beg to get here for our care, treatment and expertise. Don’t go into debt for that “education” (and I use that term loosely) at NYU. The cold cruel world of capitalism awaits you after graduation. Your skills, intelligence and effort will dictate your success. Best of luck to you!

  69. John,

    Your inability to spell a five-letter foreign name reveals your cosmopolitan mindset. To begin with, I am not an undergraduate student. I never paid for education and I never would. In fact, I have always been paid to study, including numerous fellowships at NYU. I also happen to be working in administrative positions since I was seventeen and I own real estate in multiple countries, so no reason to worry about my future. Thanks for your concern though. Also, as a scholar and accomplished professional, I can assure you that “skills, intelligence and effort” are by no means the only things that dictate success, but you are free to dream, I guess.

    The main reason why people try to migrate to the US is US neo-imperialism and the consequences of neoliberal capitalism, which are even acknowledged by the IMF at this point. There is also the fact that English is more widely known as a second language, and people have existing networks due to the history of migration. As far as healthcare is concerned, while some wealthy people do come to the US for treatment, citizens of this country died because they can not afford a dentist or antibiotics. (True story.)

    Finally, before you talk about Iran, Iraq or the rest of the Middle East, I recommend you to read about the US involvement in the region since the Cold War. Or simply remember that the US bombed the Middle East 26,171 times in 2016 only.

  70. Ahmad Beezy Yeazy, do you believe in the toof fairy too?

    I can’t even begin to imagine what type of mental illness you have! You’re as bad as the transniglets and age dyslexics.

    Get yo ass to Bellevue ASAP, they need to pump you up with fluoride, fish oil, and chemtrails son

  71. Dink, I am very sorry that the loneliness and alienation you experience in everyday life, and what you perceive as the anonymity provided by the internet, encourages you to seek attention by insulting random strangers. The thing is, for you to actually insult me, our identities need to be public. Right now, it is not working. You are simply demonstrating your inability to engage with arguments and facts.

  72. Ahmad I ain’t tryin to insult ya dog, just want the best for you bruh.

    And you need to learn yoself it ain’t about facts or arguments, it’s about muh feelings and safe spaces.

  73. Can you stop making up arguments I never said? I never said the 1A is just for protesting at NYU. It is there for idiotic op-eds[like the one we are discussing and it is for you to make strawman arguments that you feel so proud to knock down.

    And what is this about transphobia? Where did that come from?

    To get back to the story these comments are attached to, Mr. Esmaeli wants to stop college republicans from inviting GM or others to speak at NYU. Not because the college republicans are inviting people that are inciting others to violence. Because that would be a reasonable reason for Mr. Esmaeli to call for their 1A rights to be abrogated (and where Brandenburg comes in). Because a school that can ban college republicans from bringing guests to speak can also stop you or anyone you agree with from speaking. And that would be wrong and I would defend your 1A rights too.

    So next time read my comment and respond to what I actually wrote and not what you see in your imagination.

  74. Our goal is for you to shut us down as violently as possible. You really believe all these NYU college educated Republicans like Gavin or Milo’s ideas? Their job is simply to provoke a violent reaction from the far left. When swing voter suburbanites see the campus riots on TV they will vote Republican just like how Richard Nixon propelled the silent majority to power. Please shut us down. You control 10% of the states and 0% of the federal government. All president Trump needs is an excuse to move in and impose the will of the Republican party against the left.

    Your activists will be imprisoned. Your government funding will be cut off. And the beauty is that he who resists hardest only paves the way.

  75. Dink, I do appreciate your attempts to frame minorities as “whiny people talking about feelings” but that is not working. The only whiny person here is yourself, trying to gain some power and attention by throwing what you imagine to be witty insults but actually just giving people like myself opportunities to remember and demonstrate what kind of a mindset we are dealing with.

