Broome Street

By Talia Milavetz, Entertainment Editor

Residency: Upperclassmen
Estimated yearly cost: $13,048 – $18,494
Low-cost rooms available: Yes
Commute to class: 15-20 minutes
Nearby subways: 6, N, R, J
Shuttle: Yes

Tucked away between Little Italy and Chinatown, Broome Street provides a unique location for upperclass Residential College students.

For those who don’t know, NYU’s Residential College offers a smaller community where students can live and learn together. Students can take courses in their dorm and participate in “streams,” or activity groups that are centered on a specific interest like performance, urban adventure, or writing.

Goddard Hall is the Residential College experience for freshmen, and those who wish to continue often move to Broome Street. However, if you did not participate in Residential College as a freshman, you can still apply to live in Broome.

Broome Street has a wide variety of rooms from the standard singles, doubles and efficiency rooms, to more oddly shaped rooms that house six or seven people. Most of the rooms are larger than the average NYU dorm, featuring wooden floors, a kitchen and a common area. Many rooms also have large windows with views that range from the Freedom Tower to the living room across the street.

Although the location can be inconvenient for its distance, Broome does provide a small silent study lounge for these situations. The dorm also has a larger lounge, laundry rooms on every floor and a 24-hour-deli beneath the building.  

The surrounding neighborhood also has a lot to offer. Whether it’s an art gallery in Soho or dumplings in Chinatown, there are no shortage of activities around Broome.

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