Greenwich Hall

unspecified-6Polina Buchak

Residency: Upperclassmen, Freshmen
Estimated yearly cost: $13,000-$18,500
Low-cost rooms available: Yes
Commute to class: 15 minutes
Nearby subways: PATH, 1
Shuttle: Yes

Formerly known as Greenwich Hotel, the hall is known to most students as “G-Ho.” Located in the West Village, less than a minute away from the Hudson River, the dorm boasts many amenities that are sure to pique the interests of those who wish to move off campus, but have yet to do so.

Some of the dorm’s amenities include a study room, pool table, laundry room, bike rack and practice rooms for dance and musical performances. The rooms are apartment-styled, so while it is a dorm with all the conveniences of dorm life, it feels closer to living in your own apartment. If you’re lucky, you’ll only have two other roommates to fight over bathroom time with. If you have less luck, you’ll likely end up with seven other roommates, all of whom you’ll have to brawl it out with for time in one of the two bathrooms. May the odds be ever in your favor.


The dorm is surrounded by many options for shopping and dining, all ranging in prices. So although you may be far away from the dining halls, there are many locations within the West Village that are both appetizing and affordable.

By far the most appealing aspect of G-Ho is the weekly maid services that are provided. Once a week the dorm room’s common area, kitchen and bathrooms are swept, mopped and wiped down. This service, plus the full-sized kitchen, make up for the dorm’s distance from the main NYU campus and dining halls. Also, having the Hudson River Park in your backyard is nice too.

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