    Do you think safe spaces are funny? Let me tell you what safe spaces are about. Since this conversation is about NYU Republicans bringing a transphobic man to the campus, that will be my example. LGBTQ students disproportionally suffer from bullying at high school, largely but not solely by insecure whiny losers like McInnes and yourself, who use violence to get the attention they otherwise can’t get. Hence their school completion rates are low while their suicide rates are high. Safe spaces are there to alleviate these problems at the college level. Are they enough? No. Are they necessary? Yes. And I am yet to meet any LGBTQ activists who define these and similar programs in terms of “feelings.” They present statistics and facts. You are the person obsessed with their feelings and trying to produce your fears and insecurities in others. Not working, sorry.

  76. John, I do not think President Trump needs any excuse for anything, but I am impressed that you claim that there is some semblance of democracy in the US as you attempt to silence “the far left” who are well aware that there is not.

  77. Dan Z,

    I don’t know where transphobia came from, it has been a major part of US public life for quite some time. If you are referring to this discussion, Gavin McInnes is a proud promoter of transphobia, as demonstrated by his 2014 Thought Catalog essay “Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural.” The article was later deleted for hateful or abusive content, but you can access that piece of garbage and some of the comments it inspired here: https://carolynnawilliams.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/transphobia-is-perfectly-natural-_-thought-catalog.pdf
    I am pretty sure you can defend that it is not incitement to violence, and it is not criminal. Nevertheless, I do not condone an institution I am affiliated with providing this person with a venue and legitimacy.

  78. “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.” Anatole France

    I am very glad that 1A applies equally to the transphobic guest of NYU Republicans and me. If I some day decide to define cisgenderism as sick and cisphobia perfectly natural (which would certainly have very similar consequences to Gavin McInnes legitimizing and justifying transphobia), I can also enjoy such generous protection from the law and the cis men who speak its language. Yay! Until then, McInnes and his fanboys, with the sponsorship of NYU Republicans, can continue to spew transphobic hate speech. Because 1A.

  79. One of the reasons I respect NYU so much is because it is all about embracing diversity as long as this does not include one single republican especially white Christian republicans.

    Isn’t this NYU’s idea of diversity or am I mistaken? LOL

  80. I think we should encourage free speech as long as it agrees with my leftist thinking.

    Is that asking too much of our administrators? I mean, that’s what my professors have taught me here.

    I’m so happy Trump won and can shove it down the left’s hypocritical throat for the next four years.

  81. Dear Brownfacer,

    Could you please present the cases of white Christian Republican members of NYU community who were penalized for their political views? That would help us understand the situation better.

    I would also be grateful if you could present us with suggestions as to how we are supposed to embrace transphobic individuals who legitimize violence against our friends and colleagues. I will obviously do my best to follow them.

    Why four years? I am pretty sure he will stay for eight years unless he is assassinated by pro-establishment pseudo-liberal neocons (probably like yourself). Because he is the ideal president for a country populated predominantly by individuals who know almost nothing about politics while boasting with arrogance. I will probably be watching the events from Berlin or London, with vacations in Monte Carlo, Italy, and Greece. Please keep posting about the developments though, I would love to hear your self-righteous voice.

  82. Brownfacer, I am curious, if NYU is such an “oppressive and violent” place for poor innocent white Christian Republican men like yourself, why didn’t you notice that before you applied? Why did you choose to come here? Are you that incapable of making informed decisions in life? If you were so oppressed, why didn’t you sue the school? Why didn’t you transfer to somewhere else? I would love to hear your Dickensian story as I sip my Scotch, Tiny Tim.

  83. This alum thinks this argument is insanity, and I weep for the state of my alma mater if this is the type of thought they are churning out these days. If NYU does this, you will never get another dime from this regularly donating alum.

  84. This is apparently the sanitized version, according to Kouross himself. I wonder just how much more crazy could be found in the original version.

  85. bestimmt, how much are you donating regularly? If you submit proof, I will cover for you by donating to the LGBTQ initiatives on campus, no worries!

  86. Jeros, probably not as much crazy as in the words of NYU Republicans’ distinguished transphobic guest: “To fight against transphobia is to justify trannies. To justify trannies is to allow mentally ill people to mutilate themselves. When your actions are getting people mutilated, you’re at war with them.”

  87. Ahmad:

    Finally you admit it is not illegal speech you are only disapproving of, it is speech you don’t condone. And if it upsets you, you have every right to make your feelings known. If you want to picket a talk because you don’t like what is said, go for it.

    No one is forcing you or anyone else to listen to GM. He has no right to anyone’s attention,

    But you don’t have a right to prevent him from speaking at an appropriate time place or manner. Because if his protected speech can be silenced, your speech can be silenced as well by someone. Suppressing speech is never a good idea unless it is inciting people to violence. Your speech rights are just as valuable as mine or anyone else’s,

  88. Dan Z,

    I do not remember saying that it is illegal speech. Could you please remind me where I did that? We are living in the US in 2017, hate speech targeting trans people is either legal or ignored. On this note, I would love to hear how telling people that transphobia is normal and justified is not inciting people to violence in a country where transphobic violence, in its physical, social, and economic forms, is rampant.

    I love your presumption of equality on which you base your pathetic (pseudo-)liberal discourses. I do not care about my “speech rights” being protected as well as powerful white men spewing transphobic discourses because they already have more power than I do and I have no interest in propagating violence. Even if I did, it would be unlikely for me to enjoy the support of mobs like the NYU Republicans or liberal tools like yourself. On that level, our “speech rights” are already characterized by a fundamental inequality. My speech, in many ways, is already silenced. I would rather start with that knowledge and act accordingly.

    I do not think you have any right to teach anyone how to protest. I, personally, prefer to protest in any non-criminalized way I like and that can easily go far beyond the cute American tradition of picketing. Others may take the risk and engage in criminalized behavior to protest people who seek to increase their likelihood of experiencing physical assault on their way to school. But none of needs your advice in terms of “appropriate behavior.” I admire your delusion though.

    Once again, a university talk is not only about speech but also legitimacy. I do not condone any institution where I invest my time and energy giving legitimacy to a transphobic individual at the expense of my friends and colleagues. In that sense, the issue is not simply about your (pseudo-) liberal discourses of equality and freedom of expression. It is about lending credibility and legitimizing transphobic views at the expense of some of the most vulnerable members of NYU community. And I do not “let my feelings known” when I protest. I express my thoughts and take political action.

    Finally, I agree that suppressing speech is never a good idea because the oppressors are often too willing and able to present themselves as victims and garner more power. Moreover, you end up arguing with rather dull (pseudo-)liberals, which is quite boring.

  89. Ahmad B – $25,000/year, which is matched by my employer. I have no intention of providing you with any “proof”. I don’t care if you believe me or not. The threat is real – if the University does what the insane author of this article requests, I will stop donating to the University.

  90. Bestimmt, I do not believe you indeed. But I congratulate you for perceiving the comments section of a student newspaper as an appropriate venue for your well-articulated threats involving a supposed donation from an anonymous individual–not to mention that the supposed donation is less than half of a single student’s tuition. I hope your democratic voice and noble protest will get the attention it deserves. In solidarity!

  91. You claim that Gavin McInnes “advocates for violence against transsexuals and gays” and “organized a vigilante group dedicated to white male supremacy.” In the article you linked he never advocates violence toward anyone. Please provide evidence for either of those claims.

  92. Ahmad – Talk about no life. I can see in this thread that you, like some Grand Poobah, think everyone here needs to answer to you, show you proof, evidence, etc. You are a nothing. Hear that? A nothing who thinks he’s entitled to everything he asks for. You are what is wrong with NYU. Get a life. And stop calling me that Mary – stay the f away from me or I will get my White Christian Republican attorney husband to drag your as* into court – got it? Good.

  93. Hannah Banana,

    First of all, thank you for your keen observation. I am nobody indeed. And I do not claim to be anybody. I do not make make claims or threats on the basis of an identity. I do not claim to be a Jewish woman, I do not claim to be an NYU alum, I do not claim to be a donor. If I do, members of the public to which I address would and should expect me to prove them. We are in a public discussion on the website of a university newspaper, and critical thinking is one of the key things any decent university education should provide.

    You claimed that members of NYUSJP used the atrocious slogan “Put the Jews Back in Ovens.” (I hate that you force me to keep repeating this disgusting sentence.) I asked for proof. Had you claimed that Jewish witches eat babies in UES covens, I would have asked for proof. There is no reason for me to believe the claims of an anonymous stranger. Despite what you may have heard on Fox News, we are not in a “post-truth age.”

    You could not present any evidence in support of your claim. I was genuinely concerned and I Googled the slogan. The only thing I could find was a Disqus profile under the name MARY FEEGEL who made the same claim: https://disqus.com/by/mary_feegel/
    The language and argumentation style is extremely similar to yours, so I assumed that you are MARY FEEGEL. You never corrected me.

    I am engaging with you in a public forum where you voluntarily participate. I do not threaten you. I do not insult you. I only ask you to provide evidence in support of your claim. Could you please explain what you perceive as a criminal act here? You are the one who keeps insulting me in order to silence me. You are the one who is defaming NYUSJP and refusing to prove evidence for your claims. This is actually grounds for a defamation case. Could you please explain how I am breaking the law and on what grounds your husband is going to drag me to the court? Then I can apologize and behave accordingly.

  94. Liberalism is an incurable disease. The symptoms are hate, laziness, expecting others to bear the burden, expecting free stuff, being unaccountable for your actions, blaming everything on “white guys”, voting for idiots, advocating persecution of Christians and Jews, sucking up to Muslims, randomly and continuously calling people that disagree with you racist, and suffering from a deep state of stupidity. This poor guy is terminally ill !!!!!

  95. Joel D, I am really sorry that you are so frustrated. That often happens to white men who can’t get what they believe they deserve in life. The anger and frustration makes you spew nonsense, sceaming ridiculous overgeneralizations instead of presenting facts and arguments. But it is OK. We still love you as the failed miserable person that you are. Now please seek the help of a professional. <3

  96. Ahmed,
    What is “overgeneralizaton”? It’s either generalization or not. The state of being liberal is a generalization. Both sides of the political spectrum are made up of sets of idiosyncrasies that create generalizations. Come on son, put down the video games and read a book occasionally. NOW, let’s get to the matter at hand. Thank you for your apology. Here are a few facts:
    1. Non Americans want to immigrate to America.
    2. No American wants to immigrate to any other country.
    3. Most immigrants to America do not conform to American culture, but seek to change the culture.
    4. No non muslim from anywhere seeks to immigrate to a muslim country.
    5. Muslims want to immigrate to America and comprehensively change America.
    6. I will never visit a muslim country.
    7. 95% of terrorists worldwide are muslim.
    8. Liberals are pro muslim and anti Christian, Therefore I’m not liberal.
    How do you know if I’m white? Why does that matter?
    I am the helper when someone seeks help.
    Why do you love me? You don’t know me.
    PS. Your statement on white men is a generalization.

  97. overgeneralization
    [oh-ver-jen-er-uh-luh-zey-shuh n]
    the act or process of overgeneralizing.
    the result of overgeneralizing.
    Linguistics. (in language acquisition) the process of extending the application of a rule to items that are excluded from it in the language norm, as when a child uses the regular past tense verb ending -ed of forms like I walked to produce forms like *I goed or *I rided.

    verb (used with or without object), overgeneralized, overgeneralizing.
    to generalize beyond appropriate or justified limits.

    I hope this helps. As an ESL speaker, I love teaching basic vocabulary to native speakers.

  98. Ha ha thanks John. Let me take over.

    1) Some non-Americans want to migrate to America, mostly people from countries suffering from the effects of power inequalities and violence that are in many cases maintained by the US (and other global powers) by international agreements, coups, and wars. Those who do migrate maintain the availability of surplus labor and facilitate the functioning of neoliberal capitalism. Migration is not simply a choice, it is a directly and indirectly managed system.

    2) Many Americans do want to immigrate to other countries and some of them do. In many cases, it is middle-class labor, which is defined as “expat” as opposed to “economic migrant” although there is no difference. A major reason why the suffering working class masses do not migrate is that US public education does not provide them with the necessary skills and they do not have access to migration networks. Few of them speak a second language or are familiar with migration practices. Also the prevalent neo-imperialist discourses convince many to believe that the country where they live (and die) without a health insurance, enter into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt even for a very mediocre undergraduate education, and consume some of the lowest quality food available in the Western world is the best country in the world.

    3) There is no “American culture,” it is constantly negotiated like every other culture.

    4) There is a lot of migration among Muslim countries. UAE, for instance, has a migration rate that is much higher than that of the US and many of those migrants are Muslim. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

    5) Depends on the Muslim. Those who do want to change the US don’t want to change it in the same direction either. Moreover, the reason many of the people willing to migrate is the US foreign policy itself, as we have most recently seen in the cases of Syria and Libya.

    6) Nobody would notice, thanks for letting us know.

    7) Please provide the source of your data. Also explain how “terrorism” is defined in this data (that you will never be able to provide). Also tell us about the role of US foreign policy, especially anti-Communism and the Iraq War, on the crime rates among Middle Eastern populations, as most recently seen in the case of ISIS.

    8) Please define “liberal,” “pro-Muslim,” and “anti-Christian.” Once again, nobody would notice but thanks for the explanation.

    9) I did not say you are a white man, I said you share violent and xenophobic discourses with many white men who have failed in life. It is a visible and understandable trend in contemporary US.

    10) I love you because I appreciate your suffering. You were probably raised with certain expectations that have systematically become impossible for you to fulfill. You are frustrated, angry, and looking for a target. You choose Muslim people, many of whom are more heavily disenfranchised than you are. The kind of education you receive and the daily brainwashing you are subjected to prevents you from seeing the actual cause of your (and their) misery. As a quite privileged person, I don’t feel anger towards you. I feel very, very sorry for you. And I love you. Because that is what you need. <3

  99. John,
    The way I understood Amad’s email was that I was generalizing a group of people (liberals). Generalizing beyond appropriate means is something that most people do daily. If I say “Germans are very good soccer players”, is that overgeneralization? Like it or not, liberals have a set of standards that make them liberal and conservatives have theirs which naturally creates a generalization . I just happen to lean to the conservative side. I respect liberals for their views and would like the same from liberals.
    I was very unhappy when President Obama was elected, but I got over it quickly and prayed that he would be a great President. This is why I don’t understand the current conduct of liberals. Violent protests, looting, adults crying, entertainers threatening to blow up the White House, preventing conservative speakers from speaking at universities, and just plain old whining are not things I agree with. John, Your condescending elitist attitude is the very reason the democrat party has been voted out of Washington.

    You’re just a big mess. To be fair we are both looking at the same set of circumstances with predetermined perspectives. We will probably never agree on anything political but I have no hard feelings toward you. I’m actually a proponent of immigration just not open borders. Proper vetting is a must for national security.
    I’ve been married for 30 years and have 3 amazing children, I get all the love I need from them but thank you and I would like to sit and talk with you some time. I hope the best for you and your family.

  100. Joel, thank you very much for demonstrating your inability to deal with facts and arguments. If there is anyone condescending in this thread, it is not the person who provides correct dictionary definitions of terms you try to reject. It is you, trying to dismiss a person who presents you facts and sound arguments as “a mess.” Honestly, anyone over the age of 50 who has time to spew insults and random xenophobic overgeneralizations in the comments section of a student newspaper is a big failure. I wish you the best for whatever is left from your miserable life. Please don’t forget that there are Muslims who don’t hate you. Many of us recognize you for what you are, and pity you and love you. <3

  101. Joel D,

    People like you claim that we immigrants are a threat to “the American culture” if we don’t speak English. So we learn the language. And then you accuse us of elitism for knowing the basic vocabulary. Since you have all this free time in your hands, why don’t you write a guidebook detailing how much English the immigrants that you deem permissible should be able to speak in order to avoid upsetting ignorant fascists who declare themselves the gatekeepers of “American culture”?

  102. John,
    I’m sorry, I did not realize that you are an immigrant. I said nothing about your’s or any other immigrant’s language. I do however dislike immigrants coming to America bashing my country and it’s politics, shut up and be grateful or go home. I could give you a long list of immigrants that have caused great damage to America that vetting may have prevented, starting with the 9-11 cowards. How can you possibly argue that point? We finally have a President that is willing to protect Americans.

    I did not know you suffer from age discrimination along with your other prejudices and phobias. I’ve seen what muslims do to homosexual men… WOW!! Americans want no part of that type of behavior to become a part of “the ever changing American culture”. Tell me again… how many Americans immigrate to muslim countries yearly? Please don’t include expats this time, just the people that want to leave America to enjoy the muslim culture.

  103. 1) I don’t have prejudices and phobias. I have facts and arguments, which you try to avoid by insulting me. What you perceive as ageism is a pretty solid observation. If you are over fifty and you have time to insult random strangers on student websites, your life is a failure. And that is not something you can blame Muslims for.

    2) If you explain why expats are not economic migrants, whatever that means, I can try to present the correct figures.

    3) I don’t know what “Muslim culture” is and I have no idea what UAE, Indonesia, and TRNC are supposed to share, let alone the various conflicts among members of their populations. Hence I can’t tell you how many Americans immigrate to “Muslim countries” to enjoy “Muslim culture.” I can direct you to resources that can help you understand the key role of the US and NATO in shaping the sociopolitical and economic conditions in the Middle East since the end of WWII. Would that help? Or I can tell you how many times the US bombed the Middle East in 2016 alone. 26,171. Every twenty minutes. I wonder if that might be affecting the migration patterns at all.

    3) I have seen the rampant homophobia and transphobia among white Christian Americans like yourself as well. In fact, if you take some time off from trolling and actually check out who Gavin McInnes is, you would realize that he is a dangerously transphobic person, which is one of the many reasons why NYU students did not want him on campus. But you probably won’t, because what you desire is not informed conversation. You need attention and affirmation. Because your life is a failure. That is also the reason why you are nationalist. Because you have achieved nothing in life other than being born in a violent empire.

    4) Using LGBTQ people to demonize Islam is ridiculous, especially because there is no direct historical relationship between Islam and homophobia. Homophobia in the Middle East is very much a consequence of postcolonial power relations. I wonder, however, if “the Americans” you mention are so concerned about homophobia, why Saudi Arabia is one of their closest allies.

  104. Ahmad,
    Let go of the hate and rage. I realize the homophobia is inherent, but release the angst toward white people, elderly people, Christians, and now America (the violent empire). I would never immigrate to a violent empire. Make America Great Again!!!!

  105. So you can make any generalization you like about “Muslims,” “the Muslim culture,” and “the Muslim world” but nobody can even say homophobia exists among white Christian Americans as well? That is ridiculous, especially because the original subject of discussion here is the transphobic troll, Gavin McInnes. Also, no, homophoia is not “inherent.” It is a social and political phenomenon.

    If you think it is a bad idea to migrate to a violent empire, you are even more ignorant than I thought. Violent empires offer more economic opportunities because they exploit the resources of other countries. You are also less likely to get bombed or killed in a coup within the borders of a violent empire as opposed to one of its targets. That is the reason why so many people from Latin America and the Middle East desire to migrate to the United States while Northern Europeans are doing just fine where they are.

    The spectacle of failure you stage is too sad for me to encourage any more. You should take a break from sharing your ignorant claims and violent slogans on student newspapers and read a couple of books instead.

  106. I will let you know as soon as I start taking advice from ignorant elderly men who have failed in life and try to get some attention by trolling student newspapers.

  107. Still waiting on the immigration numbers. I’ll simplify so maybe you’ll understand.
    In the last 10 years how many American citizens immigrated to the following countries:
    Saudi Arabia
    Once again, don’t include expats because that is people being forced to go because of careers, (changing the culture from building sand castles to extracting oil from the ground).

  108. And people migrating to the US because US and NATO are bombing their countries, changing their political regimes or exploiting their resources are not forced to migrate?

    Also, what kind of a demanding language is this? Are you paying me to educate you?

  109. Is this some sort of joke? Why are people posting on my behalf? Is it supposed to be funny?

    Anyway, I am still waiting for you to answer my 15 questions before I take any more from you, Joel. As a complete failure in life, I imagine you have lots of free time to think and research.

